Have you ever wondered to yourself “What is Tantric Yoni Massage?”. If you have, you’re not alone. Various forms of tantric massage, including Yoni massage, have become more common in the last decade or so. Ironically, Yoni massage is nothing new. It is an ancient practice that originated in the 6th century! In this article, we will demystify this sacred female ritual  and answer the question: what is Tantric Yoni Massage?

Content Warning: this article references sexual abuse and sexual trauma. If these topics are challenging for you, please proceed with caution.

Before we begin to unpack the details of a Yoni massage, let’s focus on the word that often precedes it:  tantric.  Chances are you have heard the term ‘tantric’ or the word ‘Tantra’ before. Tantra is a very old practice that has begun to gain popularity in Western culture.  Much like our adoption of yoga,  the West has begun to get excited about Tantra and all of its sexual mysteries.  Though it is often understood, Tantra is a relatively simple concept and one that anyone can insert into their lifestyle. Tantra comes with many benefits, most of which are linked to sensuality, intimacy, and human connection. Let’s look at the history of Tantra and how Yoni massage fits into this fascinating and valuable practice.

What is Tantra?

Tantra began as a philosophical movement in support of spirituality and wellness. It evolved in India in the 5th and 6th centuries and was built on a similar spiritual basis to Hinduism and Buddhism. Traditional Tantra puts an emphasis on clean living, non-violence, sexual equality, and living authentically.  Modern Tantra tends to focus more on the sexual end of the spectrum but does not require its practitioners to be align with any particular religion or belief system.  Instead, modern Tantra aims to unite a person’s mind, body and spirit and empower them through a sense of connectedness and unity. Tantra utilizes meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, and intentional touch to deepen our connections with ourselves and with others. 

What is the point of Tantra?

Tantra is a holistic system for spiritual and physical wellness. It also has a strong sensual and sexual component. Tantra focuses on the concept of energy within the body, the movement and displacement of that energy, and improving your “cosmic circuitry”. It is believed by tantric practitioners that the flow of energy through our bodies can sometimes become backed up or bottlenecked. Tantric practices, particularly some of the more sexual practices, can help unlock that energy and get it moving again. Whether or not you literally believe in swirling rivers of energy running through your body doesn’t matter. As a concept, Tantra embraces authenticity, rejuvenation, and feeding our minds and bodies with healthy thoughts and affirmation,  exercise,  and really fulfilling sex. 

What is a Yoni massage ?

Tantra’s energy-flow Concept focuses on achieving balance. This can mean balance within your own mind and body, it can also mean a balance between your own energy and the energies around you that you’re absorbing. One particular area of balance is between masculine and feminine energies. It is thought that all people have both masculine and feminine energies within them and that those levels are mutable and can fluctuate. Finding and achieving the balance that is right for you is part of the tantric path. 

One way that balance can be restored for women is through Yoni massage.  The term Yoni refers to the vulva and vagina. Therefore, a Yoni massage is a massage designed to stimulate that area of the female anatomy. When the Yoni is stimulated and accessed through this sort of patient tantric practice, women can experience incredible sexual pleasure. Additionally, emotional growth, spiritual healing, and an increased sense of self understanding can be gained.

Who conducts Yoni massages?

Generally Yoni massages are on offer from tantric massage practitioners. You don’t need to be a high-level Guru to give a good Yoni massage at home,  but some preparation and education will certainly help. Tantric Masters are both male and female, and either gender can perform Yoni massage. Most women prefer therapeutic  Tantric Yoni Massage  to be done by a fellow woman, particularly if the purpose of the massage is not strictly sexual gratification. This is often because there is a level of empathy and understanding between women about the sacredness of the yoni, as well as its delicate nature.  Yoni massage does not require a woman to be of any particular age, body type, sexuality, or gender identity. If you have a Yoni, it can be massaged.

 Why would you get a Tantric Yoni Massage?

Tantric Yoni Massage comes with lots of benefits. Not only is the massage itself enjoyable and exciting, it leaves you with lasting effects, both mental and physical.  For some people Yoni massage is not just a feel-good self-care therapy. Yoni massage has been used since ancient times for pain management, particularly around menstruation. It has also been used as a form of post-natal. Another use for Yoni massage is trauma healing. Science tells us that our bodies hang on to trauma and manifest it physically over the course of time, resulting in a variety of chronic pain and illness.  Yoni massage can also be an effective part of a holistic process to heal from sexual assault or sexual trauma.

 What does a Yoni massage feel like?

