Erotic massage is one of the fastest-growing areas of the adult entertainment industry in the UK. This may seem surprising, but once you know a little bit more about erotic or happy ending massage, you will see why. Erotic massage is enjoying such a golden age here in London! Sure, erotic massage feels wonderful, but there are more benefits than just the feel-good factor. Many don’t realise it but erotic massage is a full experience of mind, body and spirit. A good erotic massage will leave you feeling calm with a sense of renewal. The fact that erotic massage is administered by absolutely stunning women is certainly part of the allure, but erotic massage is about more than just titillation. Read more to find out why we love erotic massage and you should too!

Whether you seek out erotic massage on your own or you try a tantric massage for couples, a proper erotic massage from Secret Tantric can be life-changing. Erotic massage comes with many benefits, some mental and some physical. Our masseuses are highly skilled in the arts of erotic and tantric massage. They also have  the experience and interpersonal skills to work with clients in an intimate capacity that isn’t limited to being sexual. Our clients come to Secret Tantric for all sorts of reasons! For many, erotic massage is a playful escape, a form of sensual recreation that puts a spring in their step and makes them feel good. For others, erotic massage can be a learning experience that helps them reconnect with themselves or with a partner. Other clients seek us out simply because they need a bit of human connection.

Touch is essential

In the wake of the pandemic a lot of people are feeling starved for touch and neglected socially. Spending an hour or two with a beautiful woman who gives you her full attention and indulges you in the contact and intimate touch you need can be incredibly restorative. Many people still consider erotic massage to be a bit taboo. To those people we suggest that they open their minds and expand the way they define erotic massage. At Secret Tantric we provide so much more than a simple ‘rub and tug’, because we love erotic massage and we know that you will too once you understand the process and its benefits.  

Passion makes it happen

Here at Secret Tantric there are a million reasons why we love erotic massage, but many erotic massage agencies in London are little more than a hasty convenience. Very few agencies deliver on the quality focus areas that we do. Not only are our masseuses the most beautiful, they are also some of the most highly skilled erotic masseuses in London.  We offer one of the most  extensive massage menus in town because we know that our clients like variety. Having the opportunity to try a new massage every time they come back is an exciting feature. This also means that our masseuses get to stay well practised in a number of styles. Every masseuse at Secret Tantric has passed rigorous training and is equipped to guide their clients through the heavenly touch of tantric and erotic massage.

No shame in this game

There’s a certain kind of excitement and joy that comes from handing yourself over to a professional. Our clients know that when they walk through the door of our masseuses’ luxury apartments they are in good hands. Many people still find erotic massage taboo or distasteful. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Much in the same way that a footballer “sells” his body on the field or a pit miner “sells” his body to hard labour, erotic massage is simply another exchange of goods and services. Some folks battle issues of shame at the idea of purchasing time with an erotic masseuse. Part of the reason that we run this blog on our website is to help convey why we love erotic massage and you should too.

Mental benefits

Doing things because they feel good is a natural human impulse. Doing things because they’re good for us, can be a bit more challenging. Luckily erotic massage combines these two concepts perfectly. It’s good for you, and it feels good, making it a no-brainer.  Everyone is quick to jump on the physical benefits of erotic massage. While they are extensive and we will discuss them, there are many mental benefits that often go unacknowledged. Medical research long ago confirmed that arousal and climax are healthy, if not essential parts of basic human health.  This is true both physically and mentally. Many of our clients have commented on an improvement in their overall mood after just a single session. The effect of an erotic massage can linger in terms of mental focus, mental acuity and creativity. 

Our clients are better for having seen us

It is not uncommon for us to receive feedback that a client’s appointment with their favourite masseuse has cured them of the rut they were in or brought them out of the doldrums. Furthermore an increase in focus and patience has been cited as well, making them more effective both in the workplace and at home. We have had clients go so far as to say that they are better husbands, father’s, and lovers for having spent time with a Secret Tantric masseuse.

