Getting an adult massage is a thrilling experience. A luxurious hour of being pampered by a beautiful woman is something everyone should try out. But there are a few things you should know before you head to your appointment. We’re going to break down a few do’s and don’ts of adult massage so that you can have the best erotic massage in London.

Do be respectful

Respect makes the world go round and you should show it to your masseuse. Their job, beauty, and knowledge, don’t negate any respect that is owed to them. They are still people, just like you. Be respectful of your masseuse and listen to her carefully. She’s here to give you a wonderful massage but that means you owe her respect. In fact, many of our do’s and don’ts come back to that idea. Respect goes both ways, after all.

Show up on time

Being on time for appointments is important. Just like you wouldn’t want somebody to show up late to a date you’ve made, or show up to your own doctor’s appointment, you shouldn’t be late to your massage appointment. This eats into your own time to enjoy a luxurious massage and be pampered. And it’s also rude to your masseuse. Show up on time so that you get to enjoy the whole experience without any kind of rushing. You deserve to have every single minute to be taken care of, don’t short-change yourself.

Keep an open mind

If you’re new to adult erotic massage, you may be nervous about stigma or what might happen. There’s nothing wrong with getting an adult massage in London, even if society paints it as taboo. Many times taboo is grounded in misinformation. Be open to learning about erotic massage and all the wonderful things that come with it. You’ll be exploring the benefits and pleasures of a massage session. Let go of any worries you may have or any minor details. You’ll enjoy yourself so much more.

Don’t assume you can touch your masseuse

Erotic massage can be very stimulating and our masseuses are very sexy. Don’t assume that you can touch your masseuse or that she’s okay with a reciprocal massage. Have that conversation before your massage begins. There are multiple reasons a masseuse may turn you down and that’s okay. Part of the experience is both you and your masseuse respecting each other’s boundaries. And don’t take it personally.

Don’t be demanding or pushy

We all know the kind of guy that goes to a restaurant and gets really demanding with the waitress. Because “it’s her job”. Don’t be that guy. It’s disrespectful and rude. Demanding your masseuse do something outside your agreed-upon terms is incredibly rude and will quickly sour your appointment. If you need or want something, just ask politely. Your masseuse will accommodate you as best she can.

Do a little preparation beforehand

Getting ready for a massage doesn’t take much work but there are a few things you can do to make things more pleasurable. Have a light meal a few hours beforehand. This way you won’t be hungry but you won’t be laying down on a full stomach. Drink plenty of water too. Massage works your muscles and your body will be wanting water. Use the bathroom before or at the beginning of your appointment to avoid any interruptions. All of this will make sure you have a wonderful massage.

Do let your masseuse know of any limits you have

At the beginning of your appointment, you’ll have a conversation with your masseuse about limits and expectations. Let your masseuse know if you have any injuries that they should know about. Or if you have any medical conditions that they should be aware of. This will help your masseuse give you the best massage possible.

Be prepared to pay first

Payment is expected up-front before the massage begins. You’ll arrive at your appointment and have a chat with your masseuse about expectations, limits, and boundaries. This is also when you’ll pay for your massage. This gets it out of the way and no one forgets by the end of your relaxing massage. Tips are never expected but always appreciated.

Consent matters for everyone

At the beginning of your appointment, you and your masseuse will have a chat about the massage to come. Here is when you’ll explore limits and expectations with each other. Respect your masseuse’s limits and boundaries. Her consent to what she does during the massage matters as much as what is done to you.

Don’t barter or haggle

Our prices are clearly stated on our website. Take the time to read our website and each masseuse’s offerings and prices. These are firm. It’s rude and disrespectful to argue or barter with a masseuse when you get to your appointment. We offer the finest massages in London and our price point matches. You’ll get every pound’s worth, don’t worry.

Let your masseuse keep track of the time

Don’t worry about keeping an eye on the clock. Your masseuse will be keeping track of the time. You should be stress-free during your massage after all. Massage is all about slowing down and enjoying yourself and trying to watch the time is going to negate that. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and just focus on the sensations. You’ll be wishing for more time if anything.

Don’t direct your masseuse

Don’t feel like you need to give your masseuse directions on how to take care of you. She’s a professional and knows exactly what she’s doing. If you need something, that’s perfectly okay to bring up. But let your masseuse give you the best massage with her own two hands. Your masseuse has the skill and knowledge to take care of you.

Do turn off your mobile

Don’t give yourself distractions during your appointment. Turn off your mobile or put it in silent mode if you can. Emergencies do happen of course but you truly want to minimize as many distractions as possible. Put your mobile with your clothes. Focus on your massage and enjoying yourself. You deserve the time away from the real world.

