Tantric massage may be sexy and sensual but it is also an ancient healing practice. It is a subcategory of Tantra, a centuries-old wellness philosophy. Healing with tantric massage and its therapeutic benefits have become extremely popular in the last decade. Once considered too exotic and intimate for the mainstream, tantric massage has skyrocketed to the pinnacle of popularity within the adult industry. Tantric massage is healing for the body, mind, and spirit and is so much more than a hasty rubdown and a hand job. Tantric massage aims not just to titillate, but to elevate the state of being of the recipient. 

Developed in the 6th century, Tantra was some peoples’ answer to the social and political unrest of the time. Looking for a spiritual path that embraced their values of sexual equality, clean living, and the pursuit of oneness with the universe, these free thinking pioneers created a set of doctrines called ‘the Tantras’. Rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism, Tantra is a fully holistic way of life that has been used and enjoyed by people all across the globe for ages. Luckily, it does not require any particular religious or spiritual allegiance and can be practised by anyone. Because it is inherently sensual and intimate, tantric massage has swiftly and steadily made a place for itself among the adult entertainment industry. More intimate that is strip club but less all encompassing that an escort, tantric massage delivers the sexual healing that so many of us want and need. 

You’ll be in good hands

Tantric massage artists are among the most well-rounded masseuses available. A professional tantric masseuse is fit, sexy, confident, and able to titillate and allure her clients. She is also patient and caring. It’s hard to fake the authenticity and intimacy of a tantric massage. If, as some masseuse, you do not absolutely love what you do, it will show in every single massage. However, well trained and well supported tantric masseuses who are happy and confident in their role provide relaxing and stimulating massages that leave their clients feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to toggle what life throws at them. The sensual side of tantric massage also requires that tantric masseuses have a good working understanding of anatomy and sexual Wellness. These are highly skilled and highly trained masseuses are comfortable enough and I have the confidence to perform erotic massage.

‘Whole-istic’ Practice

Tantric massage is literally a hands-on experience but its intention is to reach deeper than the surface of your skin or your aching muscles. The true tantric massage addresses physical emotional and mental issues, helping the recipient to work through what ails them true conscious breathing exercises and meditation. there is also the strictly physical aspect of erotic touch with him tantric massage. Erotic or tantric touch is all about focussing energy and attention to help release emotional and spiritual congestion with anybody. From stress relief to postnatal Healing, to erection dysfunction to insomnia, tantric massage tackles a whole host of human issues, be they of the body, mind or soul.

The Mind-Body-Soul connection

Being from India, tantric massage is obviously considered an Eastern philosophy. In contrast to Western philosophies, of which we are more familiar, Eastern philosophy tends to accept the connections between the mind, the body, and the spirit or soul. Perfect example of this is how in the west, we speak about mental health as something separate and discrete from physical health. Not only is mental health undervalued, it is prioritized behind physical health and stigmatized. Add to that the fact that Western Society is increasingly more secular, which takes more people further away from the realm of spiritual nourishment and health. This break down between the three pillars of Being Human causes all kinds of disconnect and discomfort.  Tantric massage is a tangible way to begin two Bridge these three important facets of the self.

Open mind, open heart

Like almost any activity, what’d you bring me two or put into your tantric massage will reflect what you get out of it. As the recipient of the massage it’s important that you approach the process with an open mind and an open heart. Your masseuse is there to guide you through the massage process and facilitate your relaxation and pleasure. These two states of mind promote In word seeking and self-awareness that creates  Healing.  Unlike regular masseuses, tantric masseuses are trained not only with the physical aspects of the massage but also the mental and emotional. If your primary goal of a tantric massage is enjoying the physicality and the happy ending without the intimacy and healing, that’s okay too. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel good and receiving a tantric massage feels great. Do what is best for you and what gets the results that you need.

Ancient healing for your Modern Life

You may be asking yourself why one would choose to use a centuries-old method healing four modern-day applications. Simply put, tantric massage is time-tested and people keep using it because it works. The modern world we have created is moving at a pace that is quite unnatural for human beings. Without good reason to slow down and recalibrate, people tend to experience burnouts, fatigue, and a host of mental and physical problems as a result. Tantric massage feels good and is good for you and the sensual and sexual elements are good incentive to seek out the relaxation and healing. You may think that you’re too busy or that you don’t need something so intense, but just one tantric massage will show you how much of a difference tantric massage can make. 