To put it in incredibly simplified terms, a Yoni massage feels like very sophisticated and deliberate fingering. A good Yoni massage will include deep breathing exercises to relax the body and open the heart and mind. It will also include plenty of massage oil for lubrication because anyone will tell you that dry fingers against a moist vulva doesn’t feel very good. Masseuses work slowly and methodically to massage around the vulva, on the vulva itself, as well as penetrating the vagina. The touch used in a Yoni massage is gentle and intentional. No part of a Yoni massage should hurt, and no Yoni masseuse should progress the massage at a pace the receiver is uncomfortable with.

What happens in a Yoni massage?

After you and your masseuse have briefly discussed your needs, desires, and boundaries, you will undress and lay down on the massage table or bed.  Your masseuse will help you to relax and take you through some breathing exercises to steady your pulse and begin to allow your body to relax deeply. Your masseuse may begin the massage at your feet or hands or shoulders, but chances are she won’t begin at your Yoni. A Yoni massage is a slow and deliberate process that can’t be rushed. It involves methodically edging the recipient to postpone orgasm. Edging is the process of bringing a person to a high level of arousal, near the edge of orgasm, and then retreating. By ramping up and backing off on touch and stimulation,  your body becomes more open and capable of maximum levels of orgasm.

Will a Tantric Yoni Massage guarantee me an orgasm?

For many women, the objective of Yoni massage is learning how to orgasm. An astonishing number of adult women have never experienced orgasm or cannot orgasm regularly.  Lack of orgasm can be caused by many different factors. Sometimes it is a physiological issue, although this is not very common. Most women have the physical capacity to orgasm but have not been in a situation that was conducive to orgasm. Yoni massage can be an effective  method for discovering and improving orgasms. Tantric touch makes a variety of kinds of orgasm possible, far more than typical stimulation. Additionally, the environment and atmosphere of a Yoni massage can help a woman achieve the level of relaxation needed to do this kind of intimate exploration.

Why aren’t Tantric Yoni Massage more common?

We ask ourselves this question all the time. The short answer is that our society is embarrassingly prudish. The concept of sexual pleasure being morally neutral is not something we have even achieved yet. If you add the concept of paying for a transactional sex act, most people get even more uncomfortable. The fact of the matter is, sexuality, pleasure, Tantra, all of it, has always been around and will always be around. It would be wonderful if Tantric Yoni Massage was a common activity for women. If you are up for it, it is a great addition to your self care routine. Receiving a professional Yoni massage can be a great way to care for yourself during premenstrual syndrome, or simply when you need a boost of human touch and intimacy.

Is Tantric Yoni Massage emotional or physical?

Yoni massage may be the physical simulation and manipulation of the vulva and vagina, but it’s so much more than that. It is a powerful tool for opening up and accessing our sacred femininity and learning how to harness that energy.  Yoni massage can absolutely be a form of pleasure and entertainment. Sometimes the only objective is to orgasm and have a great time. There’s nothing wrong with taking that approach or using Yoni massage that way. Some people like to lean into the traditional concepts of Yoni massage and add it to their spiritual practice and include it in activities like meditation, masturbation, and sacred sex. 

Tantra teaches us that there is actually no clear separation between our emotions and our bodies. This is one of the most beautiful earnings through Tantra: everything is connected. 

Is Tantric Yoni Massage strictly therapeutic?

Certainly not. While Tantric Yoni Massage can be incredibly therapeutic and help the recipient with all sorts of personal development and self understanding, it can also be a part of sex. Yoni massage is valid foreplay or love making. It is a wonderful way to pamper and spoil a female partner. Yoni massage is slow and methodical, something that a lot of women appreciate and sexual experiences, especially new ones. Yoni massage is a lovely way to put all of the focus and attention on her  and show her the respect and reverence you have for her body.  As a female recipient of Yoni massage do not feel that the experience has to be akin to a spiritual awakening; it’s okay if it just feels good.

Is Tantric Yoni Massage safe for everyone?

The Yoni massage process is very gentle and although it is penetrative it is non-intrusive.  Tantric Yoni Massage is ideal for virtually everyone who has a Yoni. If you have issues with vaginal pain or penetration, such as a condition like vaginismus,  be sure to let your masseuse know in advance so that she can take this into account. Your Yoni massage will only be what you want it to be. Your consent matters, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Any good tantric practitioner worth their salt will help you relax, unwind, and ensure that you feel comfortable with everything that they do, every step of the way. 

How do I go about getting a professional Yoni massage?

The world of Tantric Yoni Massage can seem very overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with it. The best thing to do is to  research a trusted, quality, tantric massage studio in your area. If you are in London, give us a call! Have a look through our website for more information on our Tantric Yoni Massage options. When you make your booking be sure to ask all the questions you may have. There’s no need to be shy! We’ve been asked everything under the sun! There’s no such thing as a silly question. We want you to be as comfortable and empowered as possible by your Tantric Yoni Massage, and that includes helping you get the information that you need before, during and after your appointment.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a happy ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!


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