There are so many myths about Four Hands massage floating around out there. If you have ever considered a Four Hands massage but decided against it because you were unsure of what to expect, this is the article for you. We look at common myths about Four Hands massage and debunk each and every one. Four Hands massage is one of our most popular forms of massage for a reason:  it’s just that good.

A two hands massage is exactly what you imagined it to be:  An erotic massage that involves Four Hands instead of two,  therefore I massage with 2 masseuses instead of 1.  the process itself remains more or less the same of any other erotic massage oh, just with the company of 2 stunningly beautiful women instead of only one. We’ve been told that once you have its Four Hands Massage at Secret Tantric it’s hard to go back to just seeing one masseuse at a time. Let’s examine and unpack some of the myths and confusion about Four Hands Massage.

Myth 1: the duration is shorter because there’s two girls

Some agencies may do this, but we are certainly not one of them.  At secret tantric all our massages last a minimum of 1 hour. Most times a longer session can be arranged provided your masseuses have  enough advanced notice.  at secret tantric the Four Hands massage really is double your pleasure. You’ll experience the touch and focus of two stunning women loads of top quality massage oil, and a toe curling finale.

Myth 2: the girls who do Four Hands are always “booked” 

This is simply not true. We have many girls on our roster who are happy, even eager, to be one half of a Four Hands Massage. We don’t require that any of our masseuses participate in 4 Hands massage if they are not comfortable or interested. This means There are fewer who are willing that are not, but those who are actually want to do it. We know that our clients want more than a perfunctory massage with a masseuse who is just going through the motions of a massage style she doesn’t like that kind of experience is not align with the VIP status we have earned. 

Myth 3: “Four hands aren’t that much better than two.”

Oh, we beg to differ. An erotic massage performed by a beautiful woman is a beautiful thing. You get the experience of being near to her, speaking to her, feeling her touch and admiring her body. When you experience a 4 Hands massage you get all of that x2. It has been described as “ overwhelming in the best possible way” And rarely do clients have just one Four Hands Massage. Clients come back time and again for the 4 Hands massage and many repeat clients enjoy getting to know new masseuses through the experience. 

Remember: Four Hands Tantric Massage is a whirlwind of sensations and it can be incredibly exciting and erotic. It’s important when imagining how good a Four Hands Tantric Massage can be that you remember the importance of body language. Your masseuses are there for you, to guide you through the process and provide you with an energetic and enthusiastic erotic massage experience. 

Myth 4: It’s basically a threesome

 we often get asked if our masseuses are considered prostitutes or escorts. Our masseuses are masseuses. Their primary function is to provide massage, which includes a varying degree of sensuality and eroticism. In contrast, an escorts primary function would be 2 provided companionship and intimate activities including sex.

There are some important distinctions between what an erotic masseuse does and what an escort does. Erotic massage is just that: a proper massage that is presented in an erotic manner, ie:  topless or nude.  furthermore erotic massage may involve full body 2 body contact  but not sex.  as for being like a threesome, involves three people and its erotic so in those ways yes very much like a threesome ( without the sex).

Did You Know? Depending on the masseuses involved, mutual massage may or may not be acceptable. Mutual massage is when the client is allowed to massage the masseuse.

Myth 5: the massage is less therapeutic 

Much like the myth that a Four Hands massage is shorter in duration than other massages, some people think a Four Hands massage is less therapeutic.  Having two masseuses work on you at once is highly efficient and gives you literally double the massage in the same amount of time. There’s a lot that our masseuses can do to ensure that your experience is sultry and sexy and completely pleasurable all while giving you a world-class massage. Ultimately we want you to leave your sessions feeling revitalised and reinvigorated. We want you to be walking taller, smiling wider and feeling better than when you came in. 

Myth 6: they’re only for special occasions

With a bit of advance notice, you can request a Four Hands massage any time. Life is short, get the massage! However, if you’re marking a special occasion, they are a great way to celebrate! 

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Bachelor party weekends
  • Promotions
  • any other reason to celebrate!

