There is nothing like a full body massage. To have every single muscle in your body slowly massaged and soothed by warm hands is the ultimate indulgence and luxury. Whether you’re taking care of your body or want to enjoy something good, a full body massage is a perfect choice. But what makes a full body massage good? And how do you perfect the art of giving and receiving, one? Sit back, grab a glass of wine, and let’s explore the fine art of full body massage.

Full body massages are incredible

Full body massages are essentially what they sound like. It’s a massage that takes care of your entire body from head to toe. And, with an erotic one, we mean from head to toe. Not a single part of your body is skipped during an incredible full body massage. Full body massages take care of every ache and pain, loosen up your muscles, and help you completely relax. All you have to do is lay down, take a deep breath, and let your masseuse work her magic.

What makes one amazing?

If you’re thinking about getting or giving a full body massage, you might be wondering what makes a full body massage amazing. The best full body massages are done with high-quality massage oils to prevent any skin irritation or allergic reactions. Professional masseuses are trained in the fine art of full body massage. And if you’re giving one at home, you want to think about what makes your receiver feel good and focus on areas that make them shiver in pleasure.

The best full body massages are the ones that focus on giving a pleasurable, intense massage without hurting the receiver. They should feel good and luxurious, not like someone’s being put through the wringer.

Why not make it an erotic one?

Full body massages can be done by a regular masseuse professional, but why not seek out something on the erotic side? Have a little more fun with a beautiful masseuse trained in massage and enjoy a sexy and sensual atmosphere. Erotic massages let you explore a different side of yourself that you may not tap into enough.

Or if you’re exploring at home, set the mood just right. Have a little cocktail together before easing into the bedroom for a long exploration of your lover’s body. Take your time exploring their muscles and see what makes them lean into your hands. End it with both of you diving into pleasure together. A full body massage can be pleasurable in more than one way.

Exploring full body massage at home

There’s nothing wrong with exploring full body massage at home with you and your lover. It’s one of the best ways to build a sexy connection and deepen intimacy. When was the last time you spent time exploring each other’s bodies? Have you ever taken the time to see what makes your lover feel good? And who can pass up an opportunity to pamper their loved one from head to toe? If you’re ready to dive in, we’ve got a few tips to help you give an incredible full body massage.

Preparation is key

You might be thinking you can jump straight into a full body massage, but there are a few things you should think about doing first. Consider what kind of mood you want to set for the massage. Soft and sensual? Or sexy and steamy? Whichever you’re leaning towards, there are a few things you should put together before beginning your massage.

  • Pick out a high-quality massage oil in your favourite scent. Most sex shops carry wonderful selections, including beautiful candles that melt into a luxurious oil. Find a scent you both like and enjoy.
  • Think about where you’re going to do the massage. Do you need to lay down towels to protect your bed from massage oil? Consider adjusting the room’s temperature to make the receiver more comfortable.
  • For a soft and sensual vibe, light some candles and turn on some soft music. You don’t want to go completely spa-like but keep it quiet.
  • For a sexy and steamy vibe, dim the lights and a hot playlist. Wear something sexy and help your partner strip for their massage.

Setting the mood

We’ve mentioned a couple of things to help set the mood, but you can set the stage hours before you give your erotic full body massage to your partner. Take them on a date and enjoy some quality time together. Turn off those mobiles and focus on each other. If you’re aiming for a steamy massage, flirt your heart out. Touch them here and there discreetly. Tell them how much you want them and their body. They’ll be aching for your touch very soon.

This will also help keep your head in the game and focus on what is happening here and now. A distracted masseuse isn’t a good masseuse. You want to pay attention to your partner and all the signals their body gives you. Stay in the moment and stick to your goal of giving a massage.

Consider breathing together

Doing a few breathing exercises together is a great way to help bring you both into focus. You can stand or sit facing each other and looking into each other’s eyes. Take a few deep breaths together and let them out slowly. Hold hands or each other’s bodies, whatever feels right. But just a few breaths together will help forge the beginning of the connection between the two of you energetically and bring a whole new element to the massage.

Ready? Time to begin

Once you’ve got your partner nude and stretched out, it’s time to begin giving the full body massage. Start slowly, working from the shoulders and neck down the length of their back. Use your whole hand and move in wide circles. You don’t have to apply a lot of pressure to give a great massage. And make sure you’re using plenty of that massage oil. You don’t want them swimming in it but don’t skimp on it either.

Slowly work your way down their back to their hips. Spend a little time on the lower back before moving to your bottom. This is a great place to linger and admire their body. Then on to the legs and feet.

Once you’ve done their whole back and they feel content, have them roll over and slowly start on the front of their body. Linger in the sexiest areas. Tell them how beautiful or handsome they are. Tease but don’t bring them to orgasm. Let the tension between the two of you build and build.

Massaging how-to’s

You may want to try a few techniques when giving your sexy full body massage.

  • Kneading – create an arch with your thumb and fingers, then gently lift and roll the muscles between them. Go slowly and ease up on pressure if needed.
  • Pressure points – keep an eye out for particularly sensitive spots that feel more tender or tighter than others. You can hold your thumb or fingers on one of these spots with gentle pressure for a few seconds before releasing. Make sure you’re not hurting your partner. You can also massage in small circles to help break up the tension.
  • Circular movements – this is a long, languorous motion that uses a constant level of pressure. Push your hands slowly up their back, then slide your hands apart on the shoulders. Slowly slide down their sides, then return to the small of their back. You can make this motion on limbs, too.
  • Gentle, slow movements – make sure you’re going slow when giving your massage. No one should feel rushed. Take your time to soothe muscles and pay attention to how your partner is reacting to you.

Massaging erogenous zones

If you want to turn up the heat of your full body massage, pay attention to those erogenous zones. They can vary a little from person to person but mainly include areas like the breasts, butt, and thighs. Lips, ears, and neck are sometimes sensitive areas. Linger in these places and play with them a little more to turn your partner on. Whisper naughty things in their ear as you massage their shoulders. As you move between their thighs, focus on making them feel pleasure rather than orgasm. Let the waves of pleasure flow through them over and over again by paying attention to when they’re close to orgasm and backing off.

Reaching the end of your massage

As you reach the end of giving your massage, lighten the pressure you’re using. Slow your movements down even further. Give a sense of relaxation and taking in the moment together. You may want to tell your partner softly that you’re ending the massage. Let them tell you how they’re feeling. Think about how you’re feeling. What kind of ending do you want to have together?

A very happy ending

If you want to end your massage with a happy ending, you have two options. You can go back to teasing your partner and let them have that amazing orgasm you’ve been building them up to. Or you can come together and have a great time between the sheets. What you go with is up to you and what feels right.

Don’t feel like you have to end your massage with sex or orgasms, either. It’s perfectly fine to have a wonderfully sexy time and top it with snuggling or a nap. What matters is that feels good to both of you and flows naturally.

It doesn’t need to be perfect

The art of full body massage can take years to master, but you don’t need to perfect it to give a great one. So much about massage is about taking your time and paying attention to your partner’s bodily cues. What spots make them moan in pleasure versus pain? What areas feel tight and need a little more attention? Worry less about being perfect at giving a massage and more about making your lover feel great. No matter what, you’re both going to have an incredible time together, and that’s really what this is all about.

Enjoy each other’s bodies

This is about the two of you building a connection and intimacy. Enjoy admiring your lover’s body and let them give you a massage in return so they can admire yours. Full body massages are incredible ways to learn little new secrets about what turns each of you on since you can linger in areas or try new techniques. Keep it relaxing and fun, and you will surely have a wonderful time.

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