If you’re debating booking a tantric massage in London, what are you waiting for? We have thought of some great reasons why you must get a tantric massage and we think you will agree with all of them!

If you asked the average person on the street “Tell me why you must get a tantric massage? they would likely be baffled and not know what to say. Why is that? Well, a few reasons. Firstly, tantric massage and erotic massage are still somewhat taboo to many people. We see it as a wonderful way to spice things up or a way to completely chill out, a means to an end in terms of balancing work and play and managing stress.

No downside

Many people think ‘tantra’ and their minds immediately go to exotic, kinky, dangerous sex. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Tantra is safe, actually quite wholesome, and not kinky unless you want it to be kinky. Tantra and tantric massage are ancient modes of bodywork that have been bringing passion, focus, and intimacy to people’s lives for centuries. Don’t let the common misunderstandings and biases against Eastern philosophy colour your idea of tantra. Tantric massage has essentially no downside and loads of benefits and positives. We have put together a list of the best reasons to try a tantric massage at your earliest convenience. 

It’s fun! 

Yes, you read that right, fun! When was the last time you did something new or had an adventure? Most of us live very stable, calm and predictable lives. In general, this is a good thing as no one wants to live in chaos. The problem with being stable and predictable is that it can make anything boring, and quickly! Maybe you and your partner need a new experience to spice things up (in which case, check out our Couples’ Massage!) or perhaps you alone are looking for something to add some zip to your weekend. Regardless of the motivation for trying something new and fun, a tantric massage can be just the ticket! 

Our agency is fully licensed, totally a legitimate business, and we hire the most gorgeous women. Not only are they beautiful, because this is essentially a customer service job, they are also great conversationalists, role players and sounding boards. You’ll be greeted warmly, share some laughs and intense moments, surrender to pleasure, and be gently brought back to earth by one of our tantric angels. Experience pleasure and sexuality in a new light while you enjoy yourself thoroughly with a tantric massage. 

Eradicate tension

The human body is a wonder of engineering but it has a few significant flaws. One of those flaws is how it manages tension and exertion. When our bodies are tired or worn out, when our minds are ragged and overflowing, our nervous system is easily over-taxed. This manifests, almost universally, in physical tension. Just think about a long week at work: deadlines, appointments, responsibilities, the commute, it never ends! And just when you think you’ve had enough, you realize there are months and months between you and your holidays. Where does that leave you? If exhaustion, headaches, stiffness in the neck and back and an overall feeling of tension in the body sounds ‘normal’ to you, you are in need of some tender loving care at the hands of a tantric masseuse. Not only will a tantric massage give you a bit of “me time” its physical benefits are both acute and lasting. 

Your session will be body-focused, and depending on the mode of massage you choose, it can be at any level of intensity that you want or need. Book yourself for a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage to really get the knots worked out. Or, if you need spoiling, book our Four Hands Massage and let two of our stunning tantric masseuses caress and rub you into a whole new state of mind. Your body will thank you! 

Manage chronic stress

Much like tension stored in the body, ongoing chronic stress can relentlessly attack the body and the mind. Stress is a silent killer, a major contributor to afflictions such as depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. It takes a toll on your physical body as well as the mind and spirit. Chronic stress can chip away at a person over time and become a factor in so many areas of life. Part of stress management is finding things that you enjoy and doing more of them. Having some fun, getting out of your usual patterns and rewarding yourself is an important part of staying a step ahead of stress. 

Booking regularly with our tantric goddesses is a wonderful way to stay ahead of chronic stress. Each and every appointment is special, personal, and exactly what you need. Because we have a whole menu of massage options and a roster of gorgeous masseuses, you need never have the same experience twice! Our masseuses are stunning, conscientious and will put you at ease immediately. There is a reason that the majority of our clients are repeat clients. Trust us, this will be the best hour of your week and you will be back very soon!  

Sleep better

Nothing affects our ability to function as healthy productive adults like our sleep. Did you know that 1 in 3 adults in the UK suffers from insomnia and other sometimes debilitating sleep disorders? The cause of a poor sleep can be nearly anything from a noisy neighbour, to a snoring partner, to a racing mind. One thing that research has taught us about sexual gratification and sleep is that they go together quite nicely. You will sleep better the night after a session with one of our tantric massage experts than you have in years. Tantric massage is superior to physical therapy massages because it engages the mind and body. Techniques like mindful ‘belly breaths’, sensual guided meditation and the tantric massage skills that all our masseuses possess, means that your body and brain get a sensual treatment unlike anything else. The aim of our masseuses is to leave you feeling relaxed, satiated, happy and already looking forward to your next visit.           

Boost your self esteem

No one feels great about themselves all the time. Luckily, how we view ourselves is completely mutable, it can be changed. Self esteem can be a fickle thing, especially when we feel unappreciated, undervalued or unseen. However, not all issues with self esteem or self worth are deep-seated or require a therapist’s intervention. How you see yourself can be affected by many outside factors. It can be the result of a job, family, relationships, or significant life changes, like having children or relocating. 

Statistically, one of the greatest influences on self esteem is one’s perception of their attractiveness and desirability. You might look at our selection of breath-taking masseuses and worry that you’re ‘punching above your weight’, but the reality is that our masseuses are still just people. They understand that you might be shy, unsure, self conscious or timid. They have seen it all, and they will still want to see you. 

You may be thinking, ‘How sincere is it if they are being paid? Don’t they have to like me?”. True, they are providing a service, but if you ask any of our masseuses why they do this kind of work, they will all tell you it’s because they love helping people. There are a million and one reasons to seek out a tantric massage in London, and all of them are valid, including wanting to feel desired. Your time with your tantric masseuse will be unique, completely focused on you and will leave you feeling good about yourself with a renewed spring in your step. 

It feels a bit … naughty

You’ll never find us judging what is naughty or not, we aim to provide a safe and judgment free zone for consensual exploration, expression and relaxation. Doing something outside your comfort zone, something that feels naughty, is such a thrill. Even though there’s no shame at all in engaging the skills of a tantric masseuse, it may still feel like something you want to keep to yourself. If nothing else, that secretive naughtiness adds to the fun and the thrill of it, making the experience more memorable. Many of our masseuses are well versed in roleplay, fantasy fulfilment, soft domination, and Dark Tantra. Time spent with our girls is a great way to test the waters of a new interest or to make a lifelong fantasy finally come true. Whether you want to indulge in Four Hands, or you’re craving the sensual slipperiness of a Nuru Massage, we have the women and the massage option to tease, titillate and satisfy you completely. 

You deserve it 

You work hard. Beyond that, you have a million responsibilities! You have bills to pay, people to care for, and expectations coming at you from every direction. On top of that, there is a colossal cultural pressure to engage in rigorous self care, fitness and popular culture. Oh, and let’s add in a global pandemic, just for fun! Life is tough right now. Really tough. But you’re getting up every day and you’re trying again. You haven’t given up! And that, friends, is worth celebrating. Simply put, you deserve the best tantric massage that London has to offer! Life is short, book the massage!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a newcomer or a regular client, there is no time like the present to give yourself the gift of a sensual experience. Re-calibrate your mind, body and outlook through the magic hands of a Secret Tantric masseuse.

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