Is tantric massage in London legal? The short answer to this question is Yes, tantric massage is legal in London. When adhering to the law of the UK, tantric massage in London is legal. Tantric massage along with other sexual massages are provided in London by many legal agencies. When booking a massage you make sure that the agency you are opting for is running a legal business. Many tantra agencies in London have made false websites for massage appointments. The good thing is that they are detectable and you will be safe if you make a checklist of a few important pointers from your agency’s website.

So, if you are not sure about the credibility of the massage premises that you are in. Here are a few pointers that will help you differentiate between agencies which are running a business legally and illegally. So, prior to making an appointment make sure to get answers to these questions. The answers might help prevent you ending up in a bad situation.

How London agencies conduct incall massage therapy?

To comply with UK law a top-rated masseuse working with a legal tantric agency would work in her own private professional premises. It can be her private home space or salon premises rented by the agency. If booking an incall make sure that your agency provides you with a private space to enhance the experience of the massage. It can be unpleasant if the space is too compact and other noises disturb. If the agency asks you to go to a place that is away from residential areas, keep away and stay safe. Many people might want to take advantage, so check the address on maps and agency website. If multiple girls are working in the same apartment that is illegal.

How is customer data handled by the massage agency?

Privacy of the customer is important when you are looking to having a sensual massage experience in London. So, any legally running agency would answer any questions about data with ease. The agency should have a system to make sure your data is managed securely at the time of enquiry. All data will not be used beyond the session of massage. The agency will have a contractual agreement with the masseuse and reception staff declaring that they won’t share customer data with any third party. Information regarding the agreement will be available on the website of the agency. Make sure to read the tantric agency privacy agreement and terms and conditions before booking your pleasurable experience.

By what procedure is discretion ensured?

It is important for a masseuse to have a private professional space for a massage so that there are no chances of you bumping into someone else in the premises. It can be very embarrassing and you might get frustrated with the compact nature of the experience.

Moreover, the address of the premises should be in a high-class area at a discrete residential address. After all, it will ensure your privacy and a nice apartment will improve your experience. For outcall services in a hotel, ask whether the masseuse comes directly to the room or if she will contact concierge. Most masseuse would come directly to your room to ensure your privacy. If the masseuse has difficulty locating your room, she will let us know and we will contact you on her behalf to ensure your privacy.

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Are additional massage services available?

You might delighted to know that a masseuse can give you more than a wonderful body to body massage or tantric massage as described on the website. However, if any agency says Yes and makes arrangements for sexual services on behalf of a masseuse, then understand that they are breaking the law. A masseuse that just wants to provide sex is not passionate about her work and the benefits of tantric massage are reduced. However, many masseuses do provide additional services and it is perfectly legal for them to sell these services. If you are looking for extra services then you should ask the masseuse at the start of your session. Any agreement is between yourself and the masseuse and has nothing to do with the agency.

Book your tantric massage with a hot London therapist

Have you made all the enquiries? It is time to book a sexy masseuse. You can choose to avail incall or outcall massage services from many locations in central London. We provide 24/7 phone support so feel free to contact us for your erotic massage anytime. Stay safe by booking a masseuse with us.


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