Time to Get Wet with the Yoni Massage Guide

The guide to tantric yoni massage makes it possible for a female to explore their body more erotically and sensually. It is a great way to achieve multiple orgasms and is good for those girls who have trouble reaching orgasm through their vaginas. The yoni massage, in short, is a tantric sex practice. It involves massaging in the vagina in a variety of ways. It helps the girl by making her vagina feel loved, worshipped, honoured, and cherished. If, in the past, a girl has received any sexual trauma, practising tantric yoni massage can be healing for the girl.

What are the benefits of Yoni Massage?

  • Improving physical relationships:

The yoni massage significantly improves fear of intimacy and helps build trust among partners and develops strong feelings.

  • Intensify orgasms:

The orgasms received by women last longer when they are given yoni massage. The multiple orgasms women receive make her feel more loved and appreciated, improving the experience.

  • Build high energy bonds:

Yoni massage builds a connection between the partner’s mind, soul, and body. It helps in better understanding and improves the sex drive among partners.

  • Mental healing:

Yoni massage has benefits like the healing of pain from the menstrual cycle, improves the fertility of women, and makes sexual intercourse a bit less painful.

How to be professional in giving a Tantric Yoni Massage?

The guide to tantric yoni massage is not to be rushed. You need to connect to the person to be good at giving a yoni massage. Follow the instructions below; we have added tips so you can master the techniques and make the women feel loved.

  1. Setting the environment:

The environment plays a crucial role in therapy. Start with creating a good ambience and some dim lighting to create the mood. You can use a scented candle. If it is cold, turn on a room heater, and take the room temperature to a comfortable level. Adding calming and romantic music can create a sexy atmosphere. Keep that doors and windows are closed to ensure complete privacy. Keep yourself clean and trim your fingernails. Prepare your mind and body to begin.

  1. Connect to the breath:

To free yourself completely from both physical and mental tensions, connecting to the breath can help you connect to your partner in a better way. It can help enhance the benefits of the yoni massage. You can follow these steps to draw blood to the vagina to enrich the therapy.

  • Sit upright and face each other
  • Concentrate on the energy in the belly area while exhaling together deeply
  • Inhale softly through your nostrils, keeping your mouth closed
  • Sync your breath with your partner by holding it for seven seconds
  • Exhale through your mouth for eight seconds
  • Repeat the procedure three to four times
  1. Warm-up with a breast massage:

A body massage or a tantric breast massage is great foreplay. It can be a great warm-up session for the tantric yoni massage. Since women take a bit longer to get aroused than a man, a warm-up session can make the arousal happen slowly. Start with massaging the stomach and naval area due to the presence of a lot of nerve endings. Take some oil, gently massage the belly, go towards the chest area, the area between the breasts, lower belly, and rib cage. It will heat up the environment.

Now, start giving attention to the breasts, keep your hands away from the nipples unless the body starts responding to your gentle caresse. Make some love to nipples through gentle teases, pinches, or circling actions and make sure not to overdo things.

Various techniques for giving yoni massage:

The yoni guide to tantric massage involves four key techniques. It can be performed in a variety of ways. You can choose from them according to your preferences. Sometimes, it can also be a combination of different ways. The various ways are listed below to help you better understand how they work and what do they help in.

  1. Circling:

To bring the sensation to the area, circle the tip of the clitoris with the tip of your fingers. Ensure that the touch is mindful and slow. Keep it in an exploratory style by making varied circle sizes. Move towards the clitoris by making smaller circles, thereby bringing the blood towards the clit area. You might see the change in the area through swelling and enlargement of the clit.

  1. Push and pull:

Place your fingertips on the hood of the clitoris in such a way that one fingertip is on the left side, and the other is on the right. The push-and-pull approach should be similar to the process of masturbation of the penis. Think of the clitoris head as the tip of the penis. Make sure to apply mild pressure and start with going slow initially. You can slowly make it fast with varied pressure to evoke sensation and stimulation. 

  1. Tug and roll:

Tug – You can gently pull the clitoris by gasping at the sides away from the body and tug it back and forth. As you progress, move towards the lower side and keep on varying strokes while moving down the lips.

Roll – Held the clitoris with your thumb and index finger and gently made a violin rolling motion with your fingers.

  1. G-spot:

To begin the next step, you need to find the G-spot. You can reach the G-spot by curving your first two fingers in the shape of the letter C and slide it into the vagina. Feel the parts of the vaginal canal, and you would reach a slightly rigged area on the top of it. It is located in the proximity of an inch or two behind the external clitoris. Massage the area with your curved fingers by making gentle movements. Vary the strokes from slow to fast. You can place some pressure on the public bone and tickle the external clit too. Mix up all of the above things to ensure multiple orgasms. Now, you can involve yourself with the partner in other sexual acts like oral sex and intercourse.

We really hope you enjoyed the guide to yoni tantric massage.


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