Prostate massage is becoming increasingly popular among all kinds of men. Exploring sexual pleasure should always be fun and sexy, but what if you don’t know anything about your prostate? We’ve put together a beginner’s guide just for you so you can learn about prostate massage.

What is the prostate?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that sits between the bladder and penis. It secretes fluids that help make up semen. Because the urethra runs through the prostate, any growth or irritation of the prostate can affect things like urination or getting an erection. The prostate is significant to the male body, so taking care of it is important.

So how do you massage it?

Massaging the prostate is very simple. No matter who is doing it, clean hands and gloves are often preferred. Then a lubed finger is gently inserted into the anus and massages the prostate. The gland is very sensitive, so you don’t need much pressure or force. Be kind to it. The massage doesn’t need to be long to get the most benefits. If you’re exploring prostate massage for sexual pleasure, you may spend more time massaging it.

What do you get from a prostate massage?

You can benefit from a prostate massage. Prostate massages help clear the prostate duct, improving symptoms like urination troubles or erectile dysfunction. Prostate massages are also believed to help soothe prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate. Since the prostate plays a big role in getting and maintaining an erection and ejaculation, it’s important to take care of it.

Staying sexually healthy

As we age, sometimes we experience sexual dysfunctions. This is perfectly normal, and it turns out there are many things we can do to help ourselves. Prostate massage is one of them! Massaging your prostate can help increase sensitivity, relax muscles, and stimulate nerves. This will help keep all of that area flowing well and keep you going in the bedroom. Prostate massage should be a tool in your sexual wellness toolbox.

Improve your erections

Since the prostate is very involved with helping you get and maintain an erection, any inflammation can cause you to experience erectile dysfunction. Prostate massages will help soothe the prostate, giving you better erections. It may take several massages over some time to get every bit of benefit, but in the long run, you’ll begin to see improvement. If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, exploring prostate massage may be a good option.

Enjoy benefits while having a good time

Prostate massages are frequently very enjoyable. Many men report getting an erection from a massage; others even have orgasms. Some of these men also report that the orgasms are more intense and feel different than regular ejaculation. So why not have fun massaging your prostate while simultaneously getting great benefits? Just because it’s healthy for you doesn’t mean it should be boring.

There’s no shame in this game

Many men sometimes feel shame about exploring anal sex or prostate massage. Some may consider it only for gay men. But prostate massage is great for any man of any sexual orientation. Enjoying pleasure isn’t tied to any particular orientation and shouldn’t be shied away. Be secure in who you are and know that exploring pleasure isn’t anything to be ashamed of, no matter the method.

Explore a new kind of pleasure

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut sexually. Prostate massage is one way to turn your sex life on its head and try something new. Since it doesn’t feel the same as other sexual pleasures, it’s brand new uncharted territory for you, and maybe a partner, to explore. Exploring new and pleasurable things is a great way to bring intimacy back into the bedroom. And there’s nothing wrong with doing things that make us feel good.

More intense orgasms

As we mentioned, many men experience more intense or different orgasms from prostate massage. Sometimes referred to as “milking”, this longer massage can stimulate a person into having an incredible orgasm. The prostate is directly linked to ejaculation, so even a gentle massage can give a mind-blowing orgasm. We’d all like to have more of that.

Explore external stimulation

If you’re not quite sure about internal stimulation, you might want to try stimulating your prostate externally. You can gently massage the perineum, the spot between your testicles and anus. Try gentle strokes, firm strokes, or massaging in circles. If you have a partner with you, see how it feels to massage your perineum while they stroke your cock at the same time. Explore different techniques and see what makes you feel good.

Preparing for a prostate massage

If you’re feeling nervous, that’s perfectly okay. There can be a lot of taboos around anal sexual exploration, especially for men. However, what matters is that you’re consenting to explore and are curious about what can happen. Take deep breaths and relax before you begin. You can clean with an enema or wash the whole area thoroughly before and afterwards. Make sure to have plenty of lube and gloves if wanted. If you’re exploring at home, lay down a towel, so you don’t worry about messes. Then get comfy and have fun!

