You may be surprised to know that there are many variations on tantric massage. When we think of Tantra, or tantric massage, most people think of the Kama Sutra. There is no right or wrong version of a tantric massage. What you choose has everything to do with what your needs and desires are.  Here at Secret Tantric we have  an extensive massage menu with many forms of massage available. When it comes to enjoying tantric massage there are the four types of tantric massages that men should try.

Tantric massage is ancient and has evolved since its inception in the sixth century in India.  Tantra originally came about as a form of resistance by scholars and spiritual leaders who wanted to create guidelines for clean and healthy living. Their concept was highly intersectional, bringing together the benefits of clean eating, political pacifism, physical health, and sexual equality. Tantra was, and still is, a multifaceted health and wellness philosophy for a balanced lifestyle. Because it has sensual and sexual elements, it is often  overlooked and deemed too taboo for the mainstream. As Tantric massage moved about the globe, they were further reduced to their sexual and sensual elements. This is why, over time, we have developed such a reductive attitude towards Tantra. Immediately, our minds take us to exotic sex positions and deeply sensual experiences. The sensuality is accurate, but tantric massage does not require sex at all. 

Ancient wisdom

Massage is just one arm of tantric wellness and it is by far the most accessible here in Western culture.  There is a growing appreciation for tantric massage as well as a growing understanding for its benefits. Just like any form of massage, tantric massage aims to leave the body feeling rejuvenated and in an improved state.  Because tantric massage has an added layer of focus and intimacy that Western medical massage do not, it is popular for its exotism. This is true even though its benefits are not always known or misunderstood. Simply put, tantric massage is incredibly sexy and can help reignite physical and emotional passions in its recipient.  In addition to that, a tantric massage is still a legitimate massage, so there are physical and muscular benefits as well.

Tantra is Sanskrit for “woven web”

When we translate the English word Tantra back into its original Sanskrit, we get a concept that is more or less equivalent to ‘woven web’. This is an apt description because Tantra and tantric massage aim to connect the mind, body, and spirit. This is done in  part due to the training of your masseuse, but it also is your responsibility to open yourself up to these connections. Tantric massage helps you get in touch with your body, and grow more appreciation and comfort with your desires 

There’s no such thing as a bad choice

When it comes to deciding on a form of tantric massage to indulge in, you really can’t make a bad choice. All of the  professionally available tantric massages out there are enjoyable and intended to make you feel incredibly good. Here at  Secret Tantric we have four kinds of tantric massage that we consider essential for any man. If you have been considering giving a tantric massage a whirl, you absolutely cannot miss any of these versions.  Each of these four forms of tantric massage are unique and different from one another, and each one will give you a unique experience. Try one or try them all, but the sooner you open your mind and body to tantric massage, the sooner you can reap its benefits.

Classic Tantric Massage

The classic tantric massage is an experience you need to have to fully understand. Unlike medical oriented massage like you would get from a chiropractor or Sports Medicine doctor, tantric massage is about more than just your body. The purpose of a tantric massage is not simply improving the feel of the body or the function of the body. At its essence a tantric massage is a conversation between you and your body and your body and your masseuse’s body. Tantric massage has the power, through age old traditional techniques, to help its recipients unlock negative energy stored within the body. Modern science can confirm that our bodies store trauma in the form of  tension, discomfort, and chronic pain.  You may not even know what the root cause of that tension or pain is, but you can still get help working it out. 

Nuru Massage

The elegant and sexy Nuru Massage from Japan is a form of massage that has been borrowed from tantric traditions. Much like traditional Indian tantric massage, Nuru is a full body massage that focuses on the slow build of arousal and achieving a deep level of relaxation. What makes a Nuru Massage so unique and exciting is that it is not only full body, it is full contact. During a Nuru Massage the masseuse will use more than just their hands to conduct the massage. In fact they will use their entire body, including forearms, thighs, buttocks, and full body weight to enrich the massage.  The second element that makes Nuru so unique is that both bodies are lubricated with a special Nuru gel, made from brown seaweed.  This sea vegetable lubricant is nourishing for the skin, odourless, and tasteless, making it the perfect foil to sexy friction.

Aqua Massage

Many of our clients refer to our Aqua Massage as ‘the best of both worlds’, meaning wet and dry. The Aqua Massage is a tantric-focussed massage that begins in the bath or shower and finishes on the massage table. The calming effects of water are widely known and the heat and steam of a hot shower or bath with your masseuse will prime your skin and muscles for the treatment.  By dividing the time spent in an Aqua Massage between the massage table and the shower, both masseuse and client get more variety and more stimulation than other versions of tantric massage. An Aqua Massage is just as thorough and as beneficial as any other form of tantric massage, but it adds a sexy, sensual, fantasy element to the experience.