Myth 7: the masseuses don’t match their profiles

The old bait-n-switch. Not on our watch! You will find that our masseuses look exactly like you expect them to and that our descriptions of their personalities as well as our services, are always accurate. 

Did you know?

We primarily do in-call massage, meaning that you travel to your masseuse. Each of the girls works from their five-star luxury London flat, so not only are they stylish and comfortable, they are well-appointed with all of the necessary amenities. In-call massage is ideal for both the masseuse and the client for a couple of reasons:

  •  it reduces down time between appointments so your masseuse is always ready when you arrive
  •  privacy and discretion are easier for you to manage

Outcall massage is available only to repeat clients who are part of our VIP program.

Myth 8: The spiritual element is lost 

Just because there are two of them, doesn’t mean the massage is less authentic. In fact, historically, tantric massage was often a group activity. Having two masseuses working with you at once is only a benefit and poses no downside. A gifted tantric worker will take you on a journey of sensual delight, unique from anything you have experienced before. When there’s two of them, it’s no less profound.

Myth 9: It’s more efficient, but less sexy 

It’s an erotic massage, why would anyone be thinking of efficiency? The ratio of two masseuses to one client definitely changes the dynamics of the appointment, making it a more exciting and more unique experience than one on one. The women who work together on Four Hands massages do so by choice. Our masseuses are not required to provide Four Hands massages. We leave that to the ones who enjoy tandem work and specifically want to offer this experience to their clients.

We keep our process streamlined so that your time is respected

When you arrive you will be greeted by both masseuses and welcomed into their luxury apartment. After initial introductions there is a brief consultation where you can establish what you’re looking for, what your limitations are, and what your expectations are.  Then you will pay upfront and take a quick shower (required). Then the fun begins! 

Myth 10: pleasure is not transactional

There are so many reasons that men seek out our services, and none of them are pathetic. Whether it’s ordinary loneliness, curiosity, self improvement or just for the hell of it, there’s no shame in it. A Four Hands Massage lets you lay back and feel like a king for an hour. One hour. Don’t you deserve one hour of pleasure? Some people need very little touch, others need a lot of contact but some people are uncomfortable with the idea of strangers touching them. This is understandable, but to those people we ask: how do you feel about a doctor touching you? Or a dentist? Or a chiropractor? All of these bodily services require physical contact and all of them are transactional. What’s the difference?

You’ll love it 

Your tantric masseuses will work together, and separately, to tease and titillate you, bringing you to the brink over and over.  If you are a voyeur, this is a great form of massage for you as there is so much sensual beauty to take in. While their focus will primarily be on touching your body, inevitably there’s some crossover and they will touch each other. We recommend you just lay back and enjoy yourself. 

Maybe your partner will love it too

Getting a Four Hands massage together is a great way to spice up date-night or celebrate an anniversary. You will have the dedicated attention of two of our beautiful masseuses who will  help you focus on your partner, help your partner focus on you, and focus all of their attention on both of you. Not only are there great physical benefits to a couples massage, it can do wonders for improving and restoring intimacy. If you and your partner are interested in more hands-on learning, we also offer learning sessions and seminars on tantric massage. 

Let’s re-cap

  • Getting a professional massage is a form of self-care and self-care is not selfish
  • Massage is an excellent way to rid the body and mind of stress
  • You will leave your appointment with newfound confidence and a spring in your step
  • The experience gives you a great story to tell oh, you’ll be the envy of all your mates
  • Tantric massage is good for more than just your muscles, it’s is deeply healing and helpful for the health and maintenance of your nervous system
  • Two sexy tantric masseuses are better than one
  • It is a unique experience that has to be enjoy to be understood
  • Tantric care improve circulation and sleep making you more able to focus and perform physically and intellectually
  • Did we mention that Four hands are better than two?

What are you waiting for?

Our masseuses are there for you, to guide you through the Four Hands Massage process and provide you with an energetic and enthusiastic experience. So really, the question isn’t why should you choose Four Hands Massage, it’s why wouldn’t you? Give us a ring and set up your appointment today! Give us a ring! We will get you all set up for the next available spot with the masseuses of your dreams!

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