Prostate massage can be a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved. We’ve collected some of the best tips and techniques for a safe and fun experience. Read on to learn all about this pleasurable massage and learn how you can jump on in.

Let’s talk about the prostate first

Before we dive into how to massage it, let’s talk about the prostate itself. If you didn’t know, the prostate is a gland that sits beneath the bladder at the root of your penis. It secretes most of the liquid that makes up semen, so it’s vital to ejaculation. The urethra runs through it, so it’s crucial for urination also. However, the prostate plays a role not just in ejaculation but in getting and maintaining an erection. So it’s worth exploring everything else it can do!

Massaging the prostate feels so good

There are several reasons to massage the prostate, but we’ll focus on the fun and sexy ones. Many men say that they find prostate massage extremely pleasurable and enjoyable. They often find that they can get and sustain a great erection. And some even ejaculate – also known as “milking” the prostate. Prostate massages feel great and give some of the best orgasms some men have ever had!

The basics

The great thing about prostate massage is that it’s pretty straightforward. Mainly, you need to access the prostate through your anus and feel for it around 2-3” upwards. It’s a small walnut-sized gland, although it does get a bit bigger in older men. We recommend a glove and plenty of slick lube for this! You’ll massage your prostate very gently – you don’t need a lot of pressure. You can also massage the prostate externally by massaging gently on your perineum, that space between your testicles and anus. Try massaging up and down or in circles to see what feels best.

A few precautions first…

Now that you know the basics, let’s cover some precautions before talking about the good stuff. The prostate is a sensitive gland; you can bruise it if you’re too rough. So be gentle when you’re massaging it. You don’t need to poke and prod it to get your desired pleasure. Also, use plenty of lube to prevent tearing or discomfort when sliding something inside to massage your prostate. Lube is your friend. And finally, if you have any medical concerns, please check those out with your doctor first. Prostate massage is fairly safe, but there are a few conditions where it’s not recommended.

Don’t hurt yourself!

This should be pretty obvious but if something hurts while you’re doing this massage, stop! Readjust, re-evaluate, and add more lube. You’ll have a more enjoyable experience with prostate massage overall if you listen to your body. This is why it’s important not to use a desensitising lubricant.

Preparations and supplies

The main thing you want to be aware of with prostate massage is cleanliness. The rectum is a sensitive membrane, and you don’t want to introduce dirt or germs. Wash your hands, and wear a clean glove. Wash your whole genital area before and afterwards, or do an enema. Whatever you prefer, it’s up to you. We’ve said it once; we’ll say it ten more times, you need great lube. Some companies make anal play-specific lube, which will stay slicker for longer. Also, grab a towel to keep any mess off your sheets.

Before you start…

So you’re nice and clean, have all your supplies, and are ready to jump in, great! Before you start, take a minute to take some deep breaths and relax. Centre yourself and focus on what you’re doing. Prostate massage can be very intimidating for some men, and that’s okay. Spend a little time with the other parts of your body. Being turned on will help you access your prostate more easily. Remember, this is all about you feeling good, so do things that make you feel sexy and confident.

How about some solo play?

A great way to explore prostate massage for the first time is on your own. This way, you can get a feel for everything and understand how your body reacts. You can try a couple of positions, such as on your back or side or even kneeling, to see what feels best. Go slow, use lots of lube, and take your time. You can use your other hand to stimulate your penis simultaneously and ride those waves of pleasure. Keep breathing and only do things that feel good. You can massage your prostate for just a few minutes or until you climax; it’s all up to you.

But what about a partner?

If you’re sitting there thinking that the logistics of playing by yourself just aren’t going to work, or you have an adventurous partner, you might want to share this article with them. A second-hand does make some of this a little easier. You can still experiment with positioning to find what feels comfortable. Spend lots of time turning each other and getting a little frisky before beginning your massage. Just as if you were doing it solo. Your partner should wash their hands and wear a glove, if preferred, before you both jump in bed.