Lingam massage

Tantric massage is intended to be sensual and deep. It is a full body form of massage that does not ignore any part of the body. Certainly not the erogenous zones. You may notice that your masseuse teases but avoids your genitals during a classic tantric massage. She does this to help you build towards the finale. If you enjoy the intimacy and depth of tantric massage but you want a bit more genital stimulation and intense arousal, a lingam massage may be the right one for you. The lingam, simply put, is the Sanskrit term for penis. It was the belief of ancient tantric artists that the lingam, and its female counterpart, the Yoni, held significant power and potential for each and every person. It is believed that accessing that potential and that power is done through lingam massage and the redistribution of sexual energy throughout the body.

Similar but not the same

These four types of tantric massages that men should try are each unique to one another and unique from other forms of erotic and exotic massage. Which one you choose is up to you. It is worth considering what you want to get out of your massage, be that physical relief, sexual release, muscular relaxation, or an exchange of intimacy with your masseuse. None of these are the right or wrong choice, and this is not an extensive list of options. All massage is personal and intimate by nature, but it’s up to you as the recipient to understand what you need to get out of your massage and which kind of massage will be right for you. 

You really can have it all

Much like any other form of massage, having one tantric massage is not as good as getting them regularly. There’s much to be gained from a tantric massage, no matter what version you decide on.  There are Secret Tantric clients who always return for the same massage. Others bounce around from type to type and masseuse to masseuse for a broader, more extensive experience.  All of our gorgeous masseuses perform multiple sorts of massage, but your favourite masseuse may not provide your favourite form of massage. If this is the case, we can always recommend another masseuse who is more of a specialist in the area you are seeking. And since all of them are gorgeous and fun to be with, we trust you will enjoy meeting someone new.

Different styles, but the same benefits

Whether you add a water element, Nuru gel, or focus the massage on the lingam, a tantric massage always has common elements and consistent benefits.  It’s fun to enjoy some variety within the scope of tantric massage and discover all of the ways that you can, with the help of your masseuse, experience sensual massage in a new way. Even though the approaches and focuses may be different, all tantric massage will involve traditional tantric touch, tantric breathing, and intentional teasing, or edging, before the happy ending. Traditional  tantric techniques are rooted in ancient understandings of the body’s energy and the chakra system. The ways your masseuse touches you may seem arbitrary but each one is meaningful and done with intention. This is part of the strength of tantric massage over other forms of massage.

Tangible benefits

For many people a general sense of wellness after a massage is not enough. Most people want to feel like they have been put through the wringer. We all want to get our time and money’s worth! Some massage agencies rely on the teasing and interaction of the masseuse with the client.  At Secret Tantric we like to strike a balance between real massage, and an exciting sensual experience you won’t soon forget.  Because our massages are functional and not simply an afterthought, you will feel the benefits in your body the next day or for the days to come. You may find that you sleep better, you have better mental clarity, and your libido may be supercharged. This is the magic of Tantra. The intentional, specific techniques are what set it aside from other kinds of Massage.

You’ve got to try it

If you haven’t had these four types of tantric massages that men should try, give us a call. We will be more than happy to set you up with a masseuse of your dreams. She will be local to you and can cater to your needs and desires. There are no requirements for you. You don’t need to be fit or flexible, you simply need to be well-mannered and open-minded. Our masseuses are the cream of the crop, and we take their Health and Welfare very seriously. We expect that our clients will be true gentlemen and hold themselves in good standing among our masseuses.  You don’t need a reason or an excuse to have a tantric massage, simply consider it self-care. We are confident that even a single session with one of our masseuses will help. They will have you walking taller, and feeling more confident than if you hadn’t made the appointment.

You’ve got nothing to lose

A tantric massage is a truly unique and uplifting massage experience. Your masseuse is ready to take your feelings from drab to fab. Put the spring back in your step that you so desperately need. See us for general aches and pains, a bit of companionship, or for the titillating erotic experience of a lifetime. Don’t delay if you are considering giving us a call, all of our masseuses are popular and in high demand. Book yourself a session today to avoid disappointment as their calendars are chock-a-block every single week!

What are you waiting for?

Erotic massage is a luxury, but also an important part of your sexual health maintenance. Looking to relax? We can meet your every need.

Whether you are looking for a lingam massage or sensual full body tantric massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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