The secret door to anal orgasm

When it comes to sex, there are many ways to achieve orgasm. The most underrated means of obtaining orgasm is through the secret door, otherwise known as anal orgasm. Achieving anal orgasm is easy when you have the keys to the secret door.

Can I achieve pleasure through anal sex?

Frowned upon by ancient studies but according to modern studies, anal stimulation is one of the best routes to female orgasm. There are two reactions to the anal orgasm. Either you’ve tried it and had a great time or you’re fearful and avoiding. Since humans evolved, anal has played an important role in humans’ behaviour. Fortunately, it’s now more accepted and growing in popularity by the day. According to a study on human sexuality and behaviour, 40% to 50% of people have tried anal sex, which is 10-15% more than before. It also revealed that some females only have orgasms using the secret door. If you’ve never considered opening your secret door, it’s time to find your key. Unlock the secret door and open up to the most orgasmic and pleasurable moments in your life.

Facts one should know about anal orgasm

It’s ubiquitous to experience discomfort through anal sex, and that’s why more than 250 per cent of individuals don’t use lubrication. To achieve anal orgasm, one should always have an open mind. If focusing on the unpleasant side, there’s no shortage of disturbing tales. Ignore these tales, anal sex is a blast and provides great pleasure. While anal lining seems taut and sensitive, it opens easily for sex toys with lubrication. Done correctly, you won’t hurt the inner anal skin. You can achieve impressive orgasms by arousing the clit and pussy at the same time.

Locating the secret Perineal Sponge

Perineal Sponge

The Bacteria transferred from the arse to the pussy causes most infections. So, it’s advised to wash fingers or cock before entering into the pussy. Women appreciate how anal penetration fills their secret door most. You can find your perineal sponge or PS-spot in-between the pussy and the rectum. This pleasurable spot is below the perineum (the skin separating the rectum from the vagina). Similar to the clitoris and cock, the perineal sponge soaks up blood and swells from stimulation.

Tantric therapy and anal sex

Some Tantric therapists don’t promote anal sex as they believe it reduces the anus and pelvic muscle which causes a loss of sexual power. However, other tantric therapists disagree and believe it helps arouse the kundalini. The kundalini is an egg shaped gland located at the spines base. Stimulating this gland via anal sex opens the guarding muscles and causes an unconscious reaction of the Ida and Pingala nerves. Tantric therapists believe that ejaculating inside the anus promotes a healthy Kundalini gland.

Connecting the secret Sacral Chakra

When penetrated deeply the lingam passes through the heart of the female chakra. The chakra’s located deep within the pussy, so the lingam must be big. The chakra is delicate and when aroused connects with the male lingam during penetration. This connection sparks a release of internal energy within the female sacral chakra. The female sacral chakra then unlocks all other chakras which culminates in powerful anal orgasm.

The secrets to powerful anal orgasm?

One can learn the beauty of anal penetration by trial and error. Experiencing good anal sex is possible if you can open up and overcome your fears. It’s essential to start slow, with tactile communication to help overcome the fear of pain during anal sex.

Unlocking the Anal Orgasm

If you’re still want an anal orgasm, then the answer is straightforward. It starts mentally then ends within your bottom. Arousing the PS-spot is easy when using fingers. Put thumb inside pussy and finger inside bum. Insert thumb in pussy and forefinger in anus. Use the thumb to press the other wall of your pussy then press upwards with your forefinger. To elongate orgasms, chose sex acts that point the cock towards the lower back. Helpful sex acts include women on top and missionary.

During anal experimentation you should bare the following in mind:

1. Communication:

How you connect and communicate is key. Be open about fears, discuss and determine the process in advance.

2. Trust:

Trust is essential and allows you to relax with a clear mind. Ultimately, this is essential for any orgasm.

3. Slowness:

There’s no need to hurry as that ass isn’t going anywhere. Take it slow, enjoy a tantric massage, make out and don’t forget the foreplay. Only enter when fully aroused, penetrate gently and thrust slow.

4. Lubrication:

Lube makes anal sex lubilicious! There can never be You can’t have enough lube during the act and avoid desensitising creams.

5. Breathe and relax

A relax butt is a happy butt. Home to one of the most powerful muscles, relaxing the anal muscle isn’t that difficult. You need to have patience and trust in your lover. Inhale and exhale deeply throughout the act to provide easy access for toys or fingers.

Opening the Secret Door to Orgasm

Anal pleasure is best achieved gently. Using toys, one can discover many hidden treasures and enjoy this amazing sexual experience. It’s important to take good care of your anus as you would other intimate parts. Be open, it will help you connect to the healing power of the anus. Remain open to other sex acts, new toys and explore this new orgasm. One should always remember that practice will improve the feelings. Take it slow and learn about anal eroticism. Don’t lose hope if your anus is a little tight, this is natural. Follow our advice and enjoy the most beautiful erotic massage experience.


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