Have you heard of Yoni Massage? This ancient form of female empowerment and sexual knowledge is sweeping London, and the world.  It’s been around for nearly two thousand years but it is seeing an exciting new renaissance right now. A mystery to many, Yoni Massage is a practical and indulgent experience, one that should not be missed if you are intrigued by it. We know that not everyone is ready for a professional Yoni Massage so we have put together this beginner’s guide to Yoni Massage so you can enjoy this ancient rite without fear or apprehension.

A good Yoni Massage can be a life-changing experience. That may sound dramatic, but Yoni Massage has been used therapeutically for hundreds of hundreds of years. Learning about the basics of Yoni Massage,  tantric masturbation, and DIY erotic massage  can change a woman’s sexual health and gratification for the better.  Not everyone has the means or desire for a professional massage, but DIY Yoni work is the next best thing. In this beginner’s guide to Yoni Massage we will explain the process in detail and provide you with all of the information you need to decide whether or not Yoni Massage is right for you.

Tantric terminology

The fundamentals of tantric practice are relatively simple. What tends to trip people up is the uncommon terminology and definitions. In order to talk about Yoni Massage in a way that makes sense and is helpful, it’s important to understand what Yoni Massage is and how it relates to Tantra as a broader concept. For the purposes of this beginner’s guide to Yoni Massage, it’s important to understand what Tantra is as well as what the Yoni is and why focussing on it is important.


This term refers to an ancient wellness lifestyle established in India more than 1400 years ago. It evolved from Buddhist and Hindu practices call Mama encouraging its practitioners to live clean and healthy lives that prioritized spiritual and physical wellness, sexual equality, pleasure and the connection to the divine. Modern Tantra requires less of its practitioners. You do not need to be Hindu or Buddhist or any other religion in order to benefit from tantric practice. Tantra includes a number of different approaches and disciplines to wellness, one branch of which is focussed on pleasure, sensuality, and sexual expression.


The word Yoni refers to the female vulva and vagina. In some contexts Yoni also refers to the ovaries and uterus, but for our purposes we will focus on the internal vagina and external vulva. The Yoni is considered the sacred seat of female sexuality and the source of divine feminine energy. Depictions of Yonis can be seen all throughout history in many cultures but are particularly prominent in Hindu motifs.

Yoni Massage

It should be fairly self-explanatory that Yoni Massage is a massage that centres on the female Yoni.  This form of massage can be strictly sexual and its purpose can be gratification. Yoni Massage is also used therapeutically for a number of situations and conditions. It is also a focus of female pleasure and reproductive health. 

Yoni Massage has many benefits

Yoni Massage has many physical and emotional benefits, making it a powerful form of self-care and healing. Since time immemorial, Yoni Massage has been used to treats the symptoms of a variety of conditions that women suffer from. 

These  uses for Yoni Massage include but are not limited to:

  • Menstrual pain
  • Postnatal Care and healing
  • Pain management for the hips pelvis and lower back
  • Sexual self-discovery 
  • Orgasm practice and  multiple  achievement
  • Healing from  sexual trauma
  • Self-acceptance

How to know if a Yoni Massage is right for you

There are no limitations on who can receive a Yoni Massage. So long as you have a Yoni and you would like it to be massaged, you can make that happen. Likewise self-administered Yoni Massage, also known as tantric masturbation, can also be valuable and helpful. Whichever route you take, remember that this is an age-old female ritual built on Pleasure, empowerment, and self-knowledge.  What you put into this experience is exactly what you will get out of it.

Establish the purpose for your Yoni Massage

There are as many valid reasons for seeking a Yoni Massage as there are Yoni owners. Don’t feel that you have to justify your curiosity or interest in Yoni Massage. It is completely fine to Simply want to experience one so you know what it’s like. It doesn’t have to be that deep.

Take a multi-pronged approach to  therapeutic Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage has been around for a very long time. It has stood the test of time and provided innumerable Solutions and improvements for women the world over. If you are considering Yoni Massage as a form of therapeutic care, please proceed with caution. Yes, Yoni massage is useful in the healing of emotional and physical trauma regarding the Yoni. However, it is not a silver bullet, nor is it a guarantee. Yoni Massage works best when it is combined with other forms of support and therapy. This might look like talking to your doctor or gynaecologist before having a Yoni Massage if you suffer from a condition like PCOS, vaginismus, or endometriosis. Likewise make sure that you can act with a doctor or therapist in addition to your Yoni Massage solution, if you are working through sexual trauma.

Yoni Massage and disability

Most people think of acrobatics sex and  challenging Kamasutra positions when they hear the word Tantra.  The same assumptions are true for Yoni Massage. Yoni Massage can be adapted for people of all sizes, shapes, and abilities. You do not mean to be incredibly flexible, you do not need to be fit, and you do not need to be in perfect health to reap the benefits of Yoni Massage. A professional tantric masseuse who specializes in Yoni Massage will be able to accommodate your body and its limitations easily. The Yoni Massage experience is powerful, sacred, and uplifting. There is no room for bias, prejudice, or elitism in Tantric or Yoni Massage. 

