Yoni Massage: two words that hold a lot of mystery and intrigue. These days, the term Yoni Massage is plastered all over the fronts of  magazines and websites, but what is this exotic-sounding experience? Is it something that you would do? Are you shy about trying Yoni Massage? We will walk you through it. If you are curious but confused, stick with us and we will review all of the benefits, as well as the process, of Yoni Massage.

Yoni Massage: two words that hold a lot of mystery and intrigue. These days the term Yoni Massage is plastered all over the fronts of magazines and websites. What is this exotic-sounding experience? Is it something that you would do? Are you shy about trying Yoni Massage? We will walk you through it. If you are curious but confused, stick with us and we will review all of the benefits, as well as the process, of Yoni Massage.

What is Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage is an ancient tantric technique. It involves manually stimulating and massaging the vulva and vagina. Yoni Massage is just one of innumerable tantric techniques intended to improve one’s state of emotional and physical sexual Wellness. 

Is Yoni Massage the same as tantric massage?

A Yoni Massage is a form of tantric massage. Tantric describes anything that fits within the health and wellness philosophy of Tantra. This lifestyle and belief system originated in India in the sixth century and husband practice the world over ever since.  ancient tantric practice focussed on non-violence, clean living, abstinence from drugs and alcohol, sexual equality and spiritual fulfilment. You could say that  the original tantric practitioners were the original hippies.  Much like hippie culture of the 1960s, tantric culture evolved as a form of resistance to less egalitarian and liberal ways of living.  Tantra is rooted in both Hinduism and Buddhism, so it has an inherent spiritual sensibility. It is also a practical tool that aids in exercise and wellness, and it has an entire subcategory dedicated just to improving sex.

A professional vagina massage? Isn’t that kind of weird?

This is a question that comes up often in the context of tantric and Yoni Massage. The short answer is that a professional Yoni Massage is only as weird as you think that it is. If your back was hurting, you would see a chiropractor. And if your tooth was hurting, you would see a dentist. If you are experiencing issues surrounding your body and sexuality, seeing a tantric masseuse is a viable solution! How much you sexualize the purpose of your Yoni Massage is entirely up to you. There are as many valid reasons for seeking out a professional Yoni Massage as there are people with yonis.  But not every reason is about sexual pleasure. Some people seek professional support through Yoni Massage as emotional or physical therapy.

What is Yoni Massage good for?

Certainly not everyone has success with Yoni Massage and not everyone is willing to try it. But for those who take the leap, there are many benefits and it can provide relief for a number of conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to:

  •  healing after sexual trauma
  •  postnatal recovery
  •  pain management for  elements of the pelvis, hips, lower back
  •  relief from menstrual pain

What to expect from a professional Yoni Massage

Professional Yoni Massage can be a daunting experience if you don’t know what to expect. Bear in mind that a professional Yoni Massage is just that:  professional.  This means that there is no need for shyness, insecurity,  worries or hesitation. Your masseuse will be fully equipped to guide you through the experience. She will answer all of your questions and ensure that you are comfortable from beginning to end. If you are shy about trying Yoni Massage, ask yourself why. There are many reasons that prevent women from having this empowering experience,  such as:

  •  general shyness
  •  the misconception that female sexuality should be downplayed
  •  undressing with a stranger
  •  body insecurities
  •  social insecurity that paying for intimacy is morally bankrupt
  •  religious moralism
  •  fear of being found out
  •  worry that receiving a Yoni Massage from a woman equals lesbianism
  •  and many more …

Is Yoni Massage ever performed by men?

There are no limitations on who can perform Yoni Massage. Here at Secret Tantric, all of our masseuses are women so you are guaranteed a female masseuse. Some women are uncomfortable with the idea of receiving such an intimate massage from another woman because they are heterosexual. Getting a massage from another woman does not make you a lesbian and most women are more comfortable with a female masseuse, in the same way they are more comfortable with a female doctor. Fluency with the female form, understanding of its mechanics, and general empathy, make  women some of the most powerful and effective Yoni masseuses. 

