Throat Orgasm: Secrets Unravelled 

The throat orgasm is a significant and pleasurable gift, provided by your throat. Not everyone achieves throat orgasms. They’re achieved through deep throating or touching the back of your throat. Throat stimulation unleashes another side of you and reveals your inner truth. Achieving throat orgasms isn’t complicated. If you want to feel the excitement of throat orgasms, throw caution to the wind, open your mouth and experience these sensational orgasms.

Some facts involving throat orgasm

To enjoy a throat orgasm a penis isn’t always required. Belting out a tune can work for some, and cleaning teeth has provided throat orgasms for others. According to research, the vagnus nerve joins the female cervix to the throat. Consequently, transmission of nerves to the uterus explains the cause of throat orgasms. To achieve, keep relaxed so a penis can slide through without hurting.

Unravelling the throats pleasure souce

Finding the source of this pleasure point is a unique business. Some females reported its existence deep within their throats, whilst others claim it’s near the mouths roof. The precise point varies from one female to the next and depends on the individual.

How does a throat orgasm feel?

When giving a blow job, your throat will get hot and produces a gag reflex. A gag reflex is uncomfortable and feels similar to being sick. Learning how to overcome the gag-reflex is key. When the gagging subsides, your throat expands and begs for more. The orgasmic sensations come to the fore, and your throat explodes, transferring energy throughout your body. Not only is it claimed to provide the purest orgasmic state, it also results in a pulsating vagina, begging for penetration.

The orgasmic nerves in your throat

There’s little research about throat orgasms. Some theories back its orgasmic capabilities, whilst others dismiss it as gobbledygook. A study of the complex biological process leading to orgasm in 2007, revealed a secret called the vagus nerve. Translated as roaming in Latin, it’s the 10th cranial nerve and otherwise known as the pneumogastric nerve. It travels the entire length of your body and is highly receptive to stimulation. Stimulation of the vagus nerve has provided orgasms for the paralysed and used in the medical world to treat epilepsy, and depression. Furthermore, with the help of a penis, it stimulates the cervix, and creates powerful throat orgasms. Throat orgasms provide a significant energy boost, if behind on work and lacking energy, reach for a cock instead of a cup of joe.

Tantric Therapy and the Throat Orgasm

In tantric therapy, the throat chakra can evoke a genius like reaction. According to London Tantric therapists, focusing on this gifted point will reignite your chakra. To practise throat orgasm without the aid of a penis, follow a method of yoga called Khecari Mudra. Sit on a yoga mat or chair and makes yourself comfortable. With shut eyes, lift your tongue and point towards the roof of your mouth where it’s soft and apply gentle pressure. With practise you’ll awaken the vargaus nerve and unlock the secrets of the throat orgasm.

How to get the pleasure of throat orgasm

Blow-jobs are beneficial for men and women. With correct stimulation, throat-jobs trigger rousing orgasms, and you don’t even need to get undressed. If alone, experiment with a dildo until it feels natural. Keep calm, breathe deeply and don’t rush. If you gag, stay calm, relax for a bit, then try again. Practise with your partner and submit to the penetration without fear. The more aroused you become, the easier it gets. With these secrets unravelled, your throat will enter a whole new world of orgasmic bliss.


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