Taking time and spending money to get a full body massage may seem like a hollow indulgence to some. You may not realize it yet but the benefits of full body massage are significant. It can improve your way of life while giving you a boost, and some physical relief. A full body massage is an activity that really has no downside! Everything about it is good feeling or good for you. 

If you are considering one, keep reading to learn more of the benefits of full body massage.

Our lives are hectic and fast-paced, with ever increasing responsibilities and expectations crush us from all directions. It can be hard, if not nearly impossible, to carve out just a little bit of time for ourselves to do something restorative. Most adults don’t get enough sleep, drink enough water, exercise enough, or eat well enough. Even if you are not excelling in any of these areas, get a full body massage and consider it self-care. 

What is a full body massage?

A full body massage is everything that you think it is. Simply put it is a sensual massage that goes from head to foot. Your masseuse will spend time on a variety of parts of your body, including erogenous zones but the sole purpose of a full body massage is known its climax or arousal. The heart of a good full body massage is the massage itself. It just so happens that it is a form of massage that when professionally performed, is usually done by strikingly beautiful women as a form of adult entertainment as well.

What to expect during a full body massage

A full body massage is an incredible experience and something that you need to do in order to fully understand the depth and breadth of it. As the client in a professional full body massage, there are very few expectations of you. All you need to do is lay back and enjoy yourself, following the directions of your masseuse. Since a full body massage is a sensual or erotic form of massage, you can expect that your masseuse will be scantily clad in lingerie, or less. Likewise you  can keep your underwear on, or be  nude.  Here at Secret Tantric our full body massages, much like all our massages, are a minimum of 60 minutes. We find that anything less is too rushed and we want our clients to reap all of the benefits of full body massage.

You definitely want to have one

Even if you set aside the benefits of full body massage, the truth of the matter is it just feels good. And isn’t that enough? Not everything we do has to be good for us or has to have a purpose. Sometimes the purpose is simply feeling good or getting the little boost of energy or happiness that you need. We live in a crazy world that is going far too fast, we need to grab every scrap of pleasure and enjoyment where we can. One of the best things  about the benefits of full body massage is that there are many of them, and some of them last longer than you’d think. No matter your motivation for getting a full body massage, you will definitely feel better for having done it, and we would be surprised if you only came to see us once. Many of our clients joke that they have booked their next session in the middle of their current session because they were already so sure they’d be back for more. 

Remember:  self-care is not selfish

The concept of self-care gets a lot of  airtime and is arguably one of the biggest buzz words of our lifetime. But self-care is not the shallow silliness that face mask companies would have you believe it is. Self-care is actually a really important part of taking care of yourself as an adult. One of the ways in which a lot of people negate their self care is by not including sensuality and sexuality in their self care regimes. Erotic massage such as full body massage, can be a positive contributor to a healthy libido and a fulfilling intimate life. Additionally, because a full body massage is a legitimate muscular massage, it’s good for you in a number of ways. 

Sexy stuff is good for you 

It’s so easy to ignore our needs for intimacy, touch, and sensuality. Our culture is becoming less puritanical, but something like full body massage still lands well within the bounds of things that are considered taboo. Human beings need touch and affection, we also need release and to acknowledge our needs and desires. Seeking  professional experiences that are sensual and erotic is a healthy way to interact with your libido with no strings attached. Even though you won’t want your massage session to end, it’s a very good thing that these sessions are finite. When it’s done you can leave without any of the emotional entanglements of a relationship, just the good feelings and pleasure along with no-maintenance intimacy.

Three kinds of benefits

The benefits of full body massage are quite varied. Essentially, they fall into three categories:  physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Not everyone will experience every single benefit every single time. The benefits of full body massage are common and somewhat typical, but not universal. Depending on other factors in your life, how you’re feeling, how comfortable you are, your experience may change. All these things can influence and impede the benefits of full body massage. However, regardless of your state of mind or body, you will leave a full body massage feeling better than when you arrived. At Secret Tantric we take pride in the fact that our erotic massages are quality muscular massages not just a sexy rub down. Our goal is to have you leave us feeling relaxed and refreshed, and completely satisfied.

Physical benefits 

The physical benefits of a full body massage can be as simple as relaxation from the massage itself or  more systemic, such as a reduction in blood pressure or an increase in circulation. A full body massage, because it covers so much area, is also excellent for lymphatic drainage. This is especially valuable for people who have issues with inflammation , often associated with diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. If you’re feeling kind of slow and bloated, a full body massage can also help with improving gastrointestinal issues, among other things. Another area in which full body massage can be therapeutic is sexual dysfunction. The powerful eroticism and pacing of a professional full body massage session can help clients, over the course of time, improve with issues of premature ejaculation and some forms of erectile dysfunction. Simply put, the physical benefits of full body massage are varied and worth exploring.

Mental benefits

You may not immediately think of mental health in association with the benefits of full body massage. But mental health is often directly affected by physical health and therefore can be impacted by things like relaxation. It’s obvious that your massage should leave you feeling relaxed, but a full body massage includes erotic elements, therefore stimulating  more than just your body. The combination of a relaxing, worry-free environment with a beautiful woman for a sensual massage is a recipe for feeling good. Many of our clients have reported that after their full body massage sessions their sense of relaxation and wellness lasted for hours, sometimes days. Perhaps it’s best to say that the benefits of full body massage are nuanced and varied, and go well beyond your muscles.

Emotional benefits

The impact of sensuality and relaxation on mental health is a fairly obvious. An area that people forget to acknowledge is the emotional element. Sure, full body massage feels good. And feeling good brings about positive emotions, but the emotional benefits of full body massage can go deeper than that. For some, getting a professional full body massage is something they do all the time. It may not be completely meaningless, but also not intensely meaningful. For other people, a full body massage can be a way of healing through their current emotional state. An example of this would be a widower booking a full body massage as a way to he’s himself back into being sensual with a woman, after the passing of his wife. Likewise, we have clients who are nursing their way through a breakup, trying to heal their heart at the hands of a beautiful masseuse.

Share in the benefits of full body massage

 A highly underrated but incredibly bonding experience for couples is couples full body massage. For many people the thought of getting an erotic massage with their partner present seems uncomfortable or inappropriate. For those who enjoy it , there is a sense of excitement and adventure.  A couples massage from Secret Tantric is a positive and energizing experience.  Sharing an experience like this with your partner can be an exciting way to experience and evolve in your relationship. It can also help you to heal past issues of mistrust, and get closer to each other. 

Regardless of benefits …

The benefits of full body massage may not matter to everyone. For some people the benefits will be a way for them to justify getting a massage. Erotic massage is still taboo and considered adult entertainment even when it is also a quality massage. This makes some people uncomfortable, and that’s okay. For other people the benefits aren’t important at all because they are simply seeking the experience and pleasure.  If you are part of the latter group and you are interested in an intimate, sensual, spicy experience, you don’t need any other reason or excuse than that. Making yourself feel good is literally one of the responsibilities of being an adult. We are each responsible to find the things that make us happy, and do them. For some it’s scuba diving, for others it’s stamp collecting. If your pleasure can be found in 60 minutes with a gorgeous woman then that’s what you should do. 

What are you waiting for?

Erotic massage is a luxury, but also an important part of your sexual health maintenance. Looking to relax? Are you touch-starved from being single? We can meet your every need.

Whether you are looking for a lingam massage or sensual full body tantric massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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