You’ve heard of erotic massage and sensual massage; you may even be somewhat familiar with tantric massage. But what is lingam massage? The lingam massage is a specific and powerful tantric therapy that can be the key to unlocking immense sexual potential in a man. It can also aid in correcting erectile dysfunction and increase sexual confidence and stamina. Are you intrigued yet? You should be! Keep reading to learn all the secrets and benefits of this ancient, tried-and-true method for enhancing male sexuality. 

To the uninitiated, lingam massage may not sound like much. But if you’ve had one, seen one in action, or read up on them, you will know that a lingam massage is an exceptional tantric technique. 

What does it mean?

It sounds foreign and exotic, but roughly half the population has a lingam. Simply put, the lingam refers to the male member or penis. Lingam is an ancient Sanskrit word that has been used for centuries to describe both the physical penis itself, as well as the broader concept of maleness and masculinity. Therefore, a lingam massage is exactly what you think it is:  it is a form of erotic massage that focuses on the penis as a gateway to self-knowledge, intimacy, and of course, pleasure.

Lingam massage is part of the tapestry of tantra

The word tantra is also a Sanskrit word. It translates roughly from Sanskrit to English as “web”.  In this way, tantra has become an analogy for the interconnectedness between people and between themselves and their bodies.  The tantric practice has been in use for centuries.  Because tantra’s roots are in Buddhism and Hinduism,  it is no surprise that it is more than just a physical practice. Tantra is a holistic system related to overall wellness and certain philosophies about intimacy, connection, and sex.  

Tantra is often considered extreme or outlandish in modern and popular culture. If you mention tantra or tantric therapy, most people immediately associate it with yoga and incredibly long, sustained orgasms.  While these tantric associations are fair and somewhat accurate, they are a limited view of what tantra is and how tantra can positively affect one’s life. 

All things in balance

Not surprisingly, tantric practice takes a rather Eastern approach that seeks harmony and balance.  One of the primary focuses of tantra is energy exchange. These energies are often described in binary terms: male/female, high/low vibration, etc. Some of the commonly referred to binaries are the lingam and the yoni. In English we know these terms as the penis and vagina, although the yoni does more broadly refer to both the vagina and the vulva.  The practice of therapeutically massaging and activating the energies of the lingam and yoni has existed for many centuries. One belief recognized in tantric therapy is that the human body can attract, retain, and release energy, including sexual energy. To optimise intimacy and pleasure, tantra practitioners aim to restore balance between attraction, retention and release of energy.

What is involved in lingam massage?

If you have never had a lingam massage and taken the translation literally, it would be easy to think that it is little more than a handjob. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  A lingam massage is a very calculated and sophisticated process that can reap various palpable improvements in sexual function and performance. 

How a lingam massage can help you

Here are some ways that lingam massage can improve the quality of life for the lingam owner:

  • Helps encourage circulation to the genitals, a requisite need for strong and pleasurable erections
  • Discourage premature ejaculation
  • Helps to focus and direct Sexual Energy, and I use full or meaningful way
  • Promotes Mind-Body Connection and self-awareness
  • Helps improve or repair self-esteem issues that centre around sex
  • Helps release deep-seated fear, anger, or shame associated with one’s sexuality or genitals
  • Can increase intimacy and improve communication between couples
  • Helps the person heal after negative or traumatic experiences such as injury or assault

Every lingam massage is unique

Just like every lingam is unique, so is every lingam massage.  That being said,  the process is consistent, but the focus and the outcomes can be varied.  At secret tantric, your lingam massage will take over an hour.  After a brief discussion about your needs and desires for your lingam massage, your masseuse will give you a rundown of the process so that you know what to expect. Then, it’s time for a brief but thorough shower, and your massage will begin.

Lay back and soak it all in

A lingam massage requires minimal effort or feedback from the recipient. You can lay back and enjoy yourself as one of our beautiful masseuses handles your lingam and caresses and massages your stomach, thighs and pelvis.  If you are particularly adventurous, your lingam massage can include prostate stimulation, which requires anal penetration. This is not a requisite for lingam massage, but many find it a pleasurable addition to the other hands-on techniques. Your masseuse will position you comfortably and begin relaxing with a sensual all-over touch. She will not immediately touch your penis directly; she will work her way around it, stimulating other parts of your body and engaging other less obvious erogenous zones first. 

Breathing: follow her lead

All tantric practice revolves around nourishing the body and mind with intentional breathing.  Most of us don’t breathe properly regularly;  we hold our breath when we are cold or nervous, we breathe shallowly when we are excited, and when we are extremely focused, sometimes we don’t breathe.  Being mindful about one’s breathing has all kinds of benefits to a person’s emotional and mental state. From a physical point of view, better breathing means more oxygen, and more oxygen means better circulation and better muscular response. Therefore, if your breathing is consistent, deep, and feeding your body, you are immediately better equipped to experience pleasure and sensation than breathing shallowly. Your masseuse will lead you through a series of deep and purposeful breaths to help you relax and help you unlock the stored potential energy of your lingam.

Good things take time

The best lingam massages build slowly and take the receiver through several feelings and sensations before finishing.  Not all lingam massages need to be “happy-ending massages”. If you would not like to finish for any reason, simply let your masseuse know. Most of our clients are ready to experience the unforgettable and incredibly intense orgasm that only a lingam massage can give. Well before the finish line, your masseuse will expertly handle your penis and testicles, pouring slick, sensual oils over their hands and your body. This is not just three pumps and a quick squirt! Your masseuse will stimulate you and bring you closer to the edge of glory before easing off and adjusting based on your responses. 

Always a strong finish

Most of our clients opt-in for a climactic finish with their masseuse.  We encourage this because of the associated health benefits of ejaculation, particularly tantric ejaculation. It tends to “clean out the pipes” more effectively than your usual self-stimulation. Your brain-splitting climax will come at the end of your massage, and we assure you it will be outstanding. The combination of an unspeakably beautiful woman touching you, the newness and novelty of the whole experience, and the particular tantric techniques virtually guarantee a happy ending. 

Use what you’ve learned when you get home

Once you have received a lingam massage, you can take these techniques home and continue practising them yourself. One of the most flattering pieces of feedback we receive is that our services, including lingam massage, have improved the quality of life for men who would otherwise suffer frustration, embarrassment, and dysfunction.  Yes, this service is entertainment and pleasure. However, it is also chock-full of techniques and information that you can apply on your own time.  Many of our clients regularly visit their favourite masseuse for lingam massage, particularly if they are stressed or feel that they need sexual re-calibration to feel better. 

What are you waiting for?

It’s one thing to read about the lingam massage experience, but it is something else entirely to have your own. There’s no reason to hesitate; simply pick up the phone and give us a ring, and book a lingam massage in London. Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery, sexy, happy-ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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