Erotic massage is so hot right now. It is an absolutely booming area of the adult entertainment industry  and it is becoming more and more accessible all the time. The most ubiquitous form of erotic massage is tantric massage, an ancient practice from India that includes sacred genital massages of the lingam and yoni. But what is lingam and yoni massage?  Read along as we unpack some tantric definitions and answer all the most common questions about lingam and yoni massage.

Massage feels good. Erotic touch feels good. Combine the two, and you have heaven on Earth.  It’s not surprising that there are many cultures with an element of erotic massage in their histories. Among the most recognised is Tantra, an ancient Indian and Tibetan practice that has many facets, including specific and sacred genital massages known and lingam and yoni massages. You’ve probably heard of Tantra but you may not know much about it. Tantric practice began in the 6th century and has been practiced all over the globe since. It has had a bit of a Renaissance during the last decade thanks to the low-key spiritual movements that have been happening in popular culture. But how did Tantra start?

Ancient wisdom

Tantra began as a form of resistance against Indian spiritual leaders of the day. people wanted to live a less prescriptive, but still orderly lifestyle, one that was centred on harmony and balance oh, that encouraged Wellness in all forms and true spiritual commitment. These ways of being, known then as The Tantras, we’re documented and studied Collecting More and more practitioners overtime.  because the ten Trust depicted a lifestyle that focused on holistic Wellness, sex and sexuality was a prominent part of the decrees. Scholars now argue that the original Tantras were misogynistic by today’s standards, but for their time they were considered Progressive and equitable. Sex was considered sacred Because the human body was considered sacred. 

What do lingam and yoni mean?

The term ‘lingam’ refers to the penis, and ‘yoni’ refers to the vulva and/or vagina. These terms are common within tantric practice because of the tantric belief that these parts of the human body hold and manifest sexual energies. By massaging, or exercising, the lingam and yoni, it is believed that challenging or negative feelings about sex or sexuality can be relieved.  Likewise, both the lingam and yoni can be stimulated specifically for the purpose of causing pleasure. This is why both lingam and yoni massages are so incredibly popular in modern tantric practice.

What is ‘lingam massage’?

In simplest terms a lingam massage is a penis massage. Generally it is combined with full body or body-on-body massage and results in climax. But don’t assume that a lingam massage is just a glorified handjob. While a lingam massage does literally involve massaging the lingam, it also comes with other sensual massage techniques and may or may not involve anal penetration and stimulation of the prostate. Because the lingam is the centre of the male life force, It describes both the body part and the concept of masculinity and maleness. Tantra is structured based upon the Harmony and balance of male and female energies in the universe. Therefore, self understanding and acceptance of the innate power of the lingam, is essential to Tantric practice and growth.

What does ‘yoni massage’ mean?

During a yoni massage that practitioner massages and arouses the receiver through slow and steady touch. Like all tantric practices, breathing is  significant and hopes create deep focus  for greater impact. Yoni massage involves direct stimulation of the vulva and vagina. A modern-day yoni massage is primarily about pleasure and orgasm, but it is actually quite multi-purpose. The yoni massage has been used for pain management, postnatal care, and in conjunction with talk therapy to work through sexual trauma.  Just like a lingam massage, yoni massage end in orgasm and is often considered a former sacred sex practice.  The yoni massage is about more than just pleasure and self-care, it is also about communing with the divine feminine and empowering oneself through Womanhood. 

It’s all about the breathing

Being mindful about one’s breathing has all kinds of benefits to the emotional and mental state of a person. From a physical  point of view, better breathing means more oxygen and more oxygen means better circulation and better muscular response. Therefore, if your  breathing is consistent, deep, and feeding your body, you are immediately better equipped to experience pleasure and sensation then if you were breathing shallowly. 

Tantric practice revolves around nourishing the body and mind with intentional breathing.  Most of us don’t breathe properly on a regular basis:

  • We hold our breath when we are cold or nervous
  • Almost everyone breathes shallowly when excited
  • And when we are extremely focussed sometimes we don’t breathe at all!

Deep and purposeful breaths will relax you and unlock the stored potential energy of your lingam or yoni.

Both yoni and lingam massages come with benefits

Not only is the massage itself enjoyable and exciting, it leaves you with lasting effects, both mental and physical. This is not just a feel-good self-care therapy! Modern science tells us that our bodies hold on to trauma and manifest it physically over the course of time, resulting in a variety of chronic pain and illness. Both yoni and lingam massages are effective ways of accessing and releasing tension, chronic pain and alleviating stress. 


  •  sleep better
  •  enjoy better mental focus and acuity
  •  improve the intensity of orgasms
  •  experience increase self-understanding
  •  tap into a truer sense of your sexuality
  •  let go of stress and anxiety 

What does it feel like?

yoni massage feels like very sophisticated and deliberate fingering. It should always include plenty of massage oil for lubrication because dry fingers against a moist vulva don’t feel very good. Slowly and methodically the vulva is massaged and the vagina is gently penetrated. The touch used in a yoni massage is gentle and intentional. No part of a yoni massage should hurt, and no yoni masseuse should progress the massage at a pace the receiver is uncomfortable with.

