The Yoni Massage is, to most people, a vague and exotic concept. It is not well recognised or understood in Western culture, but Yoni Massage has a long and well-established history. From pleasure to postnatal care, Yoni Massage has many functions and has the potential to help and fulfil virtually any woman. The big question on everyone’s mind when they learn about Yoni Massage, is: Could a Yoni Massage help me to orgasm?  The answer is almost certainly yes. Curious? Let’s unpack the what and the how of Yoni Massage and demystify this beautiful, ancient, sensual rite.

Yoni Massage is a subset of tantric massage which particularly focuses on the vulva and vagina.  Tantric massage is  an ancient form of sensual and healing massage that originated in India in the sixth century. Tantric massage falls under Tantra, originally a wellness philosophy intent on creating and maintaining fruitful connections between the mind-body and the universe. It is an ancient way to address a number of ailments and conditions, including postnatal care, sexual dysfunction, healing trauma after sexual assault, and it can be extremely beneficial for learning how to orgasm. Yoni massage is generally performed on another person, though self Yoni Massage is also possible. Yoni Massage can be practised professionally and personally, between partners or as a massage service. However you get your Yoni massaged, be prepared for it to change your life.

What makes a Yoni Massage so great?

A Yoni Massage is an empowering experience. As the recipient of a Yoni Massage you get to lay back and relax , but the experience is not entirely passive. One of the primary uses for Yoni Massage is the unblocking and resolution of stored trauma within the body. Sexual trauma stays with the person and their body long after it has happened. Likewise so do other forms of trauma. You may not even know what the trauma was that created the roadblocks or difficulties you may have regarding body issues, sexuality, sexual expression, self-expression, and self-acceptance. These are themes that most women face both internally as well as externally, considering the intensity of the demands and expectations that society places upon them. A Yoni Massage can unlock all of those negative feelings, associations, and projections. Simply put, a Yoni Massage is empowering because it’s healing.

Yoni Massage and sexual orientation

A question that we get asked all the time is, “All your masseuses are female, what if I’m straight?”  It’s true, all of our masseuses are women. Receiving a Yoni Massage from another woman does not in any way make you a homosexual. Some of our masseuses are straight, some of them are bisexual, but all of them are professionals. A Yoni Massage does not need to be a strictly sexual experience. It can be intimate and healing and sensual without the focus being on arousal or orgasm.  Your masseuse is there to guide you through the process and provide the pleasure or comfort or healing that you are seeking. There’s nothing about a Yoni Massage that will influence or change your sexuality.

Yoni Massage and orgasm

The female orgasm can be an elusive and challenging thing to pin down. There are many reasons that women may struggle to orgasm. Some are physiological, but most of them are mental or emotional blocks based in shame, negative feedback, or misinformation. While there are no silver bullets for the female orgasm, Yoni Massage is a very practical and highly successful technique for experiencing, and learning about, your own orgasm.  With the help and support of a talented Yoni masseuse, you may be able to  tune into your own body better and shed the inhibitions that are holding you back from pleasure.  Each and every one of our masseuses who provide Yoni Massage, ( not all of them do),  does so because she believes in the power of Yoni Massage And is committed to creating safe,  women-only spaces for healing.

What to expect from your Yoni Massage

A Yoni Massage is a very personal and intimate experience, so it’s important that it feels safe, secure, and non-judgmental.  Your Yoni Massage will begin with you having a quick shower. Do not take this as an indication or assumption that you are unclean, it is standard practice for all erotic massage at Secret Tantric. Even if you showed up fresh from the shower, your masseuse would have you take a quick rinse before you begin. Having a warm shower before you start also prepares your skin for the massage oils used, which means softer skin for longer. Your masseuse will prepare the massage space with low lights, background music oils, etc. You and your masseuse will have the opportunity to discuss what your limitations are and what you are looking for in your Yoni Massage. She will also be responsive to feedback or direction, including pausing or stopping, if you so need to.

Consent is incredibly important in erotic massage, particularly Yoni Massage, so how you feel and where your boundaries are will be considered and respected.

