If you’re looking to get a genuine adult massage, you need the best agency in London. Secret Tantric is that agency for you. We provide genuine adult massages of the most luxurious quality. Our masseuses are trained and beautiful, ready to take care of you whenever you want.

What is an adult massage?

Adult massages, also called erotic massages, are massages that have a sensual or sexual element to them. They are designed to arouse you and frequently include a focus on your erogenous zones. Genital massages can sometimes be included. Adult massages are incredibly enjoyable and pleasurable. They’re a unique experience that is worth trying at least once in your life.

Getting an adult massage is luxurious

The great thing about adult massages is that they are luxurious. Secret Tantric strives to provide the best adult massages in London. All of our massages are about taking care of you for a full hour. Your muscles will be soothed and rubbed, and your stress melted away. Our beautiful masseuses will take care of you from head to toe. Revel in the luxury and feel like the royalty that you are.

Are there different kinds of adult massages?

There are a few different kinds of adult massages. The main differences are origin and what they focus on. For example, nuru massage is a full body to body massage that originated in Japan. Swedish massage is a deep tissue muscle massage that originated in Sweden. Other types of adult massage include:

  • Tantric massage
  • Aqua massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Four hands massage
  • Couples massage

What does getting an adult massage look like?

Genuine adult massages are erotic and sensual. Your masseuse will be either dressed in sexy lingerie or nude, depending on the kind of massage you’re getting. You’ll be rubbed down with our premium massage oil and all of your muscles will be worked on. Your masseuse may take her time getting around to your erogenous zones just to heighten the pleasure. Every part of your body will be taken care of until you are satisfied and feel content.

Try body to body for an even sexier time

If you’ve never had a genuine adult massage before, try a body to body massage. This is where your masseuse will use her entire nude body to massage your body. She’ll start slow with her hands and arms before beginning to use her chest, stomach, and even her legs. It’s a slippery massage with minimal friction so you can feel your masseuse rubbing her whole body on you. It’s sexy and fun. Just imagine a beautiful woman slipping and sliding all over your body for an hour. You can’t resist trying one for long.

Enjoy a ton of benefits

Adult massage includes all the benefits of regular massage. Lower blood pressure, stress elimination, and better sleep can all come from an adult massage too. Also, many of our clients find that adult massage boosts their libido and helps them feel more comfortable with their bodies. After an hour of a beautiful woman being deeply attentive to you, how could you not? Adult massage has too many benefits to list. It goes deeper than you might think.

Improve your sexual confidence

The great thing about adult massage is that it benefits you as a whole person. This includes your sexuality. You can improve your sexual confidence with an adult massage. Having your erogenous zones and even genitals caressed and massaged is soothing and arousing. You may find that your sexual stamina slowly improves as your body is worked on for a full hour. Come back again and again to increase your tolerance. Your sexual confidence will go through the roof.

What about happy endings?

Happy endings can be a part of adult massage. It’s what most people think of when they hear the phrase. Genuine adult massages don’t require happy endings, however. You can have one or not, it’s all up to you. Discuss with your masseuse whether or not you’re interested in one and what you want that to look like. Happy endings can be a glorious finish to an hour of sensual massage.

Bring your partner for a sexy time

Secret Tantric loves our client couples. Couple adult massages are an amazing way to connect with your partner. Many of our client couples come back, again and again, to experience the sensuality together. They often find that it helps them reconnect in the bedroom. After an hour of a beautiful woman taking care of your partner and yourself, you’ll want to be connecting with your partner too.

Ladies, don’t miss out

You might think that adult massages are just for men but this isn’t true. More and more women are getting adult massages all the time. There’s even a specific adult massage for the female genitals called yoni massage. If you’re nervous about trying out an adult massage, just know that you aren’t the first female client we’ve had and our masseuses are more than happy to take care of you too. You deserve to revel in luxury as much as the next person.

You need a real agency

In order to get the best genuine massage in London, you need a real agency. Secret Tantric is a professional, real agency that uses real masseuses. Our services are 100% honest and upfront – what you see is what you get. We don’t believe in tricking our clients or forcing them to shady storefronts. Secret Tantric wants to take care of you. You deserve a real adult massage agency to get a real adult massage.

Secret Tantric is discreet and professional

Secret Tantric is extremely discreet and we are professional about getting you the best massage in London. All of our masseuses work out of their own private flats so you don’t have to deal with nosy desk clerks. This means it looks like you’re popping in to visit a friend. No shady back alleys here. We protect all of our client’s information and will never reveal your appointments to another person. We care about your privacy as much as you do.

