There are so many kinds of erotic massage available in the adult entertainment industry but none is so alluring as tantric massage.  Tantra has a special way of bringing the Mind, Body and Soul together through the talented hands of a tantric practitioner. So imagine how incredible a tantric massage could be if instead of two hands, there were four! That is exactly what our Four Hands Tantric Massage is all about: it’s just you and two beautiful masseuses exploring the mysterious and sensual world of tantric pleasure. This article explains in detail what to expect from a Four Hands Tantric Massage, so read along to find out more!

Since time immemorial people have been getting together and acting on instinct – we may be people, but we are still animals. We still crave primordial touch and a sense of connection with other humans. Because we are such tactile creatures it makes sense that massage has survived and prevailed as a common and accepted form of intimacy. But not all massage is created equal. 

The Four Hands Tantric Massage is the Pinnacle of erotic and exotic massage experiences. Not only are you pampered and attended to on every level, you are in the presence of two incredibly beautiful masseuses. A Secret Tantric we are known for how gorgeous our girls are and working with two of them at once is overwhelming in the sexiest possible way. The Four Hands Tantric Massage is a voyeur’s dream because not only can you revel in their touch, you get to watch them in action. 

What is tantra?

The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word that translates roughly into English as ” woven web”.  This is an apt translation that describes the concept of Tantra as it was originally designed. The woven web analogy is perfect because Tantra serves to connect people to themselves, to others, and to the universal divine. 

Tantra refers to an ancient way of living that was developed in the sixth century in India and Nepal. Tantric practice was an evolution of holistic health and wellness based on Hindu and Buddhist practices.  In modern times the religious affiliations with Tantra have been replaced by more general spiritual terms. In the 21st century Tantra is considered part of New Age spirituality and very few people practice Tantra as the lifestyle it was originally conceptualized to be.  Instead, the modern take on Tantra incorporates yoga and sex with feel good philosophy and human connection. 

What is a Four Hands Massage?

Four Hands massage is exactly what you would expect it to be:  a massage that is conducted by two pairs of hands instead of one. In the case of a tantric Four Hands massage, you will experience your intimate tantric massage with two beautiful women guiding you through the process.  They say that two heads are better than one but four hands are definitely better than two when it comes to erotic massage. There is no better way to ensure that you are treated to luxurious pampering and attentive touch than with a Four Hands Tantric Massage. 

Put it all together and what have you got?

The Four Hands model of erotic massage can be applied to any type of erotic massage. Therefore if you want a sexy, slippery Japanese Nuru Massage but with Four Hands that’s possible.  But is there more to a Four Hands massage than just an extra person?  Definitely. 

The ratio of two masseuses to one client definitely changes the dynamics of the appointment, making it a more exciting and more unique experience than one on one. This is in part because the women who work together on Four Hands massages do so by choice.  We do not require that all our masseuses provide Four Hands massages. We leave that to the ones who enjoy tandem work and specifically want to offer this experience to their clients.

What to expect in a Four Hands Tantric Massage

As a client, the process that you will go through for a Four Hands Tantric Massage is the same as any other massage style.  Our process is as streamlined as possible so that your time is respected and your privacy and discretion is honoured. When you arrive for your Four Hands Tantric Massage you will be greeted by both masseuses and welcomed into their luxury apartment. After initial introductions there is a brief consultation where you can establish what you’re looking for, what your limitations are, and what your expectations are.  Once the direction of the appointment is agreed upon, you will pay upfront and Take a quick shower (required).  then your session will truly begin.

The Four Hands Tantric Massage experience

Receiving a Four Hands Tantric Massage is unlike anything else. Not only is the quality of tantric massage excellent, there is the benefit of double the usual amount of contact. Your masseuses will work together, and separately, to tease and titillate you.  If you like to watch, this is a great form of massage for you. While their focus will primarily be on touching your body, inevitably there’s some crossover and they will touch each other. Depending on the masseuses involved, mutual massage may or may not be acceptable. Mutual massage is when the client is allowed to massage the masseuse. As you can imagine, having TWO super sexy masseuses is a whole lot of woman to manage! We recommend you just lay back and enjoy yourself. Let them do their jobs, they are very, very good at them.

 Why you should choose Four Hands Tantric Massage

  • Two sexy tantric masseuses are better than one
  • It is a unique experience that has to be enjoy to be understood
  • Getting a professional massage is a form of self-care and self-care is not selfish
  • Massage is an excellent way to rid the body and mind of stress
  • You will leave your appointment with Newfound confidence and a spring in your step
  • The Experience gives you a great story to tell oh, you’ll be the Envy of all your buddies
  • Tantric massage is good for more than just your muscles,
  • Tantra is deeply healing and helpful for the health and maintenance of your nervous system
  • Tantric care improve circulation and sleep making you more able to focus and perform physically and intellectually
  • Did we mention that Four hands are better than two?

Will the ending be “ happy” ?

While some clients prefer not to finish their session with a happy ending, most do. It’s hard to imagine not erupting after 60 Minutes of tactile tantric play with two incredibly beautiful women! Techniques like tease and denial and edging will be employed, driving you to your wits end and finishing the session with a triumphant  crescendo.  If you have worries about performance anxiety, don’t concern yourself. Not only have these girls seen everything, they know what they’re doing and they will put you completely at ease making it no issue for you to get across the finish line. Our promise to you is that before your session ends you will already be thinking about the next one. 

Choose from an elite team of masseuses

Unlike  some massage agencies, we do not require that all our girls perform all kinds of massage.  Our roster of masseuses set their own hours of operation, rates of pay, and limitations. Not every one of our masseuses does Four Hands Massage. But the ones that do, absolutely love it. The ladies who do Four Hands massage make up a small subgroup of the overall team. They work together regularly and they know each other well, they interact as friends, and they have worked out a rhythm for how to conduct four-hands massages together. Each masseuse has a different style and different specialities because she has different experiences in different training. Indulge in a Four Hands Tantric Massage, open yourself up to a more broad and detailed erotic massage experience. 

Everyone loves a Four Hands Tantric Massage

It should come as no surprise that Four Hands Tantric Massage is one of our most popular massage menu items.  Who would not want this experience? Many men dream of being intimate with two women at once: incredible but more or less unattainable.  A Four Hands Tantric Massage  puts you at the centre of the action and gives you that Two on one tag team dynamic.  Lay back and feel like a king for an hour. Nothing says that you are master of your own domain more than two excruciating Lee beautiful women rubbing their hands and bodies on you.

Just take it all in

As a client, there are virtually no expectations of you. Your purpose is to enjoy yourself and allow these beautiful women to cater to your  needs and fulfill your fantasies.  Tantric massage is intimate by nature. The quiet focus and mindful breathing involved will only help magnify the experience. This in turn helps you feel even more sexy and more pampered. 

What are you waiting for?

Give us a ring! We will get you all set up for the next available spot with the masseuses of your dreams!

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