Emotional benefits

You may not think that buying an erotic massage would be an emotionally gratifying experience. However, many of our clients would tell you that it is.  Not all of our clients come to us in the best emotional condition. Sometimes a client has lost a partner, be made redundant at work, or is facing some other issue. In this way our masseuses are not simply sexy women with skilled hands, they are also a sympathetic ear and an empathetic heart. Desire, sexuality, and sex are complex human experiences, and some people need help navigating them. Feedback from our masseuses tells us that some of the most gratifying work that they do has an emotional element where they are able to provide safety and succour to their clients, thereby improving their quality of life, if only temporarily. 

Physical benefits

Our masseuses are well-trained, and even though they are not registered massage therapists, they do so much more than squirt a bit of oil about or tickle you with feathers. Most of our masseuses are equipped to provide numerous styles of massage, including deep tissue, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage. These massage styles come with intense physical benefits. Arousal, relaxation, and an explosive finish are all  reasons why we love erotic massage and you should too! Nothing will put the wind back in your sails like an hour or two with a gorgeous model. You will leave feeling like your body is made of gently melting butter after you’ve been handled by one of our girls.

Convenience and Quality 

Our clients know that they get the very best that London has to offer when they book an erotic massage with Secret Tantric.  Whether you book your erotic massage in South Kensington, Mayfair, Vauxhall, or Camden, you will receive a spectacular level of care and attention. Our masseuses work all over the city and accommodate great numbers of clients every week. Part of what our clients keep coming back for is the physical sensation and release of their erotic massage. However, many of our clients seek out Secret Tantric because our erotic massages are also quality restorative massages. 

Not all erotic massage is created equal

One of the reasons why we love erotic massage is that you absolutely get what you pay for. When you make the choice to pursue an erotic massage, it’s important that you do your research. Sadly the adult entertainment industry is full of bait-and-switch schemes and snake oil salesmen. Many buyers are happy with a hasty rub and tug, but those simply aren’t our clients. Our clients are gentleman who appreciate the finer things. We are aware that there are other options in London for erotic massage but we also know that our return customer rate is very high and so is our client satisfaction.

You deserve the best

We take pride in the quality of massage that are masseuses provide, as well as how beautiful and desirable they are. Our masseuses work hard and dedicate themselves to client care, so it is absolutely the least that we could do to take good care of them. When you book a massage with Secret Tantric, you can be sure that are masseuses are there for you for all the right reasons. We consider ourselves lucky that our clients are so eager to share their positive experiences, and our masseuses echo the same sentiments.

Feeling good feels good

Let’s face it, we are living in some frightening and unprecedented times. Some days it seems like the world is on fire and there’s nothing we can do about it. No matter what’s going on in your life, the girls at Secret Tantric are here for you. Whether you’re looking for a distraction or a connection, the masseuses at Secret Tantric possess the charms and assets that will help improve how you feel.

Consider it self-care

Making time in your busy schedule to support and reward yourself is an important part of living a balanced life. Most adults in the UK do not get adequate down time, let alone “me” time. Booking yourself a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly appointment with your favourite masseuse can be a great way to offset the pressures and expectations of real life. Being a responsible adult can be overwhelming, and exhausting! It is advisable that we get our kicks where we can, without guilt or worry. You work hard and you deserve to enjoy yourself. Set yourself up for success by indulging in an erotic massage!

See for yourself

As you can see, there are many reasons why we love erotic massage and you should too. Whatever your reason, a happy ending massage can be the perfect addition to your week. Erotic massage is something that has been around virtually forever, and is not going anywhere! There is clearly a demand for it, and we endeavour to create the perfect supply chain to keep Londoners happy, healthy and liberated through erotic massage. If you’ve never experienced an erotic massage, be sure to start with the best. Secret Tantric, we are happy to report, is simply one of the very best erotic massage agencies in London. Our reputation precedes us, and it is something we are incredibly proud of. Just a quick look through our website and our catalogue of massages and masseuses will show you exactly why we love erotic massage so much.  

What are you waiting for?

It’s one thing to read about the experience, to learn about the process and all of the details, but it is something else entirely to have your own erotic massage. Now that you know why we love erotic massage oh, isn’t it time you called us? There’s no reason to hesitate, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring and we will have you set up for the time of your life within minutes . Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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