If you think you don’t have time for a tantric massage, think again. Here at Secret Tantric, all of our massages are at least 60 minutes long, with many clients opting for extended sessions. But how long does a tantric massage take?  Let’s look at what a tantric massage entails and you will see why you’ll want to take your time! 

Our tantric massages in London are really popular and is becoming more widely available as Secret Tantric grows and takes over London. All the more reason to give us a try! Our clients are very discerning and we love providing the VIP luxury massage of your dreams. All in all you’ll be with your masseuse for about an hour. 

Peruse the Website 

Let your fingers do the walking and check out the Masseuse Portfolios to find someone who catches your eye. Bear in mind that our masseuse do actually look like their pictures and videos, no bait-and-switch tactics here. Once you see the tantric goddess of your choosing, read through her profile to ensure that she offers the massage style you are looking for. Not all of our masseuses provide all kinds of massage, nor are all of them identically skilled. Each masseuse’s list is based on experience, training and comfort.

Call Us

Once you have selected the right masseuse for you, give us a call and we will set up all the details. Booking with Secret Tantric couldn’t be easier. One call does it all. Just give us a call on insert phone number here and speak with our massage coordinator who will help you choose the best massage for you and coordinate an appointment with the appropriate masseuse in the appropriate area. In most circumstances you can have an appointment within an hour or two of calling in and our masseuses are happy to make room in their schedules for you. Our girls work all days of the week and they understand that your schedule may not always be wide open. 

Your body is a temple, prepare it

Consider trying to get a sound sleep the night before your massage. Tantra is deeply relaxing and invokes an almost trance-like state of relaxation. However, it does take a certain amount of energy to get there. Tantra sounds like a quiet, darkly exotic and erotic experience, but there is a lot of room for laughter, conversation, and experience that is human and genuine. 

Being well hydrated and eating something light shortly before your session will help you have a more comfortable time physically. 

  • Eat a light lunch with both carbs and protein a couple of hours before your session
  • Stretch and drink a good amount of water so you are hydrated and your body feels adequately fueled 
  • Use the lavatory before your session begins and if you foresee any prostate stimulation, be sure to have evacuated your bowels at least 2-3 hours in advance.

Our clients come to us is because they feel stressed or they are under a certain amount of pressure with their regular life, career, family, etc. It’s impossible to expect that our clients could show up completely relaxed and ready to go. You are in our skilled hands to feel that relaxation. We want you to leave the session feeling better than when you arrived.

You’ll love the luxury

Each tantric massage specialist works from her own private luxury flat. This guarantees you the discretion and privacy that you want and need. Every part of our service is luxurious and aimed at our VIP clients. Our masseuses are gorgeous, their homes are clean, orderly and well-appointed. With all the privacy you could possibly need and an enthusiastic tantric specialist at hand, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

Did You Know? 

If it’s more convenient to have one of our masseuses meet you at your premium London hotel, that may be available, depending on the masseuse and the scheduling. 

Most of our clients adore the in-call model as it gives them flexibility and allows them to pop in for a quick session and get on with their day. We understand that you are busy and that convenience is essential. That’s why we have specifically chosen masseuses that work in all parts of the city, to serve you best.

A Quick Consultation

Every session begins the same way: with a brief consultation about the appointment. These few minutes allow both of you to express your limits, set expectations and understand how the appointment will go forward. This is also when you will discuss and agree on the length of the appointment. She will then take cash payment, and you’ll be ready to rock and roll. 

Start Fresh with a Shower

All clients must shower before their session begins, just as all supplies and surfaces must be cleaned between appointments. This helps ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable in terms of hygiene. A nice warm shower will also help your muscles prepare for your massage and make your skin more responsive to the massage oil. 

Enjoy Your Massage

The bulk of your session will be the massage itself. Depending on the style of massage you are seeking, it may happen in the shower or tub for an Aqua Massage, on a massage table or platform if it’s Shiatsu, or an inflatable mattress if it’s a silky-smooth Nuru Massage. With tantric massage you can be sure that your masseuse will be completely present and 100% focused on you and your relaxation, comfort, and pleasure. 

Did You Know?

Historically, the term Tantra refers to sacred texts regarding physical, mental and emotional wellness, spiritual values, sexual expression, and the connection between the human and the divine. Therefore, Tantric practice is the intentional lived experience as decreed by these texts. 

Because tantric massage is a deeply physical and somatic experience, touch plays an important role. Tantric massage is easily the most accessible avenue into any sort of Tantric practice. Tantric touch patient, sensual and intentional. It can be a wonderful way to connect with a partner and express your desire and love for them. Likewise, it can be an intensely sexually-charged transactional experience of the adult entertainment industry, happy ending optional.

A Strong Finish

A happy ending massage refers to a massage that ends in climax. 

Unfortunately, the term ‘happy ending’ has also become synonymous with cheap rub-n-tug massage parlours. For some, suggesting that a massage comes with a happy ending, implies that it is not a legitimate massage, but instead, a thinly veiled sex act. Here at Secret Tantric our massages do include “real” massage and they often involve a client’s climax. This is usually achieved by stimulating or over-stimulating the client throughout the massage until they erupt in a long-awaited and much anticipated blaze of glory. 

See You Again Soon!

When your massage is finished, you’ll have the opportunity to have another quick shower. We use only 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed virgin grapeseed oil because it is a nice light oil and we find that it cleans up easier than some other types. This means that you can have a quick shower, or not, and get back to your day. From there, you’ll say farewell to your masseuse, thank her, and be on your way. Back to regular life! 

Enjoy the benefits

Deep relaxation is the number one benefit of tantric massage. From the atmosphere of the room, to the demeanour of your masseuse, your pleasure has been considered at every turn. Tantric massage is an intense and sensual way to unwind and escape the pressures of real life. Your masseuse knows exactly how to take you through the process and give you a stress-free and pleasurable session. Health and wellness comes in many forms and affects many parts of the mind and body. It feels good and it’s good for you. If tantric massage intrigues you, call us today for more information and to set up your first session! 

How do I book myself a tantric massage?

Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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