Yoni massage  is a topic that is just now starting to get some traction after being misunderstood for a long, long time. In fact, Yoni massage  is an ancient concept, yet so few people have heard of it, let alone had one.  Like a lot of sex positive and sensual terminology, the Yoni massage  had all but faded into obscurity before the past decade’s tantric revival. So, what is a Yoni massage ?  And what are the benefits of Yoni massage ?  Don’t worry, we will walk you through everything you need to know about this exotic and empowering  female ritual. 

Content Warning: this article references sexual abuse and sexual trauma. If these topics are challenging for you, please proceed with caution. 

Before we dive into the innumerable benefits of Yoni massage , let’s clarify what it is. 

Yoni massage  is an ancient tantric practice that involves the gentle and pleasurable manipulation of the vulva and vagina. This mysterious practice has existed since around the sixth century as a staple of tantric practice.  Yoni massage  has been used as a sexual aid, pain management, and post-natal care for centuries.  In order to understand the value of Yoni massage , we must understand the basic tenets and principles of Tantra itself. 

What is Tantra?

The word Tantra tends to bring to mind thoughts of hypersexuality, intense hour-long orgasms, and acrobatic Kamasutra-type sex positions. While it’s true that Tantra puts a focus on intimacy and intensifies sexual energy, can be used to improve orgasm, and sometimes takes the form of more advanced positions, Tantra is more than that. Tantra refers to an ancient wellness philosophy that originated in India centuries ago. The building blocks of tantric practice and the tantric way of life evolved true Hinduism and Buddhism, two of the main spiritual practices in India at the time. Roughly translated from Sanskrit, Tantra means ‘woven web’ in English. This is an accurate and beautiful analogy to how Tantra examines the way that people are connected to one another, to themselves, and to the divine. 

What is a Yoni massage ?

As mentioned, a Yoni massage is a specific form of massage that centres on the vulva and vagina. It can be performed as part of overall sexual wellness or it can be used  as a specific intimate sex act. Yoni massage is generally conducted by a tantric practitioner and can be performed for a number of different reasons. 

Pain management and post-natal care are just two of the common reasons for Yoni massage . 

Other reasons include:

  • sexual gratification
  • orgasm
  • physical therapy for conditions such as vaginismus
  • a form of therapy to relieve the impact of sexual assault. Yoni based tantric practice focuses on the acknowledgement and movement of sexual energy. This can refer to sexual energy and desire, as well as trapped or traumatic energy associated with the vulva, vagina, and uterus.

How does it work?

For many people, the concept of Tantra seems far-fetched or somewhat imaginary. Tantra is a spiritual practice, however it does not require you to be a card-carrying member of any particular religious or spiritual sect. Instead, Tantra takes its cues from Hinduism and Buddhism, centreing itself on clean living, sexual equality, non-violence, and spiritual communion. 

Tantric practice is intimate and deep and most people only scratch the surface. You could spend an entire lifetime devoted to Tantric practice and still not learn everything! Most people only touch on Tantra in a superficial way because it requires a certain level of investment. If you want tantric results, you have to be prepared to open yourself to Tantra. 

In terms of Yoni massage , the same rings true: all tantric practice, including Yoni massage , requires presence of mind, breathwork, focus, and an openness for change. If you go into a Yoni massage  believing you’ll get nothing out of it, then that is exactly what you will receive.

What is a Yoni massage  like?

Yoni massage  can be performed by  people of all genders,  however, many women are most comfortable receiving a Yoni massage  from a fellow woman. Here at Secret Tantric, all of our masseuses are women, but not all of them perform Yoni massage . The ones that do are well-versed in this ancient practice and have also received Yoni massage s in the past so they understand the intensity and possibility of this procedure. It may seem as if the only part of you that would be massaged is your Yoni, however, gentle massaging touch of the torso, pelvis and thighs is common as well. 


Is a Yoni massage  penetrative?

While Yoni massage  involves the vagina and vulva, the Yoni itself refers only to the vagina, the interior channel between the vulva and the cervix. In this sense, Yoni massage s are penetrative by nature.  However, if your preference is to have an external-only Yoni massage ,  that is completely acceptable. Not everyone will be comfortable with penetration during a massage, and not everyone finds penetration comfortable or possible in general. Your Secret Tantric masseuse will work with you to establish where your limits are, and they will always be respected.

Can straight women get Yoni massages? 

