If you think that erotic and tantric massage is just for men, you couldn’t be more wrong! In a big, beautiful city like London, it can be hard  to know where a woman can get a tantric massage. Here at Secret Tantric, we love having women clients. Lots of tantric massage agencies cater strictly to men.  We understand the benefits of tantric care for women, and we want to share this beautiful female ritual. Many of our masseuses are at the ready for female tantric massage, and our female clients always have wonderful things to say about our tantric services. Let’s unpack what a tantric massage for a woman looks like. It may not be what you think …

It’s true that most of our clients are men, with women constituting just a small percentage of the people that see us each year. Our female clients are important to us. We are honoured to have their trust and confidence. 

Women deserve pleasure too

Tantric massage has been in use for hundreds and hundreds of years, with practitioners using it to help and support the wellness of women all across the globe. For many, the idea of a woman buying an erotic massage is less common than it should be. The self care industry of face masks and lotions and potions, has really failed to recognize an area of self-care that is imperative for women:  sensuality.  Women in our culture fight gender stereotypes all day, everyday, one of which is the down play of the importance of pleasure.  We’ve been conditioned to think that men are the ones with the true libidos, the ones that actually need release, when a woman’s desire is just as potent and just as intense as a man’s, it just looks a little bit different.

Our commitment to our women clients

We are committed to providing sensual and sexual wellness for women through erotic and tantric massage. As the client, you are always in control and the assurance that your masseuse will be an empathetic and understanding woman like you, will help ensure your comfort. You are welcome here, regardless of your age, body type, fitness level, sexual orientation, etc. 

Professional, always

Our masseuses are consummate professionals, committed to making each client feel like a version of their best self. When it comes to serving female clients, our masseuses understand that many women harbour discomfort and issues around nudity, intimacy,  body issues, and taboo feelings about their own sensuality. Certainly this is not true for all women, nor for all of our clients. But for those who are, we understand and want to accommodate you. We are happy to see clients who are nervous first-timers, as well as confident and eager repeat customers, because every woman deserves the empowerment and pleasure of tantric massage.

The power of the Yoni

The most common form of tantric massage that is designed for women is the Yoni massage.  Yoni is a Sanskrit word  that refers to the vulva and/or vagina. Yoni massage has many benefits. It has been used as a pain management tool, post-natal care, and orgasm exploration, for centuries.  While Yoni massage may sound like nothing more than glorified masturbation, having a professional tantric masseuse take you through a Yoni massage  will leave you feeling your sacred and divine femininity. 

Our Yoni massage 

Our Yoni massage is just what it sounds like. It is the gentle and pleasurable manipulation of the vulva and vagina. If being touched by another woman in this way seems counterintuitive or uncomfortable, we understand. Tantra is a form of therapy like any other kind of massage, chiropractic work, etc.  The purpose of your tantric masseuse is to lead you through a variety of sensual forms of touch. The Yoni massage experience is not a reflection of your sexuality. 

What about a ‘happy ending’?

Whether or not your Yoni massage has a happy ending, is up to you.  Most of our female clients indulge in a cataclysmic climax under the talented hands of their masseuse. Tantra is a wonderful way to learn about your body. Tantra can also help you to get past emotional roadblocks regarding sex, and even heal sexual trauma. While Tantra is not a guaranteed fix nor a silver bullet. When used in conjunction with other forms of therapy it can help women regain a sense of self, sexuality, and personal power.

What are you waiting for?

If you are a London local, or you happen to be in town, give us a call and experience a world-class Yoni massage  with one of our lovely masseuses. Not only will you feel like an absolute Queen, you will be the recipient of all the above benefits and opportunities for self-knowledge from your Yoni massage . Whether you approach a Yoni massage  as a sexual service or as a form of therapy, they have the potential to deliver incredible amounts of pleasure and release, both physical and emotional. Don’t you deserve this level of pleasure and freedom? 

We’re here to help

If you or someone you know might benefit from a Yoni massage, read more Yoni focused articles below. You can also call us directly to have all of your questions about Yoni massage answered. Our goal is to please and empower our clients. The Yoni massage holds so much potential for every woman who experiences it. Give us a call today to book yourself an appointment with one of our talented masseuses! 

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