For many people finding the G-spot is still a mystery. The G-spot orgasm is very real, and is considered the holy grail of orgasms. Fortunately, science has revealed some secret facts about this difficult to achieve climax and the sexy squirt that often comes with it.

The G-spot was first discovered in the mid-1900s by Dr Ernest Grafenberg, a German gynaecologist. However, it’s now proven that the G-spot was discovered before this date. Around 1000BC, Taoists discovered the art of erotic rejuvenation. Before long, practitioners soon discovered a powerful erogenous zone within the female body called the G-spot.

According to research, its part of the clitoris. When stimulated, the G-spot causes these same blood vessels to swell up. Unfortunately, many women can’t reach climax the first time, but with practice, they can.

Stimulating the G-Spot produces female ejaculation, otherwise known as squirting. The gland responsible for producing this clear body juice is the Skene’s gland.

Where to find G-spot

Due to advances in medical science, the mystery of finding the G-spot is now solved. Recent research by Dr Adam Ostrzenski verified the G-spots structure. He traced and identified the sac-like structure filled with erectile tissues inside a women’s pussy. This development helped provide an improved explanation of women’s pleasure points.

For many women, this orgasm connects with their water component. Similar to ocean tides, the G-spot orgasm provides a deep connection to ones water element. Like the waves of the sea, you’ll get drowned by powerful emotions of ecstasy and elation. During a G-spot orgasm, you’ll realise we’re created from fluid and our bodies belong to this endless sea. All females deserve to experience this sexual capacity and swim in the deep oceans of sensual bliss. The G-spot orgasm helps express feelings, maximises pleasure and and removes negative energy.

As mentioned above, finding the G-spot isn’t that easy. It consists of unjoined nerves which makes it hard to find. Every pussy is different, and due to this reason, the position of the G-spot differs from women to women. The G-spot orgasm is unique to the individual and revealed through experimentation. Don’t worry, recent studies provide considerable evidence that helps expose this magical spot.

G-spot orgasms come from the clitoral urethral vagina complex (CUV). Spread around the internal vaginal surface are many nerves which lead back to the clit. These nerves, and their responsive organs stretch from the urethra to the vulva bed.

Tantric Therapy and the G-Spot

In tantric therapy they call the G-spot and the prostate the sacred spot. Tantra therapists claim vaginal ejaculation as an event reveals the purest form of energy. This gives ejaculation divine healing properties. Tantric therapists work on these pleasure points during tantric yoni massage for its profound impact on emotional healing and release.

How to experience G-spot orgasm

To arouse the G-spot orgasm, exploring your body is key. To find the location, insert your forefinger a few centimetres (2.5-2.7 cms) inside your pussy. When wet and ready add another. Put pressure on the anterior with your finger and direct towards your pubic bone. If done right, you should find a sponge-like space. Start probing this space, the more stimulation it receives, the spongier it gets. If reaching this space is difficult, try using a vibrator or dildo. Now start stimulating your clitoris at the same time with fingers or vibrator.

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During intercourse, alternate positions to discover what works best for you. For recommended positions, try the missionary and point knees to chest. Another option is cowgirl, look towards your partner at a 45 degrees. Ultimately, position your partners cock so that it brushes against your G-spot and play with the clit for a bonus pleasure experience.

The G-spot is rather small and grows during stimulation. The chances of getting a G-spot orgasm increase when you’re turned on most. As said earlier, every vagina varies in length width and design. You can only find the G-spot with experimentation. So keep experimenting and you’ll soon unlock the secrets to this orgasmic pleasure spot.


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