According to practitioners of Tantra, an ancient mode of sacred sex, tantric orgasms are the ultimate pleasure experience. It’s hard to imagine anything feeling better than an orgasm, but no one can deny the allure of pleasure! In this article we’ll explore three tantric orgasm variations to practice so that you too can have the most mind-blowing climaxes of your life. 

Orgasm is always a hot-button topic. not everybody has them but basically everyone wants them. Then we get them and they don’t last long enough. Orgasm is such a powerful human body function that it can almost feel addictive. Human beings spend an inordinate amount of time chasing the high of climax. We are pleasure hungry creatures so learning to orgasm can open doors to pleasure, self acceptance, true intimacy and self love.

Different strokes for different folks

Scientific research into the human orgasm has revealed that there are multiple ways that human beings can reach orgasm. Differences in orgasm can be attributed to both nature and nurture. Physiology and sex can influence the ability for someone to orgasm, so you must work with what you have and cheat the system whenever you can! If all orgasms were easy orgasms the sex toy industry would surely fold! The truth of the matter is that many people who can orgasm are not having the orgasms that they want to have. What if there was a better way?

So predictable

Every orgasm is special and unique yet most orgasms are exactly like the last one. This is because orgasms follow a predictable pattern that manifests in four parts:

  1. Excitement
  2. Plateau
  3. True Orgasm
  4. Resolution

Same old, same old

We all know how it goes, it’s like riding a rollercoaster that only has one big hill. Slowly the roller coaster ascends, climbing slowly but surely towards the precipice. The anticipation is delicious (excitement phase) and you already know how incredible it will feel to rush down the other side of the hill. But before you do, there’s that spectacular moment of pause (plateau phase) before your tip over the edge. As the rollercoaster rushes downward you are filled with excitement and all your senses are overwhelmed. You’re high (orgasm phase) on all the happiest brain chemicals and you never want it to end. But it does end. The roller coaster begins to slow and it returns to the platform (resolution phase). You heave a big sigh and shake off the last of the sparkly feeling that runs under your skin, and you exit the ride. 

Go from typical to Tantric

The pattern of a normal orgasm is very predictable. our bodies respond much the same way each and every time we experience arousal and climax. Luckily, orgasms feel fantastic so we don’t tend to mind much that they’re all the same. If you, like many people the world over, want to experience something bigger and better than the typical orgasm, you may want to try the following  three types of tantric orgasm: 

  • Non-ejaculatory Orgasms
  • Valley Orgasms (also known as Inverse Orgasms)
  • Full Body Extended Orgasms

Typically …

Typically we hear about orgasms described as being either male or female. For a long time science was unaware that orgasm, regardless of sex, is more or less the same.  It was thought that men could orgasm more easily than women and for many people this seems to be true. However outside of tantric practice we only ever hear about women having multiple orgasms. This is something that seemed unattainable for men with the consolation that after a short refractory period they could easily do it again. For women the multiple orgasm has always been the Holy Grail of pleasure, so mythic that not everyone believes it can happen. With tantric techniques all orgasms can be multiple and not every orgasm has to follow the same 4 part pattern.

What makes tantric orgasm so different?

To understand why a tantric orgasm is different from a normal orgasm you first must understand Tantra. Since the fifth century Tantra has Provided a connection point between oneself and the world and oneself and the divine. Center evolved from Buddhist and Hindu practices so to our secular Western sensibilities, it can feel a bit new age-y. Remember: this is an ancient spiritual and philosophical system that promotes self-knowledge and holistic wellness. Tantra has been practiced all across the globe  without interruption since its onset centuries ago, with enormous success.

When we examine a tantric orgasm in comparison to a regular one it is immediately obvious that they are entirely different. If a normal orgasm is a roller coaster ride with one steep hill,  a tantric orgasm is more like a downhill mogul ski-run.

Type 1: Non-ejaculatory Orgasms (male)

Tantric orgasms are big on energy. The movement of energy, the retention of energy, the expulsion of energy, and the absorption of energy. The objective of non-ejaculatory orgasm is to redirect the orgasmic energy and turn it inward  so that you feel all the rush of an orgasm without actually ejaculating. By bringing yourself close to orgasm but not quite and then stopping oh, you can trick your body into  a continuous loop of the excitement phase and the plateau phase.  This is most easily achieved through edging. Edging is a form of masturbation where you bring yourself literally “ to the edge”  before pausing and allowing the urgency to subside. If this sounds difficult that’s because it is, but only at first. 

