Learn how to drive your man crazy with Erotic Massage

There are certainly many types of erotic massage that will drive him crazy. Erotic massage eliminates stress and aims to release tension built-up within a man’s body! People misinterpret that sexual massages are mainly for the purpose of ejaculation or orgasm, but instead focus on the pleasurable parts of a human’s body that generates sensations and will help calm his muscles during the experience.

Ultimately, this experience is more exotic when engaged by couples. Having a sensual massage from a partner is possibly the best thing a man would want. It will not just drive him crazy, but help you forge a closer relationship and help you learn more about each other’s erogenous zones. Such massages can help heal sexual pain caused by health issues, it can also help develop sexual muscles for more effective penetration, remove anxieties, and gift him a sound sleep every time!

Below you will find types of erotic massage that will drive him crazy:

Time to drive him crazy

Body to body massage

Body to body massage is one of the most erotic massages of all time. Here, the masseuse begins by removing her clothes, and if you want to relax your male partner, you should begin the same way. Then, start putting oil on not your partner or client’s body as well. Make sure that the oil you’re using does not have a bad smell or odour because it might repel his sexual desires! Now it’s the best part where the person giving the massage starts rubbing his/her body against the other person. When two oiled bodies meet this way, it generates heat and awakes the sexual points in his body. This massage is also known as ‘Nuru’ massage which means slippery in Japanese. If you’re giving this massage to your partner, hot and steamy intercourse might take place after the massage.

Yoni massage

Here, the word yoni means ‘vagina’ and also known as the vagina massage. Though this word reflects a lot of meanings like sacred space or temple, it basically reflects the vagina to be the most sensual part of a woman’s body. This massage is all about loving and honouring yourself and your yoni before trying to please him with any physical intimacy. This massage stimulates the sensations in your vagina and provides you the pleasure that you require. Relaxing before you indulge in this massage is the key to enjoying maximum pleasure.

Now you may wonder why I’ve included Yoni massage in this article as the Yoni massage is meant for women. This type of erotic massage will help to drive him crazy because the giver usually delights in giving. Providing you with pleasure will improve his confidence help to keep sexual desire alive in the relationship. The taste, pheromones and smell of your vagina are bound to drive him crazy with lust. When you do this massage with him, it leads to a healthy sexual relationship which will satisfies you both to the core.

Aqua massage

Aqua massage takes place under the water and that’s what gives it the name ‘aqua’. Here, you’ll help him relieve his stress and body pain under the flow of water in a bath or shower. Being naked is an essential part of the process for both parties and the giver will rub the soap on his/her hands and apply it onto the guy’s body to help him clean and relax. The way you move your hands on his body to apply the soap should be sexual stimulating his erogenous points. This type of massage is the first step for any other erotic massage because it helps to clean him before any other massage. Lingam massage

Lingam massage

This erotic massage is undoubtedly the biggest desire of a man’s body and will never fail to make him crazy. It reaches out to all the sensual points in his body and often leads to ejaculation. The word lingam has two meanings- penis and wand of light. The penis is the wand of light in a boy’s body that arouses his sexual desires and relieves all pain whatsoever. Mental pressure is especially something that guys seek to relieve through this massage.

Here, the masseuse respects the wand of light and stimulates it through a sexy massage. The affected parts that need massaging are- shaft, testicles, external prostrate, and perineum. This is not just an erotic massage but a genital massage that delivers the best effects of a massage to the man. If you’re giving it to your partner, you might tempt him enough to ejaculate because it’s a great option for those who find it difficult to ejaculate sometimes for the lack of sexual desire. Lingam massage teaches a man to receive pleasure from a woman who respects his body.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage can help the man’s prostate glands and will stimulate him in a wholly different way. Supposedly prostrate is the most emotional, and sacred spot in a man’s body. Stimulating and massaging the sacred spot will lead to the release of the physical and psychological pressure of the man. This massage generally starts with a gentle and sensual touch but ends with the stretching the anus a little. careful stretching ensures that the massage remains peaceful and not painful.

Frequency of erotic massage 

It’s believed that the girls who massage their partner are happier with the sexual response afterward. Especially, this massage adds pleasure to sexual life in a relationship. If accompanied by the lingam massage, it will make a memorable experience for him.

Listen to his erotic desires

If you fear how to start and don’t end up doing the massage correctly, don’t worry, it will come together with practice. Often these massages are secret desires that a man will always have, so pay attention and listen to his desires. If you want to add some excitement and great experiences to the sexual experience with your partner, these types of erotic massage will drive him crazy. Treat your special man with these relaxing massages and you will have him hooked for life.


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