Speak up if you need something

Do alert your masseuse if you’re in need of something. She’s there to give you the best experience possible but she isn’t a mind reader. Let your masseuse know if you’re hot or cold, if something hurts too much, or if you just need a bit of a break. Your masseuse will adjust things the best she can to keep you comfortable. Remember that it’s all about you and your experience so speak up if something is quite right for you.

Do enjoy yourself

Massages are a time of rest and relaxation. They’re all about having time to unwind, take care of yourself, and indulge in some pleasure. Especially erotic massages. Enjoy yourself! Close your eyes, lay back, and just take in the sensations. Your masseuse wants you to feel rested and relaxed by the end of your session. Don’t feel like you have to keep up a conversation or anything. This time is all about you and your relaxation.

Don’t fret about your body

Your masseuse has no expectations about your body other than you being clean. Don’t worry about being shaved or groomed a particular way. She’s seen plenty of bodies before and is comfortable seeing you just how you are. No matter your height, weight, or anything else, you deserve a luxurious massage. Your body deserves to be taken care of and pampered by a beautiful woman.

Be comfortable with nudity

Stripping completely down can sound intimidating, especially in front of a beautiful masseuse. But being nude is very important since it allows the masseuse to massage every muscle in your body. And some massages, like full body massages, require nudity for a fully relaxing experience. If you’re nervous about being nude, just take a breath and give it a shot. You’ll soon be whisked away by pleasure and sensuality and forget all about being shy.

Don’t feel pressured into a happy ending

A wonderful element of erotic massage is the sensuality element. It’s sensual and sexy all at the same time. Happy endings are common with erotic massages but don’t feel pressured to have one. You’ll discuss this with your masseuse at the beginning of your appointment. Happy endings are perfectly legal in London so don’t worry about that. But also don’t feel like you have to have one to have a full experience. Our massages are luxurious and sensual all on their own.

Don’t linger

Take your time getting up and getting dressed after your massage but don’t hang around either. Your masseuse may have another appointment. At a minimum, be respectful of her time. When your time is over, it’s over.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new

A great thing about Secret Tantric masseuses is that all of our masseuses have different expertise. You can come back again and again and try out different kinds of massages with different masseuses. Every time will be a whole new luxury experience. You’ll learn something about adult massage and yourself with each new appointment.

Do use massage for the benefits

Erotic massage has all the benefits of a regular massage with bonuses. Massage melts away stress and anxiety, lowers your blood pressure, and will help improve your sleep. All of your muscles will be worked on and soothed, taking away any aches and pains. Erotic massage can even improve your confidence and libido. Massage has so many benefits and you should take advantage of them all.

Do be open to receiving pleasure

Adult massage is centred on pleasure and sensuality. It can be hard for us to turn off our minds and just take in pleasure and relaxation. Do your best to be ready to receive pleasure as much as you can. You deserve to take care of yourself and your body. Let your masseuse know if you’re struggling to relax and she can help you refocus and recenter into the massage. Pleasure is a wonderful thing to receive and it’s a good thing to take the time to receive it.

Don’t overthink things

Getting an erotic massage can feel overwhelming but it is actually a relatively simple process. Don’t get too into your own head about what can or could happen. Let go of the worries and stress and just let yourself experience the time and massage. Overthinking will only lead to you being tense and worried the whole massage. Do your best to let those thoughts go and enjoy yourself.

Take the time to browse our website

Take the time to browse all of Secret Tantric. Read our masseuse’s profiles. Get familiar with the kinds of massage we offer. This will help you decide what kind of appointment will best suit you. And it will help you decide who you want to work with. Not all of our masseuses offer the same service so make sure to check. Just a few extra minutes can make all the difference.

Make an appointment today

Secret Tantric is here for you. Browse our website, pick a masseuse you’d like to work with, and give us a ring. We want to make the whole process as stress-free as possible for you. Our masseuses are in convenient locations all around London in private flats. Use our in call services for the most amount of discretion. We’re more than happy to help you find the right masseuse and massage for you. Be ready to receive the best massage in London.

What Are You Waiting For?

Secret Tantric has dozens of girls available to take you on a sensual and erotic journey that you’re unlikely to forget.

The world we live in is very stressful. So why not treat yourself to some much-needed self-care and spend some quality time with a beautiful and talented woman? Being touched sensually feels good. A massage feels good. Climaxing feels good. And you deserve to feel good. We have the most beautiful women in London waiting to make you feel fantastic. We’re confident that once you give us a try, you’ll be back again. Come see why we have so many repeat clients.

Browse the profiles of our talented masseuses or call Secret Tantric at +447 856 666 686 and tell us what you’re in the mood for. We will find the right girl for you. Each of our masseuses is fully trained in various tantric techniques and ready to show you a whole new world of sensual and erotic pleasure. 

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