The adult massage industry is full of terminology you may not be familiar with.  Knowing what you want before you make a booking is important, and knowing what you’ll get is just as important.  We look at  two common forms of adult massage in London. If you are unsure of the difference between lingam massage and happy ending massage, this article is for you.

The world of adult massage is filled with options. At Secret Tantric we offer many different kinds of adult massage from many different massage disciplines. Our masseuses are well-versed and well trained in all things ‘massage’  and can delight your senses with a variety of skills and techniques. Our masseuses are skilled or certified in all or some of the following massage styles:

  • Nuru Massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Aqua Massage
  • Couples massage
  • Tantric massage
  • Yoni massage
  • Lingam massage
  • Body to body massage

What makes it an ‘adult’ massage?

Adult massage is for people 18 years and older. All adult massage is sensual or sexual in nature, therefore it is only appropriate and legal for adults. All forms of adult massage involve partial or complete nudity by the client or the masseuse, sometimes both. Adult massage tends to fall into two categories: exotic and erotic. 

Exotic vs. Erotic

The terms exotic and erotic get bandied about and used interchangeably, which is not completely correct. Not all exotic massages are erotic, and not all erotic massages are exotic.  There can be overlap, but they are distinctly different areas of Massage.

Erotic massage is any massage that focuses on stimulating the erogenous zones of the body with massage. The purpose of erotic massage is sexual pleasure and arousal. more often than not an erotic massage and in Climax.

Exotic massage is not necessarily erotic, though it can be, but refers to the origin of the style of Massage.  Basically any non-western massage techniques are considered “ exotic”. This would include Japanese Nuru Massage,  Indian tantric massage, etc. Although these forms massage may be highly erotic as well as exotic,  they are not considered erotica massage because at their Essence, they are not about orgasm.

Tantric massage

At Secret Tantric our specialty is tantric massage. Tantra is an ancient mind/ body philosophical system that focuses on the interconnectedness of people close to one another and to themselves. Tantra is a  spiritual practice for some, but you do not need to partake in its spirituality in order to reap the benefits of tantric massage.  The term Tantra is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to “ webbing”  in English, a translation that supports its concept of interconnectedness.

Tantra is often misunderstood. Popular culture in the last 30 years has erroneously convinced people that Tantra is a kinky practice for the sex obsessed. Ever since musician Sting discussed his tantric practice in an interview in the 90s, everyone seems to think that tantra is just about endless orgasms. While the extension and intensity of orgasm is a topic within Tantra, the practice overall involves so much more. 

Tantric sex is Sacred Sex

In tantric practice, sex (not strictly intercourse),  is considered a sacred part of The Human Experience.  Tantric practice is rooted in ancient Buddhist and Hindu beliefs,  both of which embrace the concept of sex and pleasure.  Both of these religions are  in favour of ‘earthly delights’, including sensual experiences and intimacy with the self and others.  When you visit Secret Tantric for a tantric massage, including lingam massage or yoni massage, you will receive the benefits of this sacred point of view. You need not be affiliated with any particular spirituality or religion, Tantra is less about the religions it was formed from and more about enjoying sex and intimacy in a holistic way. Tantra teaches us to be more giving, understanding  and accommodating with ourselves and our lovers.

Lingam massage

Tantric practice is all about energy. It is believed by its practitioners that the body’s energy, particularly sexual energy, is held in the body. Some believe that retaining this sexual energy adds to one’s sensual or sexual potency. It is also believed that issues and hang-ups around sex, sexuality, sexual performance can all be alleviated through tantric massage. Lingam massage is a form of tantric massage that focuses on the lingam, or penis. More than just a hand job, the lingam massage is  the slow and steady practice of  denying and building the force behind orgasm.  Certainly not all lingam massages end in ejaculation, but it is very common.

Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage refers to any form of adult massage  where the objective is orgasm. Simply put, a happy ending massage is what you can expect from a cheap and tawdry rub and tug massage parlour.  A happy ending massage makes the massage just a means to an end,  Which means it’s not really much of a massage at all. A happy ending massage is essentially a glorified handjob. There’s nothing wrong with a happy ending massage so long as that  is what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a more intense and fulfilling massage that ends in climax, you may be looking for a tantric massage, or more specifically a lingam  or yoni massage. 

You get what you pay for

In the world of adult entertainment, you definitely get what you pay for. When the price of an adult service like a massage seems too good to be true, it probably is. When you patronize lower cost or budget massage agencies you run the risk of an inferior massage, pressure from your masseuse  to purchase expensive add-ons,  as well as hygiene and cleanliness issues. Unfortunately the industry is riddled with bait-and-switch operations where one thing is advertised and another thing is experienced. The spectrum of quality in terms of the women that you will see, the supplies being used and the ambiance of your appointment can be very broad.  At Secret Tantric we are proud to say that you will enjoy every part of your appointment from beginning to end. Let us tell you why!