Heal your most intimate self

One of the primary premises of tantric massage is that it can help alleviate blockages of Sexual Energy within oneself. Tantric massage allows the recipient to re-engage with their body in a new and different way that is both relaxing and inspirational. Focus, meditation and deep breathing help set the stage for the potential healing through relaxation and touch.

Escaping emotional traffic jams 

One of the benefits of tantric massage is that you can apply some of that on your own. While you may not be able to give yourself a full body massage in the same way that your sexy tantric masseuse would, you can utilize the deep breathing techniques and meditations for relaxing yourself, healing your parasympathetic nervous system, and promoting improved sleep.  clients and recipients of tantric massage often state that they felt the results of their tantric massage for several days after the massage session. Most of them referred to increased mental Clarity, improved sleep as well as more dreams. essence of overall Wellness, relaxation, and sexual satisfaction are also common symptoms in the aftermath of  Tantric massage.  It’s easy to see why tantric massage has become so popular considering all of its therapeutic benefits and the way that it makes people feel.

Letting go of the past with tantric massage

An important element of tantric massage is the possibility of letting go of old Hangouts and anxieties around intimacy and sex. whether you have an embarrassing moment you just can’t get over, you’re uncomfortable with the aging process and what it’s done to your body, or maybe your sexual appetites and habits have changed. Whatever it is, tantric massage is an excellent tool for getting unstuck from things in your past that are holding you back from the relaxation and pleasure that you deserve. No doubt you work very hard and deserve some down time and freedom from negative things in your past. Under the caring hands of your tantric goddess you will be able to let go. You will become completely present in the moment, and you will leave your session with an optimistic outlook for the future.

Fancy a happy ending? 

Many people assume that an erotic massage is simply a means to an end. Not all of clients need or want the depth and restorative care that an erotic massage is capable of. Thus, not every client elects to have a full finish. Because tantric masseuses are so well trained, they can help you last until the end. You can leave your worries and insecurities at the door. Your tantric masseuse will be able to support you throughout your session. She will ensure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest. If you have elected to have a happy ending, your masseuse will be able to accommodate and help you build towards a triumphant and cathartic finish.

Remember: self-care is not selfish 

Most adults do not get very much down time or alone time in their lives. With pressures from work, families, children, and relationships, there are many reasons for self-care. People do not get time to unplug and attend to their own needs. Getting an erotic massage in London is a great way to unplug and get some much deserved down time. Make yourself a priority and book your erotic massage now!

Heal a broken libido

fluctuations in the human libido are common and completely normal.  Has your libido has become sluggish, or you feel like it’s getting out of control? Tantric is massage the balm that soothes your libido worries. Tantric massage has the ability to put you back in better touch with your body. Learn to listen and understand what it wants and needs! Whether your libido is suffering from under stimulation or over stimulation, a few sessions will help you get better control. It’s time to improve over how you and your body relate to one another!

Indulge in your healing

The choice to seek healing with tantric massage and its therapeutic benefits is a great step.  You are now closer to being the best version of yourself. Whether for touch and companionship, or deep soul healing therapy, tantric massage has a little bit of something for everyone. It’s a sensual and enjoyable way to invest in yourself and your own well-being. Tantric massage could not be a better choice! Forget the stigma and the fear around erotic massage and indulge in this deeply natural, completely safe process.

You’ve got nothing to lose

A tantric massage is a truly unique and uplifting massage experience. Your masseuse is ready to take your feelings from drab to fab. Put the spring back in your step that you so desperately need. See us for general aches and pains, a bit of companionship, or for the titillating erotic experience of a lifetime. Don’t delay if you are considering giving us a call, all of our masseuses are popular and in high demand. Book yourself a session today to avoid disappointment as their calendars are chock-a-block every single week!

What are you waiting for?

Erotic massage is a luxury, but also an important part of your sexual health maintenance. Looking to relax? We can meet your every need.

Whether you are looking for a lingam massage or sensual full body tantric massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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