Have you heard of Four Hands Tantric Massage? Imagine a deeply erotic tantric massage but instead of one gorgeous goddess running her hands over your body, she’s brought a friend and there are four hands attending to your needs. This positively hypnotic form of exotic massage is a must-try for newcomers and aficionados alike. Read on to learn all about the ins and outs of a Four Hands Tantric Massage. 

We have a whole roster of beautiful, skilled, talented masseuses ready to work with you, each one more lovely than the last. Honestly, the hardest part about your session will be choosing which of our incredibly sexy masseuses you’d like to book. 

Get the info you need

We have designed our site to contain all the information that you might need from FAQs, to blog posts, to detailed descriptions of our masseuses, to a full service massage menu. This information will help you choose the service that you would like as well as the masseuse who you would like to provide it. 

Each of our masseuses is highly skilled and well-trained in the tantric arts, and several of our masseuses provide Four Hands Tantric Massage. Taking a bit of time to understand how our service works and what is on offer is a good idea. Once you have an idea of who and what you want, it’s time to give us a ring.  Your call will be answered by a knowledgeable member of our headquarters team who will answer all of your questions and help you set up your appointment. 

What is tantra all about?

Tantra is a holistic wellness philosophy that originated in India and Tibet in the sixth century.  The roots of Tantra are firmly planted in Hinduism and Buddhism, though one needs no particular religious or spiritual affiliation to incorporate tantric practices into their life. The original forms of Tantra were developed as a form of socio-political resistance. The teachings insisted on beauty and harmony in the face of less humane and more barbaric cultural practices.  Some of the major tenets of Tantra included clean living, vegetarian,  pacifism, sexual equality, and spiritual enlightenment. Modern Tantra is not as restrictive and less moralised than its ancient counterpart.

So many benefits

A gifted tantric worker will take you on a journey of sensual delight that will be unique from anything you have experienced before. If your physical body is tired, any kind of massage will help. But if your needs are greater, or deeper, tantric massage can be the better solution. Many clients come to us as an alternative to their usual massage because they feel they just aren’t getting enough relief. The body can easily adapt to so many things including pain and strain.  Because tantric massage awakens more than just your body, it has overall wellness effects that can’t be achieved by other methods of touch or rehabilitation. The process may be erotic and sensual but the benfits go beyond the sexy stuff. 

As with many things that originated somewhere else, we tend to oversimplify them. This is why very few people commit to an entirely tantric lifestyle, and instead pick and choose the parts that will work with their lives. For most, the easiest and most accessible in-road is tantric sex or tantric massage. 

Welcome to your massage

We primarily do in-call massage, meaning that you travel to your masseuse. Each of the girls works from their five-star luxury London flat, so not only are they stylish and comfortable, they are well-appointed with all of the necessary amenities. In-call massage is ideal for both the masseuse and the client for a couple of reasons:

  •  it reduces down time between appointments so your masseuse is always ready when you arrive
  •  privacy and discretion are easier for you to manage

Out-call massage is available only to repeat clients who are part of our VIP program. 

All our sessions start with a brief consultation to decide on the breadth of service as well as both parties’ boundaries and limits. This also gives you and the girls a few minutes to chat and break the ice. Next, you will have a mandatory shower before your massage begins.

How does a Four Hands Tantric Massage work?

A Four Hands Tantric Massage is exactly what it sounds like. It is a tantric massage with two masseuses and their four hands. Not only does the Four Hands Tantric Massage have the novelty of two masseuses, it also enables the masseuses to work in tandem on your massage. More touch equals more pleasure! If you are a bit of a voyeur, this style of massage will be right up your alley. Not only is it double your pleasure and double your fun it’s double the incredible views as the two of them work you over.

You’re going to love it

Our clients seek us out for all kinds of reasons and we do everything we can to make sure that you are having the erotic massage experience that you desire. Don’t be shy when  discussing your appointment during the initial consultation. Each of our masseuses sets their own hours, rates, and boundaries but we do our best to match you with a masseuse  who’s repertoire suits what you’re looking for. 

Four Hands Tantric Massage is a whirlwind of sensations and it can be incredibly exciting and erotic. It’s important when imagining how good a Four Hands Tantric Massage can be that you remember the importance of body language. Your masseuses are there for you, to guide you through the process and provide you with an energetic and enthusiastic erotic massage experience. 

Erotic bliss

There will be a point in your session where you realise what’s happening and you will have a moment of clarity. “I can’t believe how good this is!” Believe it! This is your life! When else in your life would you have the chance to be oiled up and touched all over by two of the sexiest women you have ever been in the same room with? Not only are they nude or nearly nude, they are together, and those four hands move smoothly from one body to another and back with incredible slickness. And all you have to do is lay back and enjoy yourself! 

Live your best life!

We want you to embrace and enjoy eroticism. Too many people are dissuaded from seeking pleasure in their lives, and we want to help change that! We have helped couples through  intimacy challenges,  helped restore confidence to men experiencing erectile dysfunction, and helped numerous guys get through breakups or the loss of a partner.  We believe that pleasure and compassion go hand-in-hand, so there is no  bad reason for visiting us for an erotic massage!

The Secret Tantric difference

You will find that our masseuses look exactly like you expect them to and that our descriptions of their personalities as well as our services, are always accurate. We are working hard to change and improve the stigma around erotic massage!

We do this by: 

  • speaking plainly about what our services include
  • communicating effectively with our clients about their needs and desires
  • ensuring that our masseuses feel safe and empowered
  • conducting ourselves professionally from one end of the massage process to the other
  • properly vetting our clients to ensure that they  will be respectful and safe for our masseuses to interact with

What are you waiting for?

We have innumerable testimonies from satisfied clients. We know we’re doing something right because upwards of 65% of our clients are repeat clients. Nothing makes us happier than blowing your mind and having you come back for more. 

If you truly want the best tantric services in London, you need to give us a call today. With well over a dozen different massage options, and an ever-growing roster of gorgeous masseuses, your every desire will be indulged and your every expectation will be exceeded. 

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