A sensual massage without massage oil is like having tea without a biscuit. It just feels wrong. Many forms of therapeutic massage, such as sports medicine massage and chiropractic massage, do not generally use oil or other lubricants. But when the objective of a massage is sensuality, massage oil becomes an integral part of the experience. The information in this article will help you become an instant expert in  different sensual massage oils and how to use them.  Whether you are only massaging yourself,  or a partner,  choosing the best oil for the job can make all the difference. If you’re unsure where to start, this is a good place to begin.

At Secret Tantric we are often asked about our massage oils. Our clients are forever complimenting us on our choice of oil and how our masseuses use them. So many people have asked after our massage oils that we have written this how-to guide about different sensual massage oils and how to use them. 

What are massage oils?

Massage oil refers to any oil that is used for massage. Many companies promise sophisticated formulations with all kinds of natural and unnatural benefits, but we like to keep things natural. At Secret Tantric, we go through a staggering amount of our favourite oil every month with our sensual massages. We know that the best massages are all about reducing friction both literally and figuratively, so we use our oils very liberally. Our clients certainly don’t complain! And why would they? A well-oiled massage is a slick massage, and a slick massage is a sexy massage.

What kind of oils are safe for massage?

There are many kinds of oils that are safe for massage.  Basically any vegetable based oil will work, though some can be more irritating than others. Here at Secret Tantric, we use only 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed virgin grapeseed oil.  We find that it is the best oil for our purposes. It is good for a variety of types of massage, and it is non-irritating and non-comedogenic.  Because it is a nice light oil, we also find that it cleans up easier than some other types of massage oil. 

But I thought oil was bad for the skin?

The skincare and cosmetics industry Have put the fear of God into us when it comes to using oil on our skin. The truth of the matter is, oil can be very good for the skin when applied in moderation and used properly.  Oil is a very effective lubricant for all kinds of massages and it does not have to come at the cost of your skin. Forget what the skincare gurus have told you, using a quality massage oil will not cause you to break out nor will it ruin your complexion.

Common carrier oils

The bulk of any good massage oil will be made up from one of several common vegetable carrier oils. They are called carrier oils because they literally carry small portions of more potent or medicinal oils or tinctures in them as a way to disperse such ingredients into the skin. Massages can be wonderful using only carrier oils, Or carrier oils with additional ingredients.  Some desirable additions to carrier oils are too intense to apply directly to the skin, therefore the carrier oil reduces the risk of irritation or discomfort.

Avocado oil 

Avocado oil is one of the heavier vegetable based massage oils. As a massage oil it is excellent for very dry skin, as well as some skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. Avocado oil is fast absorbing, despite how thick and rich it is.  Because it is so heavy, avocado oil is often cut with another lighter more neutral oil when used for massage.

Sweet almond oil

With its buttery-smoothness and it’s lightly sweet aroma, sweet almond oil makes a great at home massage oil.  It absorbs less quickly than avocado oil, but feels lighter and smoother on the skin. Sweet almond oil is a very popular ingredient in moisturizing skin care products. You may not find it in your local grocery store, but it is easily purchased online or in your local health food store.

Grapeseed oil

This gorgeous light oil is the Secret Tantric secret weapon. Not only is it non-comedogenic and like to the touch, it is chock-full of linoleic acid which has some amazing regenerative and antioxidant properties. We use it exclusively because it is so good for the skin, never gives you breakouts, and is in good supply both in-store and online.

Jojoba oil

This Lush and exotic oil is the heaviest of the vegetable based massage oils. Incredibly emollient and moisturizing, jojoba oil is the slowest oil to penetrate the skin.  Because jojoba oil is so slowly absorbed, much of it stays on the surface of the skin, making it ideal for more intense or long-lasting massages. If you and your partner are interested in experimenting with body to body massage,  a mix of grapeseed and jojoba can give you the enduring slickness you’re looking for.  Be mindful that thicker, heavier oils are harder to clean up and will stain fabrics and surfaces more stubbornly than some of their lighter counterparts.

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is by far the hardest working oil out there. It is useful for so many things, including massage. Depending on how you feel about the smell of coconut oil, it’s slightly sweet and vaguely tropical aroma can be a bonus or a deal-breaker. Coconut oil also has the delightful property of being solid at room temperature and easily melted by body temperature.  Cool or even frozen bars of coconut oil can make for easy application with great sensory benefits. Additionally, coconut oil is the tastiest of the vegetable-based massage oils, so kissing or oral is comfortable and good for you.