The Secret Tantric difference 

Secret Tantric is London’s finest massage agency for a reason. We have incredibly high standards and we do excellent work. Our clients come from all walks of life and we have an extremely high satisfaction and return client rate. Whether you see us for a sexy and efficient erotic massage, or you visit us for a slow and sensual lingam massage, you will be glad that you did.  Not only are our masseuses highly skilled and intensely trained with real massage skills, they are some of the most beautiful women in London, if not the world.  You work hard to have the finer things in life, and that includes adult massage.  The least we could do is give you your money’s worth and show you a great time.

Why you should choose lingam massage over a plain old “ happy ending”

As mentioned above, lingam massage can involve a climax or “ happy ending”. The primary difference that the client experiences between a simple happy ending massage and a lingam massage, is the intensity of focus and the quality of care.  Lingam massage can be very sensual, and very sexual. It is, after all, a massage dedicated to the pleasure and excitement of the penis.  Lingam massage also comes with the many benefits of tantric massage, seeing as it is under the tantric umbrella. Because the objective of a lingam massage is not necessarily about coming, there is room for other equally as exciting and intense experiences within the time you’ll spend with your masseuse.

What will a lingam massage be like?

If you have never had a lingam massage and you take the translation literally it would be easy to think that a lingam massage is little more than a handjob. Nothing could be farther from the truth! A lingam massage is actually a sophisticated process that can reap a variety of palpable improvements in sexual function and performance. 

Just enjoy yourself

At Secret Tantric we want you to experience all the pleasure that you possibly can. When you book a lingam massage you can literally lay back and just enjoy yourself as one of our beautiful masseuses handles your lingam. She will caress and massage your stomach, thighs and pelvis.  If you are feeling adventurous, your lingam massage can include prostate stimulation as well. Prostate play Requires anal penetration  which is not something everyone is interested in.  Luckily, prostate play is not a prerequisite for lingam massage, but many find that it is a pleasurable addition to the other hands-on techniques. Your masseuse will position you comfortably and begin to relax you with sensual all-over touch. She will not immediately  touch your Lingam directly, in fact she will work her way around it stimulating other parts of your body and engaging other less obvious erogenous zones first. 

How a lingam massage can help you

Here are some ways that lingam massage can improve the quality of life for the lingam owner:

  • Encourages circulation to the genitals, a requisite need for strong and pleasurable erections
  • Discourages premature ejaculation
  • Helps to focus and direct Sexual Energy and I use full or meaningful way
  • Promotes Mind Body Connection and self-awareness
  • Helps improve or repair self-esteem issues that centre around sex
  • Helps release deep-seated fear, anger, or shame associated with one’s sexuality or genitals
  • Can increase intimacy and improve communication between couples
  • Helps the person heal after negative or traumatic experiences such as injury or assault

You can still have a glorious finish with a lingam massage

Tantric sex may put emphasis on the sacred and the divine, but that by no means makes it can’t be hot and sexy. As mentioned, not all lingam massages need to finish with orgasm, but it is common that they do. Once your masseuse has worked you into a lather, she will tease and deny you briefly, building up the energy behind your inevitable orgasm. 

Lingam massage makes orgasms bigger and better

The techniques used in lingam massage are tried and true. Remember, this concept of lingam massage and tantric massage as a whole, are hundreds and hundreds of years old. For generations people all over the world have used these techniques to focus and intensify sexual pleasure, and create or repair communication between lovers.  Don’t be fooled,  lingam massage may  sound incredibly intimate, maybe too intimate to do with a stranger, but we assure you, you will be very comfortable.  We want your lingam massage to be everything that it can be. Our masseuses will work with you to arouse you to the point of no return!

Recreate the experience at home

A professional lingam experience is something that will remain in your memory for a long, long time.  Many of our clients are repeat clients, some of whom see our masseuses weekly, some of them even more often. Once you have received a lingam massage, you can take these techniques home with you and continue to practice them yourself. One of the most flattering pieces of feedback that we receive is that our services, including lingam massage, have improved the quality of life for men who would otherwise be suffering with frustration, embarrassment, and dysfunction. Yes, this service is entertainment and pleasure, however it is also full of techniques that you can apply on your own time.  Whatever your reasons, we recommend lingam massage for all of our male clients Because it is so popular for good reason. 

Lingam massage can create a lifetime of learning

By the time they reach middle age, most men have been masturbating for 25 or 30 years. After all this time it’s easy to believe that you know everything about your body. While we support knowing your own body and what it can do for you, we invite you to consider that there are still things to be learned.  One of the primary benefits of visiting a professional for a lingam massage is that you just might learn something.  how she handles your lingam, how she manages the pacing and timing of your appointment, even though she encourages you to breathe deeply at particular moments, all of these things you can re-purpose when alone.  If you would like a more formal education in erotic or exotic massage, we do offer classes and workshops taught by some of the UK’s most prominent and trusted tantric healers. 

What are you waiting for?

It’s one thing to read about the lingam massage experience but it is something else entirely to have your own. There’s no reason to hesitate, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring and we will have you set up for the time of your life within minutes . Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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