The adult entertainment industry is reeling this week in the wake of OnlyFans’ massive decision to discontinue adult content. With push back from content creators and the media they quickly reversed their decision and are working on solutions. This news has left a lot of people in the adult industry unmoored and nervous about their futures. If only they knew how the tantric massage Community is growing exponentially! Particularly in London, tantric massage is on the upswing with more agencies adding themselves to the game, and more understanding of the value in tantra. If you are interested or intrigued by tantric massage and its many benefits, read on! Because we’ve got 5 red hot reasons why tantric London massage is on the rise! 

Type ‘tantric London massage’ into your favourite search engine and you will no doubt be overwhelmed with the results. Secret Tantric is among hundreds of tantric massage agencies in the city of London, but we are also the best. The work that our masseuses do is a higher standard than our competitors. We take some of the credit for why tantric London massage is on the rise.  We are a VIP massage agency with a broad roster of beautiful, sexy, and desirable masseuses with very gifted hands. Unlike most tantric London massage agencies our masseuses are actually trained in the ancient art of tantra. These are not simply sexy women giving rub-downs. They are skilled tantric technicians that know anatomy well enough to tantalise you and give you beneficial therapy.

Although we can’t take all the credit for why tantric London massage is on the rise, we definitely have made an impact on the industry in this city. There are many reasons  for this upswing and we have put together a list of the five top reasons that Tantric London massage is gaining popularity, seemingly overnight. How many of them apply to you?

People are making self-care a priority

Everywhere you look these days magazines and websites are filled with information on how to improve your self care. Self-care was hardly a term 5 years ago and no one seems to know how we lived without it. Good self-care can be as simple as taking a bubble bath or committing to getting to the gym more times each week. Likewise, self-care can be more significant, and more of an investment in yourself. When we talk about self care in terms of tantric London massage we are talking about the conscious choice to invest in yourself and your health and well-being. 

Erotic or therapeutic? Both!

Yes, tantric London massages are sensual and erotic, but they are also therapeutic and a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a stressful week. The concept of self-care is not strictly about rewarding yourself or enjoying pleasurable activities, it’s about making decisions for yourself that have your best interests at heart. Tantric massage is not a 1:1 supplement for physiotherapy or intense muscular massages. Even still, they absolutely have therapeutic value and we think they count as self-care. No matter what your self-care looks like, making the conscious decision to commit more time, effort and resources to your well-being is never a bad choice. 

The world we live in is increasingly busy, stressful, and overwhelming. We need all the help we can get when it comes to taking care of ourselves and feeling like our best selves. A visit to one or more of our London tantric massage specialists will put a spring in your step, and leave you feeling refreshed and capable. Believe it or not we want to see our clients thrive. We want to help you be a better lover to your partner! Our masseuses are skilled and ready for whatever your needs may be! 

Opinions about the adult industry are changing

For some people, the adult industry will always be too much. Not everyone needs to dip into a world of pleasure and fantasy, but we see nothing wrong with that. In fact, much like the new craze of self-care, the opinions about the adult industry are slowly changing. There was a time when visiting a tantric London massage agency would  have been out of the question for many folks. What we are seeing is an increased understanding of the value of adult entertainment , including tantric London massage and erotic massage in general. We know that these thoughts and ideas have a long way to go before they completely change. The paradigm shift that would be required for tantric massage and erotic massage to become completely mainstream seems far away from reality.

We aim to please

In the meantime, agencies like Secret Tantric exist. We are here to help you discover your hidden inner sensuality. Our masseuses are highly skilled and fully trained to give you an experience that will be fulfilling, satisfying, and unforgettable. We are in a business that is booming and we  have the slowly changing opinions on adult resources to thank for it.  If you have considered booking yourself a tantric London massage but you feel a bit nervous or uncomfortable, just give us a call. Our massage coordinator will walk you through all of the details, give you a good insight into what your massage will be like, and ask you all of the questions that we need to know. The tantric arts need not be shrouded in mystery . After all,  they are simply about connecting the human spirit to the body and opening doors to shame-free pleasure and self exploration. 

People are increasingly less afraid of contact

It’s amazing what a worldwide pandemic can do for a business. Just like other industries, the adult industry felt the pinch of Covid-19. Last year we immediately moved to new protocols that  would keep our masseuses and our clients safe . Now that more time has elapsed and vaccinations are in full swing people do seem more amenable to the idea of tantric London massage appointments again. From what we’ve read, as well as anecdotal evidence with our clients, people in this city truly are starved for touch. 

