If you are considering treating yourself, let us tell you why you should have a nuru massage once in your life. A nuru massage is incredibly sexy and sensual, (especially at Secret Tantric). We thoroughly train all of our masseuses but nuru massage is considered one of the more sophisticated and expert-level massages available on our menu. This is because nuru massage is an intense massage, for both client and masseuse. Why nuru massage? How is it different from other erotic massage styles? Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be ready and excited to book your massage session!

For many people, massage is reserved only for the most intimate of relationships. For others massage is a means to an end.  Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of sensual and erotic massage but we see no moral difference between getting a massage from a sexy masseuse or a medical massage therapist.  In both scenarios you are paying someone to touch you for a specific purpose. Human beings have always given and received massages because it feels good. Over the course of time, improvements and innovations were made to make the experience more enjoyable and beneficial. nuru massage is an example of such innovation. Nuru massage is a highly sensual and exciting experience, but what makes a nuru massage so special?

It’s slippery, sexy, fun

Like all forms of body on body massage, nuru massage is full-contact, but nuru does not involve typical massage oil. Instead of oil, a nuru massage uses an organic lotion made from brown Japanese seaweed. In fact, it is the same seaweed that wraps your sushi! The nuru gel has a smooth, slick texture and is warmed to body temperature before application. During a nuru massage the masseuse uses their whole body and body weight to massage the other person, set in motion with the slick seaweed lotion. 

Your skin will be so happy

The incredible organic composition of nuru massage seaweed lotion, means that nuru massage comes with several Dermatological benefits. The specific extract from brown seaweed plants is incredibly healthy for the skin and will leave you feeling soft, supple, and glowing. With a regular erotic massage, the lasting skin benefits are from the oils they use and how hydrated your skin feels afterwards. But with nuru, you get the added health benefit and sensation of the nuru gel. Not only is it incredibly sensual and arousing, it is truly relaxing and rejuvenating. The organic sea-botanical gel is filled with minerals and organic compounds that will make your skin softer, more supple, and more touchable!  Don’t worry, it is non-comedogenic so it won’t give you spots, and it absorbs easily into the skin without leaving any residue or irritation. 

Pleasure is good for you

The greatest benefits and perks of nuru massage are its erotic components. Not only is your body getting a sensual and vigorous rub down, there is the added advantage of watching your masseuse’s naked body on yours. It’s great for people with a voyeuristic streak because the visual element is so prevalent. nuru massage tends to be very deep and physically satisfying, so if you have sore muscles, nuru massage will absolutely soothe them. Intimacy and pleasure may seem strange to enjoy with a stranger,  but sensual touch has incredible healing properties.  A nuru massage will give you time and space to relax through focused physical pleasure and you will feel the relaxation for hours, sometimes days.

Just enjoy the process

Nuru massage is a full body massage so expect that your masseuse will touch you from head to toe. Your masseuse will spend time slowly awakening and arousing your senses. Do not be surprised if at first the masseuse avoids your erogenous zones and genitals. You may be eager for more intense or sexual touch sooner, allow your masseuse to dictate the pacing of the appointment. Remember, she is an expert at building tension and arousal! Not every nuru massage culminates with a happy ending but it’s hard to imagine not finishing an hour-long session with a stunningly beautiful masseuse touching your naked body with her naked body, and not orgasming. If you’re up for the happy ending, your masseuse will spend the last 15 to 20 minutes focused on getting you past the finish line. Believe us, you will be more than ready for an explosive finish. 

Learn what intimacy means to you

Our aim is that every session with one of our beautiful masseuses will leave you changed for the better. During a nuru massage you can observe and learn some skills and use them when you massage your partner. If your partner is open to it, you can see one of our masseuses together as a couple. If it feels counter intuitive to see a professional erotic masseuse for a couples nuru massage, we understand. However, the couples that see us for massages consistently give us feedback that it benefits the relationship. According to them, a couples nuru massage gives them a new perspective on their intimacy. It can be sexy to see your partner receiving a massage from someone else, but especially if it’s a professional.  