Make a night of it with your partner

Prostate massage is something you can explore on your own, but it may be easier and more fun to explore with your partner. Could you communicate with them about what you want to try? Please share this article with them, so they know what’s up. Your partner should be happy and willing to try something new with you. You may be surprised that they’ve been interested in trying it out! Prostate massages can be very sexy and fun with another person, so don’t skip this option.

Use the right techniques

Slow and gentle is the name of this game, especially if you’re completely new to prostate massage. The anus is a sensitive area of the body, and you don’t want to force anything into it. Use plenty of lube and go slowly. Try to relax your muscles. When it’s time to massage your prostate, use light pressure and go slowly. The gland is susceptible, and you don’t want to injure it. If your partner massages your prostate, have them move their finger in a “come here” motion to stimulate you. It’s a great way to make contact with your prostate.

Combine with other stimulation

Like external stimulation, you can combine the prostate massage with other touches. You can stroke your penis while your partner massages your prostate. Or have them massage your testicles. Try out different kinds of touches, whether with hands or mouths, to see what combination makes you go wild.

Make sure you use the right lube

Oil-based lubricant destroys condoms, and silicone-based ones don’t play well with silicone toys. Some companies make lube specifically for anal play and are worth exploring. However, don’t use anything that has a numbing agent. They will only prevent you from feeling pain which is important information. It’s much better to use lots of lube, go slow, and pay attention to how your body feels.

Be safe with your toys

There is a wide variety of prostate massaging toys on the market. If you’re interested in trying out some of these toys, there are a few things you should think about. Consider the material – some materials are porous and impossible to keep clean. Try things made of silicone, metal, or glass. Also, pick up toys that have flared bases. This means that the base is wider than the rest of the toy. That way, your toy can’t slip out of your fingers, and you end up with an embarrassing trip to the hospital.

Take your time

Nothing about prostate massage should be rushed. From beginning to end, it’s all about going slow and gentle. Besides, we should be indulging in pleasure, not rushing through to the end. Take your time exploring your prostate. See what strokes or touches feel good. What toys make you harder? Do you like having a partner, or would you rather be solo? Give yourself plenty of time to explore these things.

Just be aware of risks

Prostate massage is a pretty safe kind of sexual exploration to dive into it. But there can be a few risks involved. Mainly, the anus is a very sensitive area and at risk of tearing if you’re not gentle enough. Go slowly and, we can’t say it enough, use plenty of lube. Also, if you’re experiencing medical issues with your prostate, please consult your doctor first. You don’t want to make anything worse accidentally.

Conditions to watch out for

As just mentioned, if you’re having issues, please get a doctor involved. Prostate massage can help ease symptoms and manage conditions in the long term, but there are some issues that a doctor should be consulted on. Unfortunately, prostate cancer is a real risk for many men, but only a doctor can diagnose this. If you’re having pain, urinating blood, or something generally feels wrong, head into the doctor’s office for a check-up. Better to be safe than sorry!

Keep yourself healthy and happy

Prostate massages are great for your health and sex life. They’re something you can try out with different elements, like a partner or toy, and see what you like the best. It’s something to remember when you’re thinking about self-care. Being familiar with your prostate and everything it does will help you notice when something is off so you can take care of yourself.

Giving it a try

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand all the great things you can get from prostate massages. It’s beneficial for the male body and can even be sexy and pleasurable. It’s worth trying at least once in your life. Don’t deny yourself this unique kind of pleasure, especially since it’s good for you!

Hiring a professional

If you’re not sure about trying prostate massage on your own, you can hire an erotic masseuse to help you out. Trained in prostate massage, erotic masseuses know how to care for you and your prostate. They’ll gently massage your prostate with great care until the pleasure overwhelms you. Hiring a professional is a great route when you want to begin exploring prostate massage.

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