A four hands lingam massage is an amazing experience and something to try out at least once in your life. But sometimes clients worry that they’re being greedy or indulging too much. We’re here to tell you that that’s not the case and that you should just lay back and enjoy yourself.

What is a four hands massage?

A four hands massage is what it sounds like. Two masseuses and their four hands massage your body. A pair of sexy beautiful women will attend to your every need and touch you from head to toe in an incredible massage. You’ll be tingling all over. Four hands massages are special and unique and can be paired with many different kinds of massage. Your whole body will feel relaxed and soothed afterwards.

What is a lingam massage?

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis. So a lingam massage is all about the penis and surrounding areas. It’s not just foreplay or a quick handjob. It’s a true massage that focuses on gently massaging the penis, testicles, and upper thighs. Lingam massages are a great way to focus on yourself and practice a little self-discipline. Lingam massages frequently have happy endings which are an amazing way to end a massage.

So a four hands lingam massage is…

A combination of the two! You’ll get a luxurious massage from two goddesses who will also focus on massaging your penis. Doesn’t that sound like an ultimate fantasy? But you can really experience it and get the best lingam massage in London. Just imagine two women that you’ve picked out from our sexy lineup working all of their hands over your abdomen and thighs before sliding over to your penis and slowly massaging you. You’ll be ready for an explosive finish in no time.

Lingam massage and tantric massage

Lingam massage is also connected to tantric massage. Tantric massage is rooted in ancient Indian practices that incorporates breathing techniques. Your masseuses may have you breath in tandem with them or take a deeper breath and let it out slowly. This helps focus your energy on what’s happening in the present and really enjoy yourself. You’ll be able to feel every single sensation on your thighs and stomach, and definitely every touch and rub on your penis. Empty your mind and enjoy what’s happening to you.

Enjoy so many benefits

It can sound like a four hands lingam massage is just about the lingam massage and having an orgasm but because it’s often paired with a full body massage, you’re getting other benefits. Get rid of stress, lower your blood pressure, and improve your libido. You’ll be practicing a little self-discipline too as your masseuses take care of you in every way they can. Massages are so beneficial for our bodies and a great way to take care of yourself.

Happy endings are magnificent

If you don’t know what a happy ending is, its when your masseuse massages your genitals to climax. It’s a great stress reliver and a great way to end a soothing massage. The good thing is that happy endings are completely above board in the UK. There’s nothing wrong with having a happy ending massage. Pair one with a four hands lingam massage and you’ll be in heaven.

It’s never greedy to enjoy yourself

You might worry that you’re being greedy by hiring not one but two masseuses. We’re here to tell you that, in fact, you deserve to dive into that pleasure. There’s nothing greedy or wrong about having a four hands lingam massage. Instead, lay back and enjoy the sights and touch of your sexy masseuses. They’re here to dote on you and give you the best experience possible. Don’t let guilt creep in for a second. You deserve every second of pleasure.

You deserve the best massage in London

Even if it was greedy to hire two masseuses, you deserve it. You’re a hard worker and take care of the people in your life. You deserve the treat of a four hands lingam massage. And we’re going to give you the best one in London. Give yourself the gift of pleasure with a four hands lingam massage. There’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish every once in a while. Put yourself first for once and get the best massage in London.

Get a luxurious and sensual massage

Our masseuses give the most luxurious massages. You’ll be getting a premium service by real masseuses. Your massage will have you feeling like royalty after all the attention and sensations that wash over you. We only use the best massage oils, hire the best masseuses, and have the best luxury flats for your massage. You’ll be feeling the sensuality from the moment you arrive at your appointment. Your masseuse will be wearing the most beautiful lingerie, ready to take care of your needs. From how she touches you to the scents she’s wearing, you’ll be feeling the luxury and sensuality from the moment you meet her.

A magnificent first massage

If you’ve never gotten an erotic massage before, a four hands massage is an incredible way to dive right in. You’ll be pleasured and massaged to unimaginable heights. All the sensations, sights, and sounds will have you wanting to come back again and again. Just imagine getting to watch not one but two gorgeous goddesses work their hands all over your body. The only question you’ll have is why didn’t you try this out sooner? A four hands lingam massage will not just dip your toes into the eroticism of adult massage but plunge you into it. Come enjoy the erotic and sensual nature of a four hands lingam massage for the first time.

Taking care of yourself matters

Massages are a great form of self-care. Taking care of ourselves is so important in these times. Carve out just an hour of your time to get the best four hands lingam massage in London. Your body will feel better, your mind clearer, and overall just a little lighter. You’ll be ready to tackle anything from your home life to the boardroom after a four hands lingam massage. A little self-care can go a long way in improving the rest of your life. The better we take care of ourselves, the better we can handle stress and everything else life throws at us. Why not use a four hands lingam massage to improve your stress levels?