Slipping inside

If you’re ready to begin your massage, start with gently massaging your anus to relax some of the muscles. Some deep breathing can also help, along with gently touching your penis to turn you on. If your partner is doing the massage for you, they should go slowly, easing their first finger inside. They may need to gently wiggle it back and forth to encourage the muscles to relax. Slowly slip more and more of the finger inside until you can feel your prostate. Don’t force anything to go inside since you can hurt yourself.

Some specific techniques

So how exactly do you massage the prostate? There are a few options you can explore:

  • Run your finger side to side to massage the bottom of the prostate
  • Make a “come here” motion with your finger
  • If you want to experiment with pressure, press very gently on the prostate
  • If exploring externally, massage the perineum in circles or up and down
  • Mix it up with masturbation or oral sex at the same time

The great thing about prostate massage is that you can try a few different motions to see what does it for you!

Introducing: sex toys

The adult toy market is vast and exciting. Prostate massagers and other kinds of bum-friendly toys are absolutely a thing. Head to your local friendly sex shop and look at all of your options. If you’re not sure what to try, chat with the clerk. They’re sure to know what’s popular and the best options. Some things to look out for include non-porous material for easy cleaning. Medical-grade silicone is one of the best options out there. You also want to ensure that the base flares wider than the insertable part. This will help prevent the toy from slipping inside and sending you to the ER.

Make it a fun night

If you’re unsure how to approach a prostate massage, may we suggest a lovely date night? Do all your prep beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about it later. Towels and gloves are easy to lay out on a bed. Take your partner out for dinner, and then shop at your favourite sex shop. Pick out a prostate massager together, then head home for some kissing and touching. This will help you relax and ease into the massage itself. Work your way to the bedroom together and let your partner strip off your clothes. Then lay down and let the fun begin!

Remember this is about pleasure

Don’t pressure yourself into doing a prostate massage. If you’re not sure, that’s okay! This should be pleasurable and fun, not entirely nerve-wracking. Focus on the things that feel good. And if you need to stop, then stop. You can always try again later; nothing wrong with that. Your pleasure should be at the forefront of this experience, so do what feels good and nothing else.

Experiment with a few things

Some other things you can experiment with include having an erotic massage beforehand for extra relaxation. Have your partner go down on you while stimulating your prostate. Do deep tantric breathing while having your prostate massaged to try and achieve a full-body orgasm. You can also play around with edging by bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm and then backing off a few times. A regular vibrator is fun to play with – you can run it along your penis while massaging or have it pressed against your perineum simultaneously. Explore and experiment with things until you find what you like best!

Don’t pressure yourself to orgasm

Many men do report that prostate massages can make them orgasm but don’t pressure yourself into doing so. If it happens, great; if not, that’s perfectly fine too. There’s nothing wrong with you or your prostate if you don’t orgasm. Maybe after a few more times, you will, or maybe it’s just not for you. No matter what, keep remembering that this is about having fun and feeling good, not about meeting some sex goal.

Communication matters

If you’re doing a prostate massage with a partner, ensure you stay communicating with them. Tell them what feels good and what is uncomfortable. It doesn’t need to be a steady chat the whole time but don’t be nervous about speaking up. They want you to have a good time, that’s why they’re there! So let them know what’s up and what you need without any shame.

A little bit of aftercare

You might think aftercare is just for kinky people, but you’re doing something new and exciting. It’s important to take some time afterwards to relax and bring yourself back together. Take a warm shower or bath. Eat something comforting. And drink plenty of water. You might want a nap or just a cuddle with your partner. Take care of yourself; it’s just as important as all of the fun you just had.

Have fun with it

Prostate massages are a wonderful massage in which many men find lots of pleasure. Take your time exploring this great sexual experience and figuring out what works for you. It would be best if you always were having a great and fun time in the bedroom, and exploring prostate massage is no different. Try out different things, see what works and doesn’t, and run with them! Have a great time, stay safe, and enjoy yourself.

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