Tantric Massage Secrets and Tips

Tantric massage secrets and tips gives you a background to tantric massage and helps prepare for a better experience. This form of massage has a variety of benefits on the human body. Tantra massages are a spiritual way of healing one’s body and mind. It’s a physical act where the objective is to release sexual energy from the body. The technique was derived in ancient India and later introduced to the Western world at the end of the 18th century, and became popular among people during the 1960’s and 1970’s as people became more open-minded about sexuality.

During a tantric massage, the purpose of the giver or masseuse is to give pleasure to the receiver. It’s very different from other types of pleasures as you only have to focus on relaxing back and experiencing the pleasure a tantric massage provides. Every type of tantric massage depends on the style you want to experience as you can choose between modern and ancient tantric massage.

In today’s era, people have different opinions about what tantric massage is and how it should be performed. Ancient tantra massage uses different types of techniques, such as breathwork and eye-gazing, where people are connected in a more spiritual way. Whereas modern tantra massages pays more attention towards your sensual side, using physical stimulation and touch to arouse. With this type of massage, you can expect your masseuse to be naked. Most of the time, you will start the session lying naked face down with a towel.

What can you expect from a tantric massage in London?

Here ‘Tantric Massage Secrets and Tips’ teaches you what to expect when receiving a tantric massage in London. When you first speak to your masseuse, you should have more clarity about the experience you can expect to receive. The more you know in advance will help improve the experience. These days most people have blockages that can be physical, energetic, emotional, which can vary from person to person. These blockages can cause pain; for example, with sexual blockage, people can experience pain during intercourse.

Ancient tantric discovered that there are different types of energy, but the critical one is sexual energy. Most people don’t know about the fact that they can use sexual energy in more than one way, which can be very different to having sex. They can refine this energy when channelled towards the higher centres of the human body. Our London tantric massage service can also help you achieve this.

Tantra massage is well known to be an effective relaxation technique. Most of the masseuses use a towel and touch you with their palms. In a tantric massage, you can learn a lot about your partner’s desire and the place which has the strongest impact on your partner most of the time. It is the least expected zone that brings delights. Tantric massage needs the right setting to be effective. A pleasurable experience requires dim lights, scented candles or aromatic oils and soft relaxing music. Foreplay can also help relax both body and senses. One can make it more erotic by using various massage accessories, which can be easily be found in the market.

5 Secret benefits connected to tantric massage London.

Now ‘Tantric Massage Secrets and Tips’ focuses on the secret benefits you can expect to receive from a tantric massage in London. This type of massage has received a considerable amount of attention in recent times as it can cause long-lasting effects on one’s mind and body without any side effects. Here are some of the many ways our tantric massage in London can change your life.

1. Healthy living

With the help of ancient and modern methods, tantric massage teaches the human body how to convert sexual energy into healing energy.

2. Tantric blockage elimination

Blockage can be caused due to various reasons, most of the time, which are unknown to the one who is inflicted by them. These can be cured, giving the user a sense of relief and freedom.

3. Discovering your true tantric self

This excellent practice helps to clear the mind by cleansing mental and emotional impurities. This balance between mind and body and can help you find yourself.

4. Sensual pleasure secrets

This helps men to achieve multiple orgasms, which can be achieved by stimulating different body parts. It also helps you to understand your deepest desire and to perfect that intimate moment with your sexual partner.

5. Satisfaction

Tantra massage can bring you a new lease of life, freedom from the chains of past, and clarity for the future.

Setup for tantric massage

1. Tantric Massage table

If you are arranging an incall tantra massage for a masseuse, then you should be lying naked comfortably on a bed or massage table. A bed or massage table is preferred as most erotic massage requires body slide techniques.

2. Essential Secret Tantric Oils

A wide variety of oils and lubrication can be used for the massage, which varies according to the service you are receiving. Oil must be heated to a warm temperature so as not to shock your body. My personal secret tip is cocoanut or almond oil

3. Scented Candles

You can use any type of scented of the candle can help you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

4. Room temperature

The room temperature must be adequate: if the room is cold, you should turn on the heater to ensure your room is cozy and warm. If the room is too hot, then turn on the air conditioner so that space is cool but not too chilly.

Hire a Tantric Masseuse in London now!

I hope you found ‘Tantric Massage Secrets and Tips’ helpful. You can always book a tantric session with us to learn about yourself and explore your deepest hidden desires. Your tantric therapy can be performed by our top-rated London masseuse. We will find the perfect masseuse to fulfil your desires and take you on a journey of intimate surrender. Secret Tantric masseuse offers a variety of massage therapies such as aqua massage, Lingam massage and much more. We also have a great selection of beautiful tantric masseuses located throughout central London.


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