How to prepare for your Yoni Massage

As the recipient of a Yoni Massage, your role is to be open and receptive to the massage and its benefits, and to relax and allow your masseuse to take you through the process. There’s no special preparation required for Yoni Massage. We do recommend that you not have a completely empty stomach for your appointment. Likewise don’t eat a heavy meal right before, but ensure that you are not going to be hungry or uncomfortable. Likewise it’s a good idea to be hydrated but also to use the facilities before your appointment so you don’t have to stop for a wee in the middle. 

Things you don’t have to worry about during a Yoni Massage

Baring it all to a perfect stranger, even if that stranger is a professional, can be nerve-racking. Many women are concerned about how they look naked or how they’re genitals appear. It’s important to remember that a Yoni masseuse has literally seen everything, and there are no surprises. Likewise, as a woman herself, she understands that all bodies are unique, and all bodies are beautiful.

You absolutely do not need to worry about anything, but especially not these common concerns:

  •  pubic or body hair
  •  vaginal discharge or aroma
  •  the way your vulva or vagina looks or feels
  •  blemishes,  hyper-pigmentation, or any other aesthetic anomalies
  •  breaking wind as you relax
  •  orgasming, making noise when you orgasm, or not orgasming at all

Remember, your session is yours, it’s all about you. Your masseuse is an ally in this process,  let her help you!

Why it works

A significant role in the achievement of orgasm is comfort.  This can mean physical comfort, as in the temperature of the room, what you’re wearing, etcetera. It can also refer to comfort in terms of feeling safe, able to be vulnerable, and free to express yourself. An orgasm is the ultimate expression of pleasure, and just like other extreme  emotional responses, orgasms can be “messy”.  Sometimes you yell or swear or cry, and all of these things are okay during your Yoni Massage. A Yoni Massage is a valuable tool for experiencing and understanding orgasm. So if you’re wondering could a Yoni Massage help me to orgasm? It likely can, and it likely will. The environment is well considered and the massage itself is carefully conducted. For most clients it is easy to open up and allow themselves the pleasure of orgasm.

Self-love, self care, self touch

A beautiful piece of feedback that we have received from clients time and time again is that they learned something from their Yoni Massage. Do you have that someone could learn something so intimate about their own body through an erotic massage is quite incredible. In theory, we should each be our own expert when it comes to our own bodies. Sadly, this is very rarely true. Taking the time to understand your own body, how it works, and what turns it on, is an essential part of understanding and getting the most out of your orgasm.

Did you know? You may find that a Yoni Massage leaves you with a gift of knowledge or things to try next time you’re alone. Likewise you can give yourself a Yoni Massage by mimicking the process that your masseuse takes you through, when you are getting some “ me time”.

Healing what has hurt us 

It’s completely normal to be anxious about your first erotic massage, especially if it is as focused as a Yoni Massage. For women who have experienced sexual assault, abuse, or harm, may find it even harder to make the leap of faith to get a Yoni Massage. In many ways those who might be most afraid, are often the most in need. Like all forms of trauma, sexual trauma tends to be stored in the body. It manifests as emotional and mental hang-ups and physical discomfort with sex or sex associated touching. Yoni Massage has been used for healing traumas for many hundreds of years. As an extension of tantric massage, the Yoni Massage Works to unblock tension and trauma. For many, the aftermath of such trauma is stored in the genitals and contributes to sexual dysfunction and discomfort.

A Yoni Massage is worth trying

Whether you suffer from Hang-Ups or discomfort with orgasm, sex, or sexuality, if you have a Yoni, a Yoni Massage will more than likely benefit you. Whether you’re learning about your orgasm process, simply enjoying the pleasure, or working on more deep-seated issues through Yoni Massage, you will not regret your choice. Although it may seem too intimate to outsource to a professional, Yoni Massage is a thriving form of tantric massage the world over, for many of the reasons discussed above. If you have trouble with orgasm try a Yoni Massage and see if it helps. We are confident that it will. 

What are you waiting for?

Erotic massage is a luxury, but also an important part of your sexual health maintenance. Looking to relax? We can meet your every need.

Whether you are looking for a Yoni massage or sensual full body tantric massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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