Energise your relationship with a couples’ session

Couples massage can do wonders for a relationship. It is an opportunity to connect through the experience, helping understand your mutual arousal more clearly. A Secret Tantric our couples’ nuru massage is one of our most popular massages. All of our couples have reported back that they had no regrets regarding their massage together. Many of them remarked that a couples’ nuru massage helped them to connect on a more intimate level. 

Unpack your baggage 

Some people feel guilty for pleasure, particularly if it feels selfish. Often, pleasure is fleeting and is replaced by shame or self-doubt as soon as the physical sensations are gone. Expanding your sensual repertoire puts you in a position to learn something about yourself, like how to better articulate your desire and express your needs. Communicating in intimate relationships can be challenging but an experience like nuru massage can help start the chain of thoughts and events that help you work through feelings, self-beliefs, and fears that no longer serve you. It is not uncommon for a client to become emotional during a nuru massage because the depth of touch and intimacy awakens parts of themselves they did not have access to. 

It’s a harmless exploration

Exploring taboos (like professional erotic massage) and what excites you, is part of living your life authentically. This kind of self-acceptance is the foundation of self esteem and self confidence. Our culture puts shame and judgement on the pursuit of erotic experience like nuru massage. A pleasurable experience like a nuru massage should not be a contentious issue in relationships or society at large. If you are into erotic massage, and it’s legally available in your area, as an autonomous adult you should be able to seek it out without a second thought. Whether you’re curious, or you already know that it’s for you, try a nuru massage and see what all the fuss is about. If you don’t enjoy yourself, you never have to do it again. But if you do enjoy yourself, you have just opened up a whole new world of pleasure potential. 

Reset your circadian rhythm

nuru massage can positively impact your sleep in the few nights following your massage.  Because stress is the primary source of sleep issues and insomnia, anything you can do to lower your stress levels is helpful. Nuru massage causes your brain to feed your body all kinds of “happy” brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Both deep relaxation and deep arousal have similar manifestations in the body. nuru massage gives you both at once and sets you up for a great night’s sleep. Regular or semi-regular sessions will keep your stress levels at an acceptable level while you continue to enjoy the pleasures and other benefits of nuru massage. 

Just one session will help you focus

Stress makes for a cluttered mind, which leads to a lack of focus. Give our body better rest and  down time to see an improvement in thinking and cognitive processing. nuru massage has benefits for the body and the brain, making it a valuable tool in your self-care toolkit. This is especially true for people who work high-stress jobs or who have energetic families. Both these situations can make it hard to get away for a bit of ‘me time’, but 60 minutes with a professional erotic masseuse can do wonders for you mentally and physically. 

Did You Know? If you find you’re having a hard time focusing or you forget things when your stress levels rise, it may be time to incorporate some deep relaxation into your self care routine. Nuru massage is the perfect entry point to better personal maintenance.  

Learn a little self control

Training your mind and your body to respond differently to sensual or sexual stimuli takes time. If you are someone who is a little too ‘quick on the draw’ in the bedroom, nuru massage may be your ticket to changing that. A professional nuru massage is very much led by the masseuse as she takes you through the arousal process, using a technique called edging. Edging is all about getting very very close to the ultimate pleasure and backing off to catch your breath. Once the urge has somewhat subsided you begin again, and so on and so forth. Experiencing this kind of temporary tease and denial during a nuru massage can help you rethink how to stop and start the path to orgasm. 

What are you waiting for?

As you can see, nuru massage has no drawbacks. Being on the receiving end of a nuru massage will no doubt be one of the most exciting and erotic experiences of your life. Beyond that, your body will thank you. The combination of visuals, varying tactile pressure,  and the absence of friction thanks to that seaweed gel  makes for an unforgettable and deeply enriching massage experience. 

Whether you are looking for a lingam massage or simply a sensual full body tantric massage, we have what you want. Our girls are the most beautiful in London, if not the world! We are absolutely confident that every session you booked with us will be better than the last. No matter your reasons for booking with us, we will always leave you satisfied, to whatever degree you desire.

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