Do you know why you need to try a Four Hands Massage? Let us explain …

Tantric massage is all about connecting the Mind, Body and Soul via the two sensuous hands of a tantric masseuse. But did you know, if that isn’t enough, you can truly indulge with our incredible Four Hands Massage? Imagine it: just you and two beautiful masseuses exploring the mysterious and sensual world of tantric pleasures. Not convinced yet? Keep reading!

Four Hands massage is exactly what you think: an erotic massage with two pairs of hands instead of one. The Four Hands Massage is the height of eroticism as you are pampered by two incredibly beautiful masseuses to guide you. Secret Tantric is known for how gorgeous our girls are. Imagine two at once! The Four Hands Massage is also a voyeur’s dream: you feel their touch as you watch them in action, together and apart. The Four Hands idea can also be applied to any type of erotic massage. For example, if you wanted a slippery Japanese Nuru Massage but with Four Hands that can be arranged. 

Did you know?

The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word that translates roughly into English as ” woven web”.  This is an apt translation that describes the concept of Tantra as it was originally designed. The woven web analogy is perfect because Tantra serves to connect people to themselves, to others, and to the universal divine. Tantra refers to an ancient way of living that was developed in the sixth century in India and Nepal. Tantric practice was an evolution of holistic health and wellness based on Hindu and Buddhist practises.  In modern times the religious affiliations with Tantra have been replaced by more general spiritual terms. In the 21st century Tantra is considered part of New Age spirituality and very few people practice Tantra as the lifestyle it was originally conceptualised to be.  Instead, the modern take on Tantra incorporates yoga and sex with feel good philosophy and human connection.

Reason 1: Our masseuses love Four Hands Massage

We do not require our masseuses to provide Four Hands massages. Instead, we leave it to the ones who enjoy tandem work and want to offer this experience to their clients. The ratio of two masseuses to one client changes the dynamics of the appointment, making it a more exciting and more unique experience than one-on-one. This is in large part because the women who work together on Four Hands massages do so by choice and are legitimately happy to be there. Clients are often overwhelmed (in a good way), and always overjoyed, with a Four Hands Massage because they are the ultimate in sexy 

Reason 2: Booking is easy and the process is smooth

When you arrive for your Four Hands Massage you will be greeted by both masseuses and welcomed into the luxurious private apartment. After introductions you will have a brief consultation to establish what you’re looking for. Limits and boundaries for both of you will also be discussed. Then you’ll pay upfront, have a quick shower (required), your session will truly begin. All of our appointments are a minimum of sixty minutes long. Extra time with your masseuses can usually be arranged, schedules permitting. 

Reason 3: It’s a different kind of “threesome”

Doesn’t every man dream of a threesome? This may not be the definition of a true threesome, you will make a very sexy trio. Your masseuses will work together, and separately, to tease and titillate you. Their focus will primarily be on touching your body, but they will also touch each other. Depending on the masseuses, mutual massage may or may not be acceptable. Mutual massage is when the client is allowed to massage the masseuse. Either way, it’s your massage, so lay back and enjoy yourself! 


Getting a professional massage, like a Four Hands Massage, is a form of self-care. And self-care is not selfish. You deserve to feel good!


Reason 4: It’s good for you

How can something so pleasurable be good for you? Easy! Tantric massage serves more than just your muscles because it is also deeply healing for your nervous system. Massage is an excellent way to rid the body and mind of stress, improve circulation, and reset your sleep cycle. All that and it’s sexy as hell! 

Reason 5: These girls are HOT, HOT, HOT! 

Just one look at our masseuses’ online portfolios and you will see why we are known for having the most gorgeous girls in London. They are stunning and sexy and playful, well trained in massage and eager to blow your mind. Tall or petite, brunettes, blondes and redheads, oh my! You want it, we’ve got it! Each masseuse has a different style and different specialties because she has different experiences in different training. Combining two of our sensual beauties in one massage means you get a more broad and detailed erotic massage experience. And who doesn’t want that?

Reason 6: We always finish strong with a happy ending

The ladies of Secret Tantric are gifted in the ancient tantric arts, making them virtuosos at driving you to your wits end. If you’d like to finish the session with a triumphant  crescendo, you may. 


Did you know?

We primarily do in-call massage, meaning that you travel to your masseuse. Each of the girls works from their five-star luxury London flat, so not only are they stylish and comfortable, they are well-appointed with all of the necessary amenities. In-call massage is ideal for both the masseuse and the client for a couple of reasons:

  •  it reduces down time between appointments so your masseuse is always ready when you arrive
  •  privacy and discretion are easier for you to manage

Outcall massage is available only to repeat clients who are part of our VIP program.


Reason 7: We have seen it all

Worries about performance anxiety? Not only have these girls seen everything, they will put you at ease making it no issue for you to get across the finish line. Our masseuses have:

  • Helped couples through intimacy challenges
  • Restored confidence in men experiencing erectile dysfunction
  • Supported numerous clients get through breakups or the loss of a partner 
  • Helped individuals see themselves as sexy again, or for the first time

We are confident that before your Four Hands session ends you will already be thinking about booking the next one!

Reason 8: Life is short, just get a massage already! 

Life really is a short and delicate dance and there is no time for faffing around and being miserable. We have so few opportunities for peace and relaxation, you have to grab a scrap of happiness where you can. If your idea of feeling good is an hour or two with some gorgeous babes and all the massage oil you could possibly dream of needing, so be it! There are far worse things to do than get a little massage and spend an afternoon with a pair of sexy ladies. 

Reason 9: We value integrity, just like you do

If you go to a rubbish massage agency, you’ll no doubt get a rubbish massage. May as well stick with the best! Secret Tantric has a sterling reputation for a reason: we do what we say and we mean what we do. We don’t skimp on the training and certification of our masseuses and we support them in every way that we can.

  • Pleasure and compassion go hand-in-hand which is why we work so closely and carefully with our masseuses. 
  • We always take the time and make the effort to answer all of our clients’ questions and concerns. 
  • You will find that our masseuses look exactly like you expect them to and our website is always accurate. 

We are working to change the stigma surrounding erotic massage by:

  • speaking plainly about what our services include
  • communicating effectively with our clients about their needs and desires
  • ensuring that our masseuses feel safe and empowered
  • conducting ourselves professionally from one end of the massage process to the other
  • properly vetting our clients to ensure that they  will be respectful and safe for our masseuses to interact with

Reason 10: You deserve it!

We live in wild and unprecedented times. Half the time we don’t know if we are coming or going, and the future is forever uncertain. Amidst all of this, you work hard. You bring home the bacon, you care for the people you love, you pay your taxes and say your prayers, and for what? All to get up and do it again tomorrow. You’re working hard and you’re doing it under crazy conditions in a world gone mad. A Four Hands Massage  puts you at the centre of the action so you can lay back and feel like a king for an hour. Don’t you deserve one hour of pleasure?

What are you waiting for?

Our masseuses are there for you, to guide you through the Four Hands Massage process and provide you with an energetic and enthusiastic experience. So really, the question isn’t why should you choose Four Hands Massage, it’s why wouldn’t you? Give us a ring and set up your appointment today! Give us a ring! We will get you all set up for the next available spot with the masseuses of your dreams!

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