CBD oil

CBD is a term that you have likely heard in recent years as clinical uses for cannabis have increased. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in and derived from the cannabis plant. It has anxiety and pain-relieving qualities, in part thanks to its anti-inflammatory and mood boosting properties. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most famous cannabis compound, CBD won’t get you “high” and is non-intoxicating. Research continues on the topical use of CBD and its efficacy in small doses.

Massage oils and aromatherapy

As you can imagine, aromatherapy and essential oils have made their way into the massage oil space. While essential oils can make your massage oils smell lovely, they can also cause undo irritation to both the skin as well as the delicate tissues of the nose and sinuses.  If you are experimenting with essential oils we recommend that you use them sparingly. Always follow the recommended ratios from the manufacturer. Adding only a few drops of an essential oil may not seem like enough. Trust us, it is! Not only are these oils potent smelling, their aromatherapeutic effect can be intense or overwhelming.

Likewise, essential oils are not a necessary part of massage. If you find their smells to be too cloying or distracting, it’s fine to skip them all together. We prefer to keep our oils plain and use scented candles to create ambiance to stimulate the emotional and sensual imagination.

Choosing a massage oil by purpose

When choosing a massage oil the most important consideration is its purpose. You will want to think about how the oil smells or tastes, how thick and viscous it is, and how readily it absorbs into the skin. If you are giving an at-home massage that uses a lot of movement, a slowly absorbing lighter oil will stand up to the friction you create better than a heavier oil. Likewise if you are giving yourself or someone else a lingam massage or a yoni massage, steer away from oils that have essential oils in them.  If your massage will steer clear of the recipient’s genitals, you needn’t worry as much. If you are going to be touching their most sensitive skin or penetrating any orifice, use the purest, lightest, most natural oil you can get your hands on.

Cleaning up after using massage oils

Using massage oils can be a lot of fun and it adds the necessary sexy slickness to your next date night. Unfortunately, oil is not a very forgiving substance when it comes to staining surfaces and textiles. We do not recommend giving an oily massage on your new mattress or your best set of sheets. Inevitably any spills or rubbing will stain and you may or may not be able to remove it.  Untreated oil stains tend to get worse over time as the stickiness of the oil attracts dirt and grime and holds it within fabric and other porous surfaces.  We recommend putting down dark coloured towels to absorb any spills or rub-off from your  massage. 

Temperature conductivity

Just like in cooking, oil’s ability to conduct heat  makes it ideal for massage. If you or your partner are into temperature sensation play, put your massage oil in the freezer for a short period of time to cool it down. This can be a fun way to get hot and bothered while chilling out.  Alternatively, you can set your bottle of massage oil in a sink of warm water to add some soothing warmth to your massage. Depending on the kind of oil, temperature can affect its viscosity. Coconut oil is a perfect example:  it melts easily with body heat but it is solid at room temperature.

Add oil to your solo sessions

Massage oil isn’t just for giving someone else a massage. You can use massage oils on your own body as well! Ditch the box of tissues and the pump bottle of lotion and switch to a palmful of slick oil followed by a warm damp washcloth. A good massage oil will up your masturbation game considerably. It will make it more comfortable, more efficient, and more satisfying. There are some instances where friction is ideal for pleasure, but in most situations slick smoothness feels sexier than bare skin to skin contact. Adding massage oil to masturbation can be especially helpful if you are into edging  or tease and denial.  Lubing up with a good quality massage oil will allow you to play for longer, more comfortably. With the right massage oil you’ll never want your solo sessions to end!

Are you convinced about massage oils?

Adding massage oils to solo or partnered intimacy can be an exciting step towards increasing pleasure.  Not only are they safe and easy to use, they are economical and basically fool proof. With a little bit of research, planning, and execution you can take your at home massages from drab to fab. It doesn’t take much, just a few squirts of your favourite oil and you will be on your way to sensual bliss. 

No matter which oil you choose for the purpose of your next massage, you’ll be glad that you included it. The best massages are tactile and comfortable, relaxing the recipient.  Choosing the right massage oil can help you maximize your massage efforts, and treat you or your partner to a new, more comfortable and rejuvenating massage. 

What are you waiting for?

It’s one thing to read about the lingam massage experience but it is something else entirely to have your own. There’s no reason to hesitate, simply pick up the phone and give us a ring and we will have you set up for the time of your life within minutes . Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!

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