From the 20th century, the female orgasm has come a long distance. Freud considered the cervical orgasm as the most genuine orgasm. After much research, humans came to the conclusion that female orgasms are complex but worth the experience. Cervical orgasms are different to other orgasms and internally deep-rooted. Locating the exact position of the cervical spot isn’t easy. Still, with some self-exploration and practise, the cervical orgasm produces a whole-body explosion of pure bliss. Anyone can achieve these orgasms through deep penetration, deep breath and lots of practise.

The cervix is 2-3 cm in length and cylinder shape. Stimulating the cervix reveals strong emotions in females. To experience these emotions you must remain open and vulnerable. Made from very tender tissue the cervical can feel sensitive or sore when first stimulated. Often females find cervical stimulation too intense, so penetrate calmly. It’s suggested to start with the missionary position, then move forward as you gain experience. Remain connected in the present with your lover and have fun.

Where is the cervix located?

Sex teachers say It’s easier to have cervical orgasms prior to your period. During mensuration hormones are constantly changing inside the female anatomy. You can find the exact position of the cervix inside the lower vagina. The ectocervix is below the uterus and connects the cervix to the vagina. Prior to ovulation the cervix produces egg white mucus and responds well to deep penetration. The cervical orgasm takes time and builds up slowly, providing long lasting orgasms.

One should try to imagine the cervix as the watchman of their uterus. It’s located within the uterus and can vary from 2-3 cm in length. It’s easily stimulated with the help of sex toys, fingers or a big cock. The recommended sex method s to achieve cervical orgasms are doggystyle, cow-girl and missionary position.

About Cervical orgasms

Start by riding on top and rocking your hips backwards and forwards (not up and down) the rhythm will stimulate your cervix naturally. Your temperature will rise, and as the passion fills your womb the most incredible sensations will take over the mind. Surrendering unto these sensations is the only way to enjoy this experience. Use deep breaths to eliminate any blockages that try to possess your body. Learning how to surrender and relinquish control enables your spiritual energies. You’ll notice an increase in heart beat, hypertension and higher brain activity which isn’t found in clitoral orgasms.

Tantric Therapy and cervical orgasms

Tantric Therapy advocates cervical orgasms. According to tantra therapists, it’s the orgasm of all orgasms. Along with the cervix, other parts within the vagina also contract whilst the pc muscles stay calm. In comparison to G-spot orgasms the cervical orgasm is much further reaching. It produces a vaporising feeling that raises internal energy up to the chakra. The uterus has small Aspots, found below at the rear of the cervix. Arousing this area could provide a feeling comparable to the cervical orgasm. Tantric therapists believe increased internal energy helps develop a superior capacity for consciousness, transporting your near to the All Knowing, the God, your inner self.

Taoism customs and the cervix

Taoist reflexologists refer to the cervix as the woman’s heart. Traditionally, Taoists refer to the clit, cervix and G-spot as 3 gates, with the uterus being the gatekeeper. According to them, these 3 gates are of vital importance and release orgasmic juices like ambrosia. Activating the 2nd gate (G-spot) causes the 3rd gate (cervix) to unlock. After activating the 3rd gate, a discharge of thickset, sticky juice which provides sucking sensations as the muscles contract during orgasm. It’s believed to deter cancer of the cervix and has other medicinal benefits. It’s not medically proven, but certainly helps remove dormant energies.

Achieving cervical orgasm?

To achieve cervical orgasm, surrendering to its secret powers are essential.

Always make sure to use lube for a better experience and choose a sex act such as doggystyle or cow-girl. Relax, don’t rush, and experiment with fingers whilst positioned on knees. Massaging of the cervix also works well with a safe, non-porous, phthalates free dildo. Trust your partner when embarking on this erotic adventure and don’t avoid the foreplay.

You can achieve Cervix orgasm with deep penetrations. Being pulverised and hammered isn’t the goal and take deep breaths as your lover starts penetrating. The cervix is tense, delicate and responds when prodded. As penetrations deepen you’ll feel heightened sensations around your cervix, remember to breathe deeply and disperse the orgasm around the whole vagina. Work on your breath control and soon you’ll be circulating these amazing sensations throughout your whole anatomy.

Cervix orgasms are complicated. If unable to obtain this orgasm at 1st attempt stay calm. All good things come to those who wait and this spectacular orgasm doesn’t come to fruition with one sexual thrust. Attempt other positions and remain open minded. This powerful orgasm is certainly worth the wait.


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