A tantric full-body massage is a sensual art form that combines massage’s physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. The goal is to relax your body and open up energy channels so that your sexual energy, or prana, can be enhanced. This guide will provide a step-by-step look at how you can use tantric full body massage to reconnect with your partner and increase intimacy in your relationship.

Tantric full body massage is a powerful therapeutic tool that reconnects us with our sensuality, craftily aiding us to tap into the immense sexual energy that lies within. Unlike its connotations may suggest, this type of massage isn’t about sex – it is more accurately described as an alternative health practice that uses bodywork and breathwork to bring healing benefits. It is an incredibly effective journey of self-discovery that helps balance the polarities of yin (female) and yang (male) energy within ourselves. At its core, tantric massage releases blocked or braced muscles and emotions to induce relaxation and peace. Through positive healing effects, you can start feeling more empowered, leading to greater enjoyment of everything from healthy relationships to social settings and creative tasks.

The ‘Tantric Breath’

All tantric massage, whole body or otherwise, involves conscious and intentional breathing. This deep breathing technique helps your mind and body achieve equilibrium with one another and gives an immediate sense of calm, enabling you to enjoy and become receptive to the experience.  There’s no real trick to Tantric breathing; it’s simply inhale-hold-exhale in (seconds) increments of 4-8-7.  You or your partner can lead the Tantric Breath, guiding your breathing to help you achieve a state of calm that is ideal for tantric full body massage.  Incidentally,  that same breathing technique is helpful in stressful situations outside of an erotic massage. You can use this technique anytime to achieve a sense of calm in just a few minutes. It’s perfect before a big presentation or before delivering difficult news. 

Why you will love tantric full body massage

A deep tissue tantric massage is something everyone should try in their lifetime. It’s guaranteed to leave you feeling like your legs are made of jelly and your brain is scrambled eggs in the best way. Experience:

  • Complete relaxation
  • Sensuality and communication with your partner
  • Playful eroticism and flirtation
  • The healing and moisturizing benefits of massage oil
  • The focussed attention and encouragement from your partner

Step 1: Create an Intimate Space

Creating an intimate space is key for any massage. You can achieve a relaxing ambience and increase sensuality by dimming the lights and playing soft music (preferably without lyrics). If you are also using aromatherapy, make sure to light incense or candles with calming or aphrodisiac scents; lavender, for example. You may also decorate the room with flowers or other items like extra pillows, a humidifier, etc., that create a calm atmosphere. Once the setting is complete, it’s time to begin the massage!

Step 2: Establish Boundaries

Do what feels best for you and your partner! Before your full body massage, it’s important to establish boundaries between both partners. Talk about what kind of physical contact each person is comfortable with and what is off-limits. It’s also important to communicate expectations for the massage—for example, if the experience is more than just relaxation to avoid misunderstandings during the session. A tantric massage doesn’t have to be a purely sexual act, it can be about connection and intimacy and does not have to lead to orgasm – though traditionally, it does.

Step 3: Begin the Massage

Once both partners are comfortable with their boundaries, start massaging each other slowly and gently. Use long strokes along each limb before focusing on specific areas like arms, legs, feet, back or neck. As you progress through the massage, use medium pressure on sites such as your partner’s abdomen or buttocks while maintaining slow movements and deep breathing techniques throughout the session. As you move into more intimate areas such as breasts or genitals, remember that not all people are comfortable being touched in these regions; refrain from touching these areas unless given explicit consent beforehand.

Step 4: Enjoy the massage

Tantric massage is the perfect way to become more aware of your body and its potential while enjoying a deeply relaxing experience. The combination of gentle and rhythmic touch can help bring you into a state of meditation, allowing spiritual energy to flow freely throughout your entire being while releasing negative energy. It’s a potent practice that can leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated mentally and physically. Allowing yourself to benefit from tantric massage can create a space for inner growth and connection; you may find yourself experiencing an elevated sense of peace and fulfilment, not to mention enormous closeness with your partner.

Don’t forget the oil!

Massage oil is crucial for a quality massage experience. It helps glide your hands over your partner’s skin, eliminating friction to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable massage. Massage oil allows for thorough muscle work that can feel great and therapeutically help reduce muscle pain or tightness. Furthermore, a great massage oil should provide a light scent, allowing you to relax further into your massage journey with relaxation-inducing aromatherapy. Choosing a high-quality massage oil is thus essential for achieving your best possible massage experience; it is an ingredient that should never be skimped on.

Final Thoughts

Tantric massage can be a potent tool for enhancing sexual and spiritual energy between two people in a relationship or partnership. Following this step-by-step guide to tantric full body massage, you can create an intimate space for yourself and your partner where connection can grow through touch and communication about boundaries before proceeding into deeper regions of physical contact (if desired). Be mindful during your tantric experience – this encounter can offer immense benefits when done correctly! Enjoy!

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