Are you shy about trying a full body massage? What’s holding you back? In the adult massage business it’s our job to know what makes our clients tick. It’s also our job to know what prevents people from partaking in sensual services like erotic massage or tantric massage. We have all the answers to all of your questions about full body massage and why it is a great choice for fun and relaxation. If you are unsure if it’s for you, this article will put your mind at ease! 

The number one question that we get asked about full body massage is how “full body” is it? As an erotic massage agency, we provide adult oriented massages of many varieties, some of which are considered full body massage styles. So when we say full-body, we do mean it. In the case of all our full body massages the client has the opportunity to be fully nude and the masseuse will be in just a thong or will be nude herself. The massage involves full body contact, including using her body to massage the client’s body. That’s the gist of it but if you are a nervous first-time client you probably have more questions. Let’s unpack the full body massage experience from end to end. 

There’s no need to be shy

In most cases the biggest impediment to erotic massage that  potential clients face is themselves. Paying for a full body massage is still considered quite taboo but when you think about it, this doesn’t make very much sense. People see massage therapists for sore muscles,  chiropractors for bad backs, and doctors for everything else.  All of these professions heal the body through physical touch, like erotic massage, so why should erotic massage be any different? The answer of course is that it is sensual and although our masseuses are not escorts, happy ending massages are certainly sexual-adjacent. This makes some people nervous, it also makes a lot of people feel ashamed. If you can get past that nervousness and shame, there’s a whole world of erotic delight and self-knowledge to be gained. Booking a session with us is the first step towards that personal freedom.

First things first:  our website

Before you call in to make an appointment, make use of our masseuse portfolio pages. 

Each of our stunning tantric goddesses has a profile with her details, photos/videos and information about the part of London that she works out of. 

  • Scroll through the gallery of masseuse photos and find someone you liked the look of.
  • Be sure that the types of massage that she offers and  her rates are all to your liking.
  • Each of our masseuses sets her own hours and her own rates. 
  • Details of massage styles can be found on our massage menu.

Make a call

Once you have decided on the masseuse that you want to see and the kind of massage you’re looking for, give us a ring.  You’ll get to talk to a live person and all of your questions will be answered if they haven’t already been on the website.  Once you have provided and received all the necessary details, your masseuse’s location will be disclosed to you and you will meet her there at the time of your appointment. We are often able to book the same day or next day, with many appointments booking within a couple of hours of calling in.

In-call Massage versus out-call massage

The majority of our masseuses provide in-call massage, meaning that you travel to them not the other way around.  The reasons for this are fairly straightforward:

  • End called massage reduces downtime between massage sessions which makes scheduling more efficient for everyone
  • In-call massage from their apartments means complete discretion and privacy for clients.  You will not be walking down any dark alleys to get to your massage. All our girls live and work out of luxury five-star residences in the poshest parts of London.
  • Getting a massage in someone’s home is considerably more comfortable than going to even the classiest massage parlours. Our masseuses are intelligent, personable women who know how to make a guest feel comfortable and right at home.

Five stars all the way 

Secret Tantric is a luxury massage brand. We are not some back alley rub and tug with questionable business ethics and a dangerous reputation. Unlike some of our fellow massage agencies in London,  our masseuses are highly specialised and fully trained. They understand both the mechanics of massage and the nuance of eroticism. No matter what style of massage you would like to have, you will be treated to a world-class version of it. You’ll find that all of our masseuses are located in upscale parts of London where a discerning gentleman would not be out of place.  It is essential to us that our clients be comfortable with the locations that our masseuses work from, and that goes both for the neighbourhood and for how well-appointed your masseuse’s apartment will be.

When you arrive

All of our masseuses operate out of gorgeous, modern buildings so accessibility is rarely, if ever an issue. Likewise all of our girls live and work near Tube stations so they are easy to get to and easy to find. When you get there you’ll be greeted by your masseuse and welcomed in. Before your massage begins you and your masseuse will have a brief consultation to go over the details of your massage and agree to any limits or boundaries or other considerations. When that conversation is complete you can pay your masseuse directly in cash. Then you will be asked to have a brief shower and your massage can begin!

Things your masseuse needs to know

In order to provide you with the best sensual massage possible, your masseuse needs to know a few things about you. Because massage is so physical, it can affect the heart rate, the lungs, and circulation.  If you have issues in any of these areas be sure to let your masseuse know.  She won’t be upset or disappointed, she will do what she can to properly accommodate you to ensure that everyone is safe and have a great time.