A lingam massage requires very little effort or feedback from the person receiving it. He can literally lay back and just enjoy himself as the masseuse caresses and massages the stomach, thighs and pelvis. For the particularly adventurous, lingam massage can include prostate stimulation, which requires anal penetration. By no means is this a requisite for lingam massage, but many find that it is a pleasurable addition to the other hands-on techniques. 

What happens during a professional lingam or yoni massage?

Your masseuse will help you relax, and guide you through breathing exercises to help you become more receptive to the massage. Your masseuse may begin the massage at your feet or hands or shoulders, but chances are she won’t begin at your genitals. Both lingam and yoni massages are slow and deliberate processes. It’s important not to rush. 

Tease and denial

Edging is the process of bringing a person to a high level of arousal, near the edge of orgasm, and then retreating. By ramping up and backing off the stimulation,  your body is primed and ready for orgasm. 

Tantric methods require focus, and in some cases, resisting the drive to orgasm. Counterintuitive? Yes, but it’s the key to the balance of tension and deep relaxation that makes tantra so powerful. Through focus and practice, you can re-learn your body’s most basic urges and better control your orgasms. It may sound like a lot of work but better orgasm control equals better orgasms. 

  • Edging makes masturbation more exciting
  • Partnered intimacy is more intense with edging
  • Orgasms are more focused and intense
  • Edging is a great technique for men who ejaculate quickly
  • It is the surest way to become multi-orgasmic 
  • Tantric edging is a sexy, intense and mind-blowing experience! 

The happiest of endings

Most men opt-in for a climactic finish to their lingam massage. But for many women, the objective of yoni massage is learning how to orgasm. A lack of orgasm can be caused by many different factors. Most women have the physical capacity to orgasm but have not been in a situation that was conducive to orgasm. Yoni massage can be an effective  method for discovering and improving orgasms. Tantric touch makes a variety of kinds of orgasm possible, far more than typical stimulation. Additionally, yoni massage can help a woman achieve the level of relaxation needed to do this kind of intimate exploration.

For men, there are associated health benefits to ejaculation, particularly tantric ejaculation. It tends to “clean out the pipes” more effectively than your usual self-stimulation. The brain-splitting climax comes at the very end of the massage and leaves you in a blissfully altered state of mind.

Tantric orgasms are (almost always) multiple orgasms

Usually orgasms are described as male or female. We used to think that men could orgasm more easily than women, yet outside of tantric practice we only ever hear about women having multiple orgasms. For women the multiple orgasm has always been the Holy Grail of pleasure, so mythic that not everyone believes it can happen. With tantric techniques all orgasms, for all people, can be multiple. When we examine a tantric orgasm in comparison to a regular one it is immediately obvious that they are entirely different. If a normal orgasm is a roller coaster ride with one steep hill,  a tantric orgasm is more like a downhill mogul ski-run. Multiple, but also a lot more interesting along the way. 

Making cosmic connections

Tantra is all about Connections. It is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to English as wolves and web. This translation perfectly highlights the interconnectedness and Powerful symbolism that  make Tantra what it is. the physical connection of tantric massage allows the recipient to deeply relax, or even meditate, which can lead to both erotic and emotional ends. It is not at all uncommon for a lingam or yoni massage to cause the recipient to cry or feel otherwise emotionally affected. likewise another facet of Tantra is sacred sex. This practice involves the connecting an intertwining of two people’s Sexual Energy, creating a conduit for the energies of the universe. It said that these energies are the driving force behind Health Wellness growth and change. The focus and specific breathing of tantric practice makes orgasm easier for most people as well as far more intense.

Tantric massage is good for relationships

For lots of couples, a yoni or lingam massage would constitute cheating. But what if this was something that you purposefully incorporated into your sex life? Relationships are living breathing things and a healthy relationship is more than the sum of its parts. You may love and respect each other, you may be hopelessly attracted to one another, but none of these things guarantees intimacy. 

Did you know? 

Tantric massage, including lingam and yoni massage, helps increase intimacy. 

Relationships become routine and it’s easy to lose the spark. Most couples panic when they realize that the intense intimacy they experienced early in their relationship has slowed down.  That panic can lead to blame, blame leads to communication breakdowns, and communication breakdowns lead to conflict, possibly even the end of the relationship. 

How lingam and yoni massage can help

Lingam and yoni massage allow each of you to reconnect with yourselves before you repair and re-unite as a couple. By accessing your own sexual energy you can each return to the other more complete and more sure of what you want and need. Lingam and yoni massage involves the head, heart, and hands, also known as the mind, body and spirit. An incredible benefit of erotic massage is that it allows us to connect physically and emotionally, while learning more about our partner. Listening and responding, touch and communication, all of these things are essential to erotic massage and to relationships themselves.

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