Absolutely!  The only requirement for a Yoni massage  is that you have a Yoni. You don’t need to be bisexual or gay to have a Yoni massage  from another woman, neither would you need to be straight to have one from a man. Yoni massage s are available for every Yoni owner and getting a Yoni massage  has literally nothing to do with your sexuality.

So many benefits

Yoni massage s are an incredible way to resolve a number of sexual goals, priorities, and stumbling blocks. The massage itself will feel incredible,  as well any associated climaxing,  this much should be obvious. Yoni massage not only provides benefits and satisfaction in the moment, but the benefits are ongoing. Let’s look at some of the specific ways that Yoni massage  can benefit its recipient. 

Know thyself

It may seem counterproductive to seek out a professional masseuse to help you learn more about your own body, but this approach can be very helpful. Understanding what makes you tick and how your body responds to different touch is important. Some people would even go so far as to say that if you don’t understand your own body and your own sexuality,  you have very little to offer anyone else. While this may or may not be true, the fact remains that tantric massage can help with sexual self-understanding.

When you receive a Yoni massage you are the navigator of your journey

Listen to your body. Your feedback, responses, and your ability to express pleasure, all go a long way towards understanding yourself.

Know your partner

At Secret Tantric, we offer couples massages where both members of the relationship receive erotic massage from the masseuse. Booking a couples massage together may also seem counter-intuitive, but believe us it has many benefits. If your partner is the one receiving a Yoni massage, watch as the masseuse works on her. Observe and learn from her responses! Understanding both the mechanics and the emotional elements of her arousal and pleasure will make you a better and more responsive lover. Trust us, that is something that every woman wants:  an attentive and informed partner who cares about the quality of her pleasure. 

Undoing trauma

Violence against women end sexual violence perpetuated against women are some of the ugliest Issues that we face in our culture today.  the statistics on sexual violence and sexual trauma are sky-high, meaning that at any given time there are millions upon millions of women walking through the world carrying the hurt and Trauma inflicted on them true sexual crimes. It’s well-documented that trauma remains manifested within the physical body long after the trauma has been experienced. 

Did you know?

Tantric touch, massage, and breathwork releases energy bottlenecks. Yoni massage  is by no means an instant fix or a silver bullet for complex trauma sufferers. It is, however,  a road map into  the mind and body  that can help heal persistent emotional pain. 

Improving sexual health and performance

Tantric care such as Yoni massage  can help women improve the likelihood, consistency, and intensity of orgasms. It is also a common tool for achieving multiple orgasms. There are multiple forms of tantric orgasm, each one is unique and separate from the typical orgasm. Mental and emotional healing can be yours! Think of Yoni massage  as a gentle and therapeutic way to repair your relationship with your vagina, your sexual needs, and your sexual stamina. 

Stress reduction and improved sleep

If you’ve ever had an orgasm and then fallen asleep you know the power of the Big O! An orgasm all but guarantees you some shut-eye. Imagine the last excellent orgasm that you had and think about how long that happy, floaty, deliciously calm feeling lasted. Now imagine a Yoni massage  that brings you to the edge of orgasm numerous times but not until you’re completely ready for absolute release. Tantric orgasms are magnified orgasms and their benefits and lasting sensations are magnified as well. Where a typical orgasm can leave you feeling good for a couple of hours, tantric orgasms leave a lasting impression. You can ride that natural high for the rest of the day, maybe even overnight, sometimes even for multiple days! By no means will you be orgasmic for days at a time, but this extended pleasure  means better sleep, less stress, and an overall sense of increased wellness.

DIY or leave it to the pros?

If you aren’t a trained tantric practitioner, the specific technique of a Yoni massage  may not occur to you. you can absolutely give a great erotic Yoni massage  at home to your partner  but nothing compares to the real deal. If you are embarking on a journey of sexual wellness and understanding call my Yoni massage  may be a good addition to your plan. DIY Yoni massage can be pleasant and satisfying. But if you are looking for major energy release, we recommend seeing a professional. If you’ve never experienced Yoni massage, set the standard by getting a professional one! Once you’ve had a professional Yoni massage, DIY will be less daunting and more productive. 

Let us help

If you are a London local, or you happen to be in town, give us a call and experience a world-class Yoni massage  with one of our lovely masseuses. Not only will you feel like an absolute Queen, you will be the recipient of all the above benefits and opportunities for self-knowledge from your Yoni massage . Whether you approach a Yoni massage  as a sexual service or as a form of therapy, they have the potential to deliver incredible amounts of pleasure and release, both physical and emotional. Don’t you deserve this level of pleasure and freedom? 

What are you waiting for?

Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a happy ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!


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