What will it be like?

We cannot speak to the experiences that other tantric massage agencies provide, only the experience that we give our clients. We recommend that you spend some time looking through our masseuse photo gallery and choosing a masseuse who is to your liking as well as one who provides Yoni Massage. 

Not all of our masseuses are comfortable or interested in providing Yoni Massage, but the ones who do are very good at it.  We are often asked if one’s sexuality plays a role in Yoni Massage. It does not. All of our masseuses are women. However, not all of our female clients are lesbians, as you might expect. Regardless of your sexual orientation, Yoni Massage is available to you and can be a wonderful solution for a number of issues.

Before your massage begins

When you call Secret Tantric to book a massage session, we will be able to answer all of your questions. We want you to feel empowered and prepared for your Yoni Massage, therefore there’s no such thing as a silly question.  When you arrive for your massage you will be greeted by your masseuse at her 5 Star luxury London flat. The session begins with a brief consultation where you and your masseuse will discuss the parameters of your massage, what you are looking for, and what your limits are. It is completely acceptable to have boundaries during your Yoni Massage. Some women can’t or don’t want to experience penetration during their Yoni Massage. While penetration is a typical and traditional part of Yoni Massage, it is absolutely not a requisite. After you have paid for your massage and completed your consultation you will have a quick shower.

Your comfort is key

A surprisingly significant part of erotic massage is the atmosphere. Your masseuse will go to great lengths to ensure that the massage space is conducive to your focus and relaxation. She will provide scented candles, calming music, and quality massage oils for performing your Yoni Massage. don’t worry, we only use organic cold-pressed virgin grapeseed oil in all of our massage.  As vegetable-based oils go it is one of the best because it is not irritating and non-comedogenic, meaning that it won’t clog your pores or stress out your skin.  The skin tissues of the vulva and vagina are incredibly sensitive and easily influenced by a change in PH. We have taken all of these things into consideration and we are absolutely confident that both your vulva and vagina will be completely comfortable throughout your entire massage.

A slow build

An effective Yoni Massage operates at a slow and steady pace.  Your masseuse will touch your body using a variety of rhythms and levels of intensity.  She will begin away from your Yoni and slowly work her way towards your body’s centre. This slow and sensual body work,  along with intentional breathing techniques,  will help you focus on your pleasure. Yoni Massage is a marathon not a sprint. Your masseuse will use a variety of techniques to stimulate and arouse your body, including bringing you near to the edge of orgasm many times. How do you get increasingly close to climax, your masseuse will adapt her techniques to postpone your pleasure for as long as possible.  Upon release you will experience an incredibly powerful orgasm.

Tantric orgasms are different

Tantra has been practiced all across the globe without interruption since its onset centuries ago, with enormous success. When we examine a tantric orgasm in comparison to a regular one it is immediately obvious that they are entirely different. If a normal orgasm is like a roller coaster ride with one steep hill,  a tantric orgasm is more like a downhill mogul ski-run.

The pattern of a normal orgasm is very predictable. our bodies respond much the same way each and every time we experience arousal and climax. Luckily, orgasms feel fantastic so we don’t tend to mind much that they’re all the same. If you, like many people the world over, want to experience something bigger and better than the typical orgasm, you may want to try the following  three types of tantric orgasm: 

  • Non-ejaculatory Orgasms
  • Valley Orgasms (also known as Inverse Orgasms)
  • Full Body Extended Orgasms

Coming back to Earth

Because tantric orgasms are so intense, they require a bit of extra aftercare during the comedown. It is common for tantric orgasms to be emotionally overwhelming. This can be true whether or not the purpose of your Yoni Massage centres on trauma or healing. Even the most light-hearted and fun Yoni Massages can end in catharsis or even tears. You may feel a huge groundswell of emotion after you orgasm during a Yoni Massage. This emotional response can be even greater than your normal emotional responses to orgasm. Just know that this is absolutely normal and even though it can be overwhelming in the moment, the depth of that release is valuable. Many women thought they knew what orgasm was until they had a Yoni Massage. Then their perspective was entirely changed.

Enjoy your Afterglow

Typical, non tantric orgasms are brief and short-lived. There’s almost always a feel-good sensation immediately after you come and it usually disappears within a couple of minutes. After a tantric orgasm, you will leave your session as if you are floating. Do not be surprised if a general sense of well-being and uplifted mood stays with you through the rest of the day, the next day, even for a few days. In addition to generally feeling good, you’ll also notice that you sleep better, have better focus and you may find that you are less irritable. While Yoni Massage won’t entirely eliminate physical symptoms of discomfort like menstrual cramps, it will lessen them. Orgasm alone is a great way to combat menstrual pain and cramping, so a super tantric orgasm is even more effective. Whatever your reasons, give Yoni Massage a try! 


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