Female orgasms may seem magical and elusive, but did you know that there are several ways that a woman can get off ? Research suggests that just 25% of women remain in an orgasmic state during lovemaking. Think you can beat those odds? Read on to learn more about this incredible pleasure phenomenon.

Everyone wants to understand the many different types of female orgasm and experience the wonderful feelings they bring. They provide strong sensations of erotic euphoria and few females have experienced all of them. They are personal and only you can determine the best orgasm for you. Each person is an individual and experiences their own exclusive orgasmic sensations. An open body and mind is key to great orgasms. If you want to experience explosive orgasms then you must shed any inhibitions to intensify the pleasure peak.

Research by Scientist A Kinsey in the 1940s revealed that 40% of females first experienced orgasm during masturbation. This research exposed intriguing sexual insights during this era. According to his study, masturbation before or during sex helps you discover your orgasmic self.


Research in the 1960s revealed that females can have multiple orgasms during a lovemaking session. Throughout the 1960s, scientists experimented with erotic stimulation. Their research became breaking news, escalated erotic experiments and made this topic less taboo.

1960’s to 1980s

During the 1960s people celebrated eroticism as normal life. Homosexuality was on the rise and the birth control pill allowed women to enjoy sex without becoming pregnant. During this period, we came to learn about the clitoris.

Whether it’s the swinging 60s or now, receiving daily orgasms is the new health standard. According to recent research, it weakens blood pressure in elderly women and improves complexion.

What happens to ladies during orgasm?

Try to think of the climax as a cobweb. Each pussy is individual with exclusive pleasure points which create their own sensations. The sexual response cycle created by masters and johnson divides into four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm and revolution. This excellent discovery unravelled the mysteries of the female orgasm. Currently, different ideas exist around the physical and mental sensations received during orgasm. Ultimately, the feelings received during orgasm are yours alone.

The body parts involved during intercourse are the nucleus accumbens, cerebellum, amygdala, the pituitary gland and ventral tegmental area (VTA). Sex releases hormones inside your body which create wonderful feelings and help you connect with your partner.

Do both genders have similar climax sensations?

During climax the brains lateral orbito frontal cortex shuts off in both genders. Activation of the periaqueductal grey (PAG) part of the lateral orbito frontal cortex occurs in females during orgasm but not in men. This means that that females must feel secure to climax, whereas men don’t.

This video shows how the female brain reacts during orgasm. The human brain can be separated into regions based on structure and function – vision, audition, body sensation, etc, known as Brodmann’s area map.

Does growing older affect orgasms? Orgasms are similar to a rare whisky and improve with age. Growing old comes with perks, so buckle up and enjoy the path to more powerful and explosive orgasms.

Why is faking an orgasm unhealthy?

Ever faked orgasm? When striving to satisfy your partner it’s common to lose sight of your own needs. By faking orgasms you’ll start to think your pleasure isn’t as important as your lover. All women should experience a full wetting orgasm. Real orgasms releases oxytocin, which runs from nerve cells to the bloodstream, making you feel bold and optimistic.

8 female orgasms to experience

You can experience most of the orgasms mentioned below in daily life. Every woman’s vagina is unique just like their DNA. If you’ve achieved orgasm without using your intimate parts, explore that pleasure zone further. The orgasm and how it makes you feel is most important. Given below are eight different types of female orgasm ready for your pleasure exploration:

1. Clitoral Orgasm

The most popular orgasm. Great in sensation. Sharp, explosive, intense and easy to achieve.

2. Pussy entrance orgasm

The mystical one. Pulsating like a volcano eruption. Strong as an elephant. Warm, longing and powerful.

3. G-spot Orgasm

The G-Spot is a watery one. Full of splashy fun and healing adventure. Inducing tears of joy and strong emotions. Manifesting orgasmic energy.

4. Cervical Orgasm

The transcendental one. Mind-bending in its existence. Long, continuous and imploding upwards.

5. Anal Orgasm

The delicate one. Challenging but surprisingly fun. Relaxing, shame-detoxing and wild.

6. Nipple Orgasm

The loving one. Heart-opening and blissfully healing. Surrendering, subliming and loving unconditionally.

7. Throat Orgasm

The barrier-breaking one. Joyful throat ecstasy. Trance-like, subtle and super-human.

8. Mind Orgasm

The mind-blowing one. Joy without body stimulation. Deep, subtle and rejuvenating.

Want to learn more?

Remember to make love with all of your body, not just the physical one. A healthy mix of both physical and mental elements leads to more powerful orgasms.


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