Improve your libido

It may not seem like it but a four hands lingam massage can improve your libido. Since the goal isn’t to send you straight to a happy ending, you’ll get to spend time feeling aroused and sexy. Your libido and stamina will improve since you’re focusing on the massage and just waiting for that extra push over the edge. And there’s nothing like having a sexy massage from two gorgeous masseuses to really get your engine going. You’ll be feeling so sexy and confident afterward. Getting a four hands lingam massages regularly will keep improving your libido and stamina. 

Admire two beautiful women

One of the great things about a four hands massage is that you get to feast your eyes on not just one but two beautiful women at the same time. All of our masseuses are incredibly stunning. They all look exactly like their picture! And some of them are even models. You’ll get to spend a whole hour appreciating two breath taking women in sexy lingerie as they massage your whole body. There’s nothing quite like it. Feast your eyes on our gorgeous goddesses as they take care of every ache and pain before working their way down to massaging your penis. You’ll be aching for more of their touch in no time.

Everyone can get a four hands lingam massage

As long as you have a penis, you can get a four hands lingam massage. If you don’t, a yoni massage is the ticket for you. But no matter your age (as long as you’re an adult), body type, abilities, or anything else, you can get an incredible massage. Four hands lingam massages aren’t just for the upper class or an unreachable luxury. Secret Tantric masseuses love working with all kinds of clients and are happy to take care of you. Everyone is able to get a four hands lingam massage, including you.

An hour of pure bliss

All of our massage appointments last for a full hour. This allows you and your masseuses plenty of time to get to know each other and have a wonderful massage. Every single second is devoted to your pleasure. Don’t worry about watching the clock. Our masseuses will take care of you every single minute you’ve paid for. You’ll be getting the most luxurious massage for a whole hour and left wanting more.

The appointment is all about you

From beginning to end, your appointment is centred on you. Once you arrive at the flat, your masseuses will greet you and welcome you in. You’ll have a quick conversation about limitations and boundaries before getting into a warm luxurious shower. Wash away the day and focus your mind on the incredible experience you’re about to have. Then your masseuses will lead you to the massage table and begin taking care of you. Their hands will glide all over your body in tandem and work you into a state of bliss. Every moment is about your pleasure.

Being ready is easy

There’s not much you need to do to prepare for your four hands lingam massage appointment. We recommend having a light meal beforehand with some water. Use the restroom before you arrive just to avoid any interruptions. Wear comfortable loose clothing to your appointment. You’ll want comfort after your soothing massage. Last, be prepared to pay upfront before your massage begins. That way no one has to remember or remind you. And tips are welcome but never expected. It’s really that easy to be prepared for the best massage in London.

Real massages from real masseuses

All of our masseuses at Secret Tantric are professionally trained masseuses. They know the art of massage intimately. They are going to give you a real massage that will have you truly feeling relaxed and taken care of. Our masseuses are knowledgeable about the human body and know exactly what is going to make you feel good and turned on. You deserve the best of the best and Secret Tantric masseuses are the finest erotic masseuses in London.

Private flats for your discretion

Secret Tantric masseuses primarily work out of private flats. This gives you an immense amount of privacy and discretion. You won’t have to deal with any shady or obvious storefronts and there are no nosy desk clerks like at a hotel. You’ll simply look like you’re visiting a friend. All of our flats are decorated to a five star standard. From scent to touch, everything is the height of luxury. You won’t be wishing you were in a hotel instead.

Out call massages are available only at the finest hotels by a masseuse’s choice.

Easy locations for your convenience

The great thing about Secret Tantric is that we have masseuses located all over London. You won’t have to travel far to get the best four hands lingam massage in the city. No matter where you’re located or where you like to visit, there’s a Secret Tantric masseuse ready to take care of you. We can help you find the right masseuses for you in your preferred area.

Give yourself what you deserve

You shouldn’t wait a moment longer to book yourself a four hands lingam massage. Secret Tantric will be giving you the best erotic massage in London. We make the process simple and stress free. Just browse our online catalogue of gorgeous masseuses and pick out who you’d love to have touch you all over. Then give us a ring and we’ll help you set up an appointment. It’s that easy! We book fast so don’t wait a moment longer and get your four hands lingam massage today.

What Are You Waiting For?

Secret Tantric has dozens of girls available to take you on a sensual and erotic journey that you’re unlikely to forget.

The world we live in is very stressful. So why not treat yourself to some much-needed self-care and spend some quality time with a beautiful and talented woman? Being touched sensually feels good. A massage feels good. Climaxing feels good. And you deserve to feel good. We have the most beautiful women in London waiting to make you feel fantastic. We’re confident that once you give us a try, you’ll be back again. Come see why we have so many repeat clients.

Browse the profiles of our talented masseuses or call Secret Tantric at +447 856 666 686 and tell us what you’re in the mood for. We will find the right girl for you. Each of our masseuses is fully trained in various tantric techniques and ready to show you a whole new world of sensual and erotic pleasure. 

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