Things your masseuse does not need to know

One thing that makes people nervous about erotic massage is that it feels like there will be pressure to perform in an unfamiliar situation. Rest assured, the only expectations of you during your massage are that you are respectful of your masseuse and you relax and enjoy yourself.  Happy endings are certainly a part of the massage landscape here at Secret Tantric but our masseuses are familiar with men’s health and erectile issues so don’t feel the need to apologise or be embarrassed. Our masseuses have literally seen it all and they are not there to judge. They are there to provide you with a world-class massage with a deliciously happy ending and  to treat you like the king you are.

The massage

Depending on the kind of massage you selected and the kinds of massage your masseuse offers, your massage might take place in a number of different places.  For example an Aqua Massage begins in the tub or shower and then moves to the designated massage space. A Nuru Massage, which is sexy and slippery, is often performed on an inflatable massage bed.  Most other forms of erotic massage can happen on a bed I massage platform or table, or on an inflatable. 

Slippery is sexy

Massage oil is an important part of any style of erotic massage. We use only pure and top-of-the-line oils, specifically organic grapeseed oil. Chosen for its versatility and complete lack of smell or taste, we find that grapeseed oil absorbs into the skin at an ideal rate for the types of massage we offer. It is also one of the easiest oils to clean up afterwards, meaning you don’t necessarily have to have a shower before you leave. Both our clients and our masseuses also love that grapeseed oil is non-comedogenic. This means that it will not clog pores or make your skin break out. In fact it’s high in antioxidants and other healing  properties.

Full body massages good for everyone

Obviously when we say everyone we mean consenting adults above the age of majority. Beyond that, everyone is welcome. We have clients from all walks of life, every socioeconomic bracket,  every industry,  and every level of ability.  There is a grave misconception that erotic massage,  especially tantric massage, is something that requires particular level of fitness.  Sure, the Kama Sutra is packed with acrobatic sexual positions, but let’s remember tantric massage is not tantric sex. All forms of erotic massage are incredibly accommodating. Not only do you not need to be fit to reap the benefits and enjoy the sensations, you also don’t need to be flexible, young, good looking, or anything else like that. What you must be is willing, open-minded, and respectful of your masseuse. 

What to expect from your massage

A full body massage is a beautiful thing. It is incredibly sensual and feels amazing, not to mention the fact that the woman performing in it will be absolutely stunning. We do not bait and switch: the girls you see on our website are the girls that you will see for your massages. We only work with the very best  masseuses in London,  and that goes for  brains and personality as much as good looks.  If you are a bit of an exhibitionist, you will enjoy the undivided attention that your masseuse will give your body. And don’t think that we’ve forgotten about you, voyeurs.  If you love to watch, and who doesn’t, who better to do that with then the hottest masseuses in all of London?

The happiest of endings

Many people don’t know this, but happy ending massages are completely legitimate and above board and London.  That means that you can have a deliciously sensual full body massage in which your masseuse works you up to a fantastic finish. If, for any reason you don’t want to finish with a bang that’s okay too, just be sure to communicate with your masseuse.

When it’s over

After your massage is complete you’re welcome to have a brief shower to rinse off before you go. It’s also totally cool to say thanks and head out.  Even though your masseuse is beautiful and charming and you will have had a wonderful time, we do ask that you leave on time so that she can prepare for her next appointment or go about her day.

So many benefits

A full body massage, in case you haven’t gathered, is a great way to spend an hour or so. All of our sessions are 60 Minutes minimum, but often masseuses can accommodate longer sessions. Opting for a longer massage session multiplies the benefits and results that you get from erotic massage. It can be a great aid in issues of erectile dysfunction and it will help you sleep better. It will help with circulation, and of course sore and tired muscles will get some rejuvenation. Our clients also frequently report that they have experienced an uptick in general mood and that their self confidence was enhanced by their massage experience. There really is no downside to trying a full body massage!

What are you waiting for?

Our masseuses are there for you, to guide you through the Full Body Massage process and provide you with an energetic and enthusiastic experience. So really, the question isn’t why should you choose a Full Body Massage, it’s why wouldn’t you? Give us a ring and set up your appointment today! Give us a ring at Secret Tantric VIP London! We will get you all set up for the next available spot with the masseuses of your dreams!

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