Why should I use an agency?

Using an adult massage agency means that you’re getting a high quality genuine adult massage. Secret Tantric works hard to bring you the best and sexiest masseuses. We guarantee all of our masseuses are trained in the art of massage. Using an agency means that you will be taken care of from beginning to end without a thing to worry about. We help arrange appointments, give you information, and can help you decide what kind of massage to try. Secret Tantric wants to take care of you.

Eliminate your stress beginning to end

We want you to have a relaxing time from the moment you open our website. Peruse our beautiful sexy masseuses and decide what kind of massage you want. And then simply pick up the phone and let us know what kind of an appointment you want. We strive to keep every moment of the process as stress free and simple as possible. You shouldn’t have to work to get the best adult massage in London.

Adult massages: taboo but legal

Adult massages are still seen as taboo but here in the UK, they are perfectly legal. The taboo comes from the idea that sex is taboo and that adult massages are about nothing but sex. This isn’t true – in fact, many clients don’t even have happy endings. Adult massages are about being taken care of from head to toe without ignoring any part of your wellness. It’s perfectly okay to pay for an adult massage.

We support our masseuses

Secret Tantric knows that our value comes from our sexy masseuses. All of our masseuses are independent contractors that we support in as many ways as we can. We help them find the best clients in town and they give the best massages in London. We take care of our masseuses and help them be the best that they can be. All of our masseuses are real professionals.

How do I pick a masseuse for my adult massage?

Each of our masseuses has different specialties. Decide what kind of massage you’re interested in and then browse our masseuse page to see who offers it. All of our masseuses are trained professionals in the art of massage so you can’t go wrong with whoever you pick. And you can always come back to try a different masseuse or massage.

Enjoy being pampered

The greatest thing about adult massage is that it’s all about you. When was the last time you took time for yourself to be pampered and fussed over? Spend an hour being focused on by a beautiful woman and feel rejuvenated at the end. Reconnect with your body and still your mind for a while. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Let us take care of you.

What does an appointment look like?

All of our massage appointments are 60 minutes to give you the best experience possible. You’ll arrive at your masseuse’s flat and have a conversation with her. You’ll decide any limits or share any concerns you may have. Then you’ll be asked to take a quick shower before your massage begins. Our masseuses are going to take care of you for every minute that they can. You’ll be pampered and massaged straight into bliss.

Do I have to prepare for an adult massage?

There isn’t much preparation you need to do before your massage. But we have a few tips to help make your massage as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

  • Eat a light meal and drink plenty of water before your appointment
  • Use the restroom to avoid any kinds of interruptions – especially if you’re getting a prostate massage
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Stretch your muscles a little to help them warm up for the massage

We’re conveniently located for you

All of our masseuses are located conveniently around London. Many of them are located near tube stations for easy travel for you. This way you won’t have to travel far for a genuine adult massage. There’s no need for you to travel to another city. Our masseuses are all around London, accessible, and located in the right spot for you.

When do I pay for my massage?

We ask that you pay for your massage at the beginning of your appointment. Our prices are firm, please do not haggle or try to bargain with your masseuse. Tips are appreciated but never expected.

You deserve a real adult massage

Get a genuine adult massage today because you deserve it. Stress is prevalent in all of our lives and it’s very important that we eliminate as much of it as possible. Getting an adult massage will do nothing but help you feel better. Melt away stress, take care of your body, and feel sexy all at the same time. You deserve the attention and treatment a real adult massage will give you.

Set an appointment today

It’s easy to set an appointment up with Secret Tantric. Just browse our website and decide what masseuse you’d like to work with. All of our beautiful women have different specialties but will take care of you with a high level of expertise no matter what. Then give us a ring and we’ll set an appointment up for you. There’s no stress, no tricks, and just luxury waiting for you.

What Are You Waiting For?

Secret Tantric has dozens of girls available to take you on a sensual and erotic journey that you’re unlikely to forget.

The world we live in is very stressful. So why not treat yourself to some much-needed self-care and spend some quality time with a beautiful and talented woman? Being touched sensually feels good. A massage feels good. Climaxing feels good. And you deserve to feel good. We have the most beautiful women in London waiting to make you feel fantastic. We’re confident that once you give us a try, you’ll be back again. Come see why we have so many repeat clients.

Browse the profiles of our talented masseuses or call Secret Tantric at +447 856 666 686 and tell us what you’re in the mood for. We will find the right girl for you. Each of our masseuses is fully trained in various tantric techniques and ready to show you a whole new world of sensual and erotic pleasure. 

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