Showers, oils, and massage, oh my! 

At Secret Tantric almost all of our massage services are in-call. This means that you travel to your masseuse instead of her travelling to you. This allows for less downtime between massage sessions and it also affords a greater degree of privacy and discretion for our clients. When you arrive your masseuse will take you through a brief consultation so that you can understand each other’s limitations and she can understand your needs. This is a good time to talk to her about the purpose of your Yoni Massage and any physical or emotional limitations that might come up. Next, you’ll pay up front and take a (required) shower before your massage begins.

A massage to remember

When your initial shower is complete and you have washed away the outside world and all the troubles of your day, you will join your masseuse for the massage. First your masseuse will position you on the massage table or platform and ensure that you are comfortable.  She will briefly detail the next steps so you know what to expect before she begins touching you. 

Did you know? Your masseuse will use a considerable amount of massage oil for Yoni Massage. Our massage oils are 100% pure organic cold-pressed virgin grapeseed oil. This is literally some of the best massage oil available on the market. It is absolutely pure, odorless and scentless, and it is non-comedogenic meaning that it will not clog pores or inflame your skin.  

You will notice immediately that your massage does not start at your Yoni. Your masseuse will work her way towards your vulva, massaging other parts of your body on the way.  Trust that your masseuse knows just the pacing and Order of events to make your Yoni Massage spectacular.

There doesn’t have to be a goal

Depending on the purpose of your Yoni Massage, orgasm may or may not be on the table. Some women use Yoni Massage as a way to understand their own pleasure and orgasms. other women use Yoni Massage to less sexual ends. No matter why you’re there it is up to you whether or not your massage ends in climax. It’s okay to be goal-oriented about orgasms. It’s also okay to simply enjoy the journey and not really consider the destination.  Yoni Massage is all about connection and empowerment. If it is empowering for you to have a professional Yoni Massage just for the orgasm, all the power to you. This Yoni Massage is for you. This is your time, your self investment and your self care. Do what feels right. 

The effects of shame and self-doubt

Society functions as it does because women are conditioned to be ashamed of their bodies. The original tantric practitioners had the right idea when it came to sexual equality and orgasm equity. But, somehow between 600 AD and today we have lost the plot. Luckily we’re getting it again. Woman’s sexual health and sexuality is more accepted than ever. Sadly the effects of shame and self-doubt on the female psyche can be intense and long-lasting. Yoni Massage is one of many options for unlearning damaging beliefs and misconceptions.

There’s no need to be shy

Many people misunderstand Tantra without knowing much about it. Even the word Tantra is likely to conjure ideas of acrobatic sex, orgasmic yoga, and an air of spiritual superiority.  When it comes to the experience of being naked or nearly naked with a masseuse, shyness and insecurity tends to take over. Rest assured that your masseuse has seen it all. She has seen every body type, of every age, of every gender,  so you have nothing to worry about. Her objective is not to judge you or make you feel some kind of way about your body or your reasons for being there. Her objective is delivering a fantastic massage that helps you in the areas you need support.  Many of our female clients report feeling highly empowered and extremely safe in the presence of our masseuses.

There’s no reason not to try it

Our culture and society invents innumerable reasons for an experience like a professional Yoni Massage to remain out of reach.  Culturally, there is a lot of fear around women’s liberation through sexuality. As such, Yoni Massage is an act of resistance. Many places around the world have legislation in place that keeps tantric and Yoni Massage on the fringes. Illegal in many countries, erotic tantric massage  is luckily totally above board in the UK. We operate only within London and we have masseuses peppered throughout the city, each one waiting for your call, prepared to help you  improve your perspective on your Womanhood, your body, and your sexual identity.  

There are no tangible downsides to Yoni Massage, especially when you are dealing with an agency like Secret Tantric where every element of your massage is professional and above board. There’s really no reason not to try a Yoni Massage! Pick up the phone and give us a call. We will be delighted to walk you through every detail and support you in this incredible journey you have begun. 

What are you waiting for?

Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Tantric in Mayfair has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!


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