We all know that physical contact is essential to well-being and the sense of self. Humans are social animals, we need to interact with and touch other people, even if it’s just a hand on an arm or a quick handshake or hug. Now that the world works a little bit differently, and social distancing is still a reality, it can be hard to imagine how a tantric massage would go. Tantra is rooted in communication through touch. It teaches us about communicating with ourselves and realizing our needs and desires. It also encourages us to open up to other people and let them touch us as well. 

Brave new world

Our masseuses certainly know a thing or two about the human body, and they know even more about communication. Your masseuse will be able to explain to you exactly what your massage can and will entail. She will be able to take your feedback, acknowledge your limits and respect your boundaries. We are glad to see our clients’ immense trust in our protocol for hygiene and safety. We get a lot of feedback that validates our choice to do our very best to protect our clients and masseuses. If you are nervous about close contact in the wake of the pandemic, we can assure you that we have had thousands of clients book without incident. 

The physical and mental benefits are undeniable

Some might say that a tantric London massage is just a glorified rub and tug, but to those people we say:  try us. We know the value of a London tantric massage because we know how beneficial and how valuable a good massage can be. True, we are not doctors or massage therapists, but we do have a good grasp of human anatomy and physiology, and training in ancient techniques for calming and stabilizing the mind and body. 

Tantra is rooted in sensuality and strongly associated with sex. Tantra is so much more than that!  Think of a tantric London massage as a full body experience. Through controlled breathing, exquisite touch, flawless communication, and just the right attention to all the right places, Tantra can transport you to a new dimension of pleasure. Our clients have remarked on many occasions that they left their appointment with a renewed sense of confidence and self. Some of our clients have even told us that they were able to apply techniques from their session during intimate interactions at home, to the benefit of their relationships. 

When you open your mind, your body will follow

We know that the physical benefits are many with Tantra. We also know that it is healing and beneficial to the spirit as well. This is one of the many reasons why tantric London massage is on the rise and finally getting the recognition and spotlight that it deserves. Tantra may be an ancient practice, but that doesn’t mean that it is out of place in our modern world. Yoga is another example of an Eastern modality of self-care that has made its way west and become part of the fabric of our society. In much the same way that yoga has taken over, Tantra is close behind. 

Lucky for us we live in a time where sex/sexuality are considered less taboo than in the past. When you see tantra as a healing form of therapy it’s value becomes more obvious. There is something incredibly restorative and soul satisfying about slow, sensual , deep touch. You don’t need to be in any particular physical condition, you don’t need any particular tools, you just need the willingness and desire to unlock your most primal sensuality. Our roster of gorgeous masseuses are highly trained to gently extract that sensuality from you while you bask in their goddess-like beauty and charm.

More female clients than ever

Not surprisingly, a large proportion of our clientele are men. This is not surprising, nor is it surprising that there are a small percentage of our clients who are women. What is surprising, and very exciting, is that we have more female clients than ever! This may be due to an  increase in awareness of the importance of sex and sensuality in relationships. The more people invest in learning about the touch their partner needs, the more applicable tantric London massage becomes. 

Any orientation

Our female clients sometimes see our masseuses as one half of a couple, but many come alone. We are often asked “Do I need to be bisexual or a lesbian to have tantric London massage?”. The answer is a resounding “No!”. Secret Tantric masseuses are trained professionals. They will always do their utmost to leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Your gender makes no difference. 

Our Four Hands Massage is a very popular option with our female clients. This is because it involves two of our gorgeous masseuses to one client. Many of our female clients have provided generous feedback around what works for them in the tantric massage setting. We have had many accolades from our female clients for how safe, relaxed, and empowered they felt from their session. Regardless of your sexual orientation, tantric London massage at the hands of one of our massage goddesses will excite and energize your body and mind. 

Women love self care 

We know that women, are more amenable to self care and self investment through practices like Tantra. Appointments with our female clients often become learning sessions! During the session the client takes in the activities and information from the masseuse, learning to apply those techniques herself. Many of our female clients have experienced unfortunate and traumatic events that have stifled their sense of sexuality. Because tantra employs the mind, body and soul, it can be a very practical way to heal. Tantra also helps you to get back in touch with your body. 

Likewise we see an increase in women booking sessions with our masseuses as part of their postpartum care. After a baby many women are in need of something to help them feel like sexual people again. The intensity and focus of motherhood can deplete a woman’s sense of ownership and love for her body. We are confident that our female clients can and will see great results from their tantric London massage appointments.

What are you waiting for?

It is an exciting time to be working in this industry. It’s an even more exciting time to be a client to this industry. We are always growing and adding to our roster of masseuses. We are innovating new ways to provide tantric therapy to the wonderful people of London. Whether you are local or visiting or in our fair city doing business, we have an experience waiting for you!


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