Is a Four Hands Massage really as good as it sounds? What exactly happens during the massage? Are you intrigued by Four Hands Massage but you don’t know where to begin? If you have questions, we have answers! We’ve put together a complete guide of FAQs about Four Hands massage, based on real inquiries from real clients. Let us answer all your questions and prepare you for a professional session!

The erotic massage industry offers more selection of services than you might expect. Gone are the days where you could choose between Swedish and shiatsu with no other options. Any quality modern massage agency will have a wide variety of massages on their menu.  We can thank international travel and globalisation for this improvement. The more people travel around the world and experience erotic massage from different cultures the more the demand for variety increases. When it comes to erotic massage, there’s literally something for everyone because there are so many ways for human beings to touch. There are lots of different styles of erotic massage available but a Four Hands Massage is particularly exciting. It is exactly what you think it is: an erotic massage involving one client, two masseuses and their four hands! 

How it works

A Four Hands Massage is fairly self-explanatory. What sets it apart from other forms of erotic massage is the sheer intensity of being with two masseuses at once. It can be overwhelming (in the very best kind of way) to be with a professional erotic masseuse. If you’ve never experienced it first-hand, imagine being with one of the most beautiful women you’ve ever been with, both of you are nude or nearly nude oh, and you have 100% of her attention and focus. sounds hot right? It is, but it’s  also very erotic and intense. Now, multiply that by 2 and add in the sheer novelty of being with two women. It’s enough to make your head explode. For most men this is fairly high on the ultimate fantasy list, which is probably why Four Hands massage is so incredibly popular. 

Frequently asked questions

Here at Secret Tantric, we get a lot of questions regarding Four Hands Massage. Some prospective clients are totally blown away that this is even an option, while others are totally familiar and good to go.  If you’ve never had an erotic massage in any form, a Four Hands Massage is like jumping into the deep end of the pool – but don’t worry – you can swim. As erotic massage experiences go it is very immersive and absolutely unforgettable. 

Can I pick any two girls for a Four Hands Massage?

You may pick any two girls who offer Four Hands Massages. Not every single masseuse does every type of massage. Before you get disappointed, think of it this way: The ones who do, actually want to do it. The subgroup of masseuses who offer Four Hands Massage know each other well and work well together. Some have preferences for who they share this job with, others are more flexible. You can see all of this information on a masseuse’s individual profile page on our website. 

Will both girls be equally involved?

Ultimately who does what to whom and how will be between the three of you, but the idea is that both masseuses are equally involved in the massage, giving you a completely luxurious VIP experience that you won’t ever forget. 

Will both girls do all the same things? 

Every massage is unique, just as every masseuse is unique. Not all of our masseuses are comfortable with the same details of an erotic massage end skill sets and specialities vary from girl to girl. For instance, if you were getting a Four Hands Massage and only one of the masseuses was an expert in shiatsu, the other one may not employ the same techniques. The same goes for their personal boundaries. All the details of your massage will be discussed up front in the initial consultation at the beginning of your session. This is a quick sit down to iron out the details and understand what your wants, needs and boundaries are. 

How does the pricing work and do I pay them individually or as one?

All the details on pricing for our masseuses is available on their individual profile page on our website. When you call in to book your appointment, we can clarify all the details. Our masseuses are paid up front, in cash, at the beginning of the session. 

Are tips or gratuities expected and are they double because there are two masseuses?

It can feel like a funny grey area when you are paying for an intimate service and nerve-racking if you don’t know the  etiquette. Tips and gratuities are never expected but always appreciated and should be reflective of your satisfaction with the experience. Standard practice dictates that both masseuses would be tipped equally.

What styles of massage can I have in a Four Hands Massage?

If you’re looking for a specific form of erotic massage but you want double the fun, a Four Hands Massage is a great choice.  If your main focus is just experiencing to masseuses at once and you’re not picky about the type of massage that’s fine too. You will have a great time no matter what you choose. If, for example, you were looking for Nuru Massage with two masseuses, that could be arranged, provided that both the girls do that type of massage. 

Is it really just a massage or will they do more?

Our masseuses are not escorts so their focus in every session is massage. We operate in London,  UK  where erotic massage, including the happy ending, is legitimate and above board. The particulars of your massage session will be based on the boundaries and limitations of both you, the client, as well as your masseuse. While erotic massage is transactional in nature, it is still  dependant upon the safety and bodily autonomy  a both parties. Each session begins with a brief but mandatory consultation. This allows for both parties to understand the desires, limitations, and expectations for the session. It also gives you a few moments to chat and warm up with each other before jumping into the good stuff. 

Do they massage each other or do they just massage me? Can I massage them back?

How intimate and personal the massage gets, and in what combination, will depend on the comfort and willingness of the masseuses.  Generally speaking their focus will be primarily on you and  somewhat on each other. Even if they do not permit Mutual Massage (where you massage them back)  you will still be able to luxuriate in all of their attention and watch them work together. 

Why you should choose Four Hands Massage

A Four Hands massage is truly an experience unlike any other. Outside of a really intimate threesome when else would you receive this kind of attention?  Our masseuses are so stunning and so sexy, for many of our clients they are among the most desirable women  they have been with. At Secret Tantric we are well known for having the sexiest masseuses in all of London, if not the UK. Arguably our masseuses are among the most beautiful women in the world, many of whom have worked in fashion, modelling, and other areas of the adult industry.

So really, the question isn’t why should you choose Four Hands Massage, it’s why wouldn’t you? Give us a ring and set up your appointment today! 

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