The edge of glory, over and over 

Tantric methods require focus, and in some cases, resisting the drive to ejaculate. That may seem counterintuitive but it’s the key to the balance of tension and deep relaxation that makes tantra so powerful. Through focus and practice, you can re-learn your body’s most basic urges and better control your orgasms. It may sound like a lot of work, or something you need not be concerned with, but better orgasm control equals better orgasms. And don’t we all want that?

  • Tantric edging is a sexy, intense and mind-blowing experience! 
  • It makes masturbation more exciting
  • It makes partnered intimacy more intense
  • Your orgasms will become more focused and intense
  • Useful techniques for men who ejaculate more quickly than they’d like to
  • It helps you separate your orgasm from ejaculation, both mentally and physically 
  • It is the surest way to become multi-orgasmic 

Type 2: Valley Orgasms

Valley orgasms are orgasms that occur between the peaks of pleasure, unlike typical orgasms where the pleasure is felt only at the height of arousal.

They are often described as being less localized than a typical orgasm but not as all-encompassing as a full body one. Valley orgasms are unique and exciting in their own way,  giving you an all over warm glow and longer sustained single notes of pleasure. We recommend using tantric visualization techniques. Imagine your arousal is a ball of light inside your body originating at your genitals.  As you feel the physical sensations of arousal,  use your mind’s eye to imagine that ball of light travelling from your genitals, over your abdomen into your chest and back down your spine.  This visualization helps to decentralize the sensation and allow your orgasm to be more fluid and softer without such a clear beginning and end. 

Type 3: Full Body Extended Orgasms

The full body extended orgasm is a tantric dream come true. It is as good as it sounds: an orgasm you feel through your whole body, not just the genitals, that lasts for an extended amount of time. Typically orgasms are well under 10 seconds. A full body extended orgasm can go on for minutes. Many minutes. They tend to ripple and fade in and out, but with the right breathing techniques you can keep all your chakra superhighways running smoothly as that orgasm rolls through you in waves. 

Tantra is a practice that unites mind, body and soul. The key is in the breathing. 

Deep breathing will awaken your body and mind. Focused breathing immediately makes your senses more alert, and pleasure more intense. It releases tension and relaxes your body, which promotes circulation, a very necessary part of arousal. 

The optimum deep breath 

To begin, sit or lay comfortably, relax your shoulders. Exhale out your mouth and close it without clenching your jaw.

  1. Inhale: Draw a breath in smoothly through your nose, silently, steadily, counting to four. Let your chest open and fill with air. Be mindful not to hunch your shoulders up. 
  2. Hold: Keep that breath in your chest and silently count to seven. The first time you may not make it to seven and that’s okay. As you repeat the pattern it will become easier. 
  3. Exhale: Let your breath out through your mouth as you count to eight. Use the whole time and push all the breath out of your chest, steadily.

This is only the beginning 

As you repeat this sequence cycle four more times (five focused breaths, total) you will feel your body begin to relax and your mind will quiet. If you’re breathing with a partner, you may want to face each other and hold hands or place your right hands on each other’s hearts. For even more intimacy, sit cross legged on the floor or bed and have them sit in your lap with their legs around you. This is known as the ‘lotus’ position and it allows you to hold one another as you sync up your breathing, and ultimately, your heartbeats. Touch and sensuality is key in tantric practice but resist the urge to distract each other as you do this initial breathwork. It is foundational to the slow build of energy needed for the most incredible release. Don’t forget: tantra is about the journey, not just the destination! 

The innumerable benefits

If all of this sounds like a lot of work and you’re wondering if you’re worth it: it is. Not only can tantric orgasms give you boundless pleasure, they come with other benefits too

  • Decrease stress, reduce anxiety, learn how to actually relax 
  • You’ll be less easily triggered by emotions, 
  • Get ready to sleep better!
  • Improve cardiovascular function 
  • Enjoy all the feel-good hormone highs of dopamine and serotonin
  • Improve your concentration and creativity
  • Achieve greater intimacy and release fear and tension
  • Heal and resolve sexual trauma or sexual hangups
  • Improve your sexual confidence and performance

Learn from the best

A great way to learn more about how your particular body orgasms, including the variations given here, is by seeing a professional. Book yourself a session with one of our incredible masseuses and follow her lead. With some new skills and a bot of patience, you’ll be on the path to bigger, more fulfilling orgasms. Call us today! 

What are you waiting for?

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