Learning how to control the male orgasm with tantric therapy has many benefits. It prolongs the experience and enables you to please your partner in any position without ejaculation. Maybe you already have good sexual stamina and can last for more than 10 minutes but the idea of going for more than 10 minutes sounds terrific. No matter where your control is at, the guidance below will help build your sexual prowess. It will also control your sexual energy and boost confidence in the bedroom.

Before having sex, the question that often comes to mind is ‘what if I cum too soon?’. There is an excellent solution for controlling the male orgasm and it’s called tantric therapy. Tantra is an ancient Indian practise blended with yoga that controls sexual energy.

Tantric therapy expands your consciousness

According to ancient tantric therapy, we have higher levels of consciousness, manifested as love, in the present moment during climax. Controlling orgasm is essential for women who need further time to achieve a deep orgasm. In tantric therapy, there are multiple ways to prolong your session of love making. After applying the methods used in tantric therapy and then applying in practise, you can have sex for hours.

What should you do and what are these practices?

There are many things you shouldn’t do, such as using drink or drugs to improve performance and ejaculating before sex. Mentioned below are some tips and practices used in tantric therapy to control the male orgasm. Using the following methods will help you nail the art of orgasm control.

1. Breathe and relax:

Breathing is an important part of tantric therapy as it loosens muscles and aids relaxation. If your muscles are taut and stiff, the flow of sexual energy gets stuck in around the genitals. After a while, you will be battling your control to orgasm, and as your muscles will become more tense, reaching to that point of no return, you then ejaculate. However, instead of tensing and contacting your body, relax your muscles and control the orgasm.

Relaxation is crucial for any tantric therapy. The mind and body are one, so it’s critical to relax your body, as a relaxed body will help relax your mind. During ejaculation, there is a series of muscles that contract, relax these muscles and they won’t contract. Everything takes time and practise; there is no quick fix or a magic pill. Learning how to relax your body during sex takes time and persistence. If you breathe in a calm manner then your body will also stay relaxed. So, control your breathing throughout tantric therapy and any lovemaking sessions.

2. Don’t get distracted and stay focused

To distract from early orgasm, men often think of unsexual thoughts, but tantric therapy suggests doing the opposite. During tantric therapy, you should focus attention on the pleasure you’re feeling in that moment.

Few achieve full body orgasms as most men don’t understand their own sexual capabilities. Our entire body is full of erogenous zones. Paying special attention to these zones allow the flow of sexual energy to run freely and unlocks the door to great pleasure.

Next time during tantric therapy or sex, focus on other parts of your body and not only sensations in the penis. Guide your partner, and ask them to stimulate these zones. You’ll soon notice the energy flowing from your genitals to other erogenous zones. Doing yoga, meditation or tantric therapy will help you to develop an ability to focus your mind.

3. Control the flow of sexual energy in your body:

In tantric therapy, many techniques work with sexual energy in their own way. Learning how to divert sexual energy from your sexual organs to other body parts through the spine is key. In tantric therapy there are two ways in which you can control your orgasm. The first thing is to breathe, but this time in a specific way. This technique’s called ‘Microcosmic Orbit’ which comes from the Taoist tradition. It involves imagining the flow of energy through your body every time you breathe. With each breath, feeling it move through your whole body down into the genitals. You can practise this during sex, masturbation or as a meditation technique.

The second method used in tantric therapy is Mula bandha or the kegel exercise. In this, we practise contracting our pelvic muscle. This involves repeatedly squeezing your pelvic muscles as tightly as possible. You Hold for three seconds, then relax for three seconds and repeat. This exercise is easily performed in any location and will train your pelvic muscles to improve stamina. There are many exercises which can help prepare your pelvic muscles. However, I recommend practising this exercise during tantric therapy and lovemaking sessions.

To use this method during sex, pulse the muscles in your pelvic region and visualise this pulse. This will send your sexual energy upwards and make room for new energy.

Control of orgasm provides confidence

After learning how to control the male orgasm with tantric therapy you’ll be able to make love with confidence. This new-found confidence will have a positive effect your lifestyle. If you’re confident in bed, that confidence will carry over at work and when socialising with friends. If you keep practising male orgasm control using these techniques, you’ll master control of your orgasm and become a desirable lover. To make that happen, you only have to practise these simple exercises. Choose from one of the techniques mentioned earlier and open the door to an exciting chapter in your sex life.

Practise orgasm control with a professional tantra therapist

Practising orgasm control with your partner is difficult when it’s an embarrassing subject. So take advantage of our tantric therapy in London and book a tantric massage in confidence.

Booking is easy. First, pick the therapist that catches your eye and give us a call on 07856 666 686 to confirm booking. Secondly, decide if you want incall tantric therapy or outcall tantric therapy. Thirdly, pick an extended lingam massage which focuses on the penis, as it provides an opportunity to practise delaying orgasm. Fourthly, and most importantly, discuss the issue with your masseuses before the tantric therapy starts. Ultimately, discussing your goals in advance helps the therapist plan the tantric therapy according to your needs.


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