At Secret Tantric, exotic massage is one of the most popular forms of massage that we offer. New and repeat clients treat themselves to exotic massages all the time, keeping our team of masseuses in tip top shape. The decision to get an exotic massage is an exciting one to make but what if you don’t know what to expect with an exotic massage? For instance, did you know that our masseuses use their whole bodies, not just their hands, for a deeply sexy experience? There’s lots to know about this sensual art so who better to explain what to expect with an exotic massage than two of our stunning masseuses? 

The adult massage industry is only now becoming mainstream, so many people are unsure of the terminology or what to expect from an appointment. Feeling prepared helps with confidence and nervousness so we want to help you feel ready with sound expectations. We get lots of questions about the appointments and how to navigate them. For the answers to these questions we’ve gone straight to the source and asked two Secret Tantric masseuses to help us out. Their experience and unique point of view will help give context to these common FAQs. Their names have been withheld so they can be more candid with their responses – let’s call them Carrie and Danielle. 

Big thanks for being here, ladies.

Your perspective will be so helpful to readers and clients. Before we dive in, can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your work? 

Carrie: Carrie here! I have worked in the erotic massage business for 1 year here in the UK and for some more time overseas as well. I’m certified in several massage styles and I love what I do.

Danielle: And I’m Danielle, I’m fairly new to Secret Tantric, but not to massage in general. I have worked in Europe and South America and I’m working on my Shiatsu certification.

Awesome. So, in your own words, what is exotic massage?

Danielle: I’d say it’s any of the ‘eastern’ massage styles, often they’re more intimate, more sort of … free spirited

Carrie: Yeah, more intuitive. 

What’s the difference?

For our readers who don’t know, between exotic and erotic massage?

Danielle: Erotic massage is an umbrella term that includes exotic massage styles. Erotic is all about getting someone turned on, that’s the whole point, so it’s pretty broad. Exotic is more about the journey than the destination and refers to specific genres of massage.

Carrie:  Lots of exotic styles like Tantra Massage and Nuru Massage require more teasing and playfulness, it’s more of a process and that makes it a lot of fun. 

If you could describe an exotic massage in just 3 words, what would you say?

Danielle: So. Fucking. Sexy. 

Carrie: My. Favourite. 

Danielle: That’s only two words! 

Carrie: My. Favourite. Massage. 

<both dissolve into giggles>

Is there anything un-sexy about exotic massage?

Danielle: Not really but sometimes un-sexy things happen. 

Carrie: Gas happens! 

Danielle: Oh my god, I’m not telling that story.

Carrie: A client passed wind right in her face once! 

Was that embarrassing for you?

Danielle:  Not really, he was apologetic. It happens! Bodies are wild!

Managing through those moments professionally must be a challenge!

Danielle: It can be, but ultimately it’s a job and we are professionals. It’s important to us that clients feel relaxed so we need to lead them through the experience and stay professional.

Expectations are important

What can clients expect will happen during their session?

Carrie: The process couldn’t be easier. Just call in, set up your appointment and show up on time. We are sticklers for punctuality!

Danielle: When you arrive we do a quick consultative chat to clarify what will happen, then the client showers and we get started. 

What do each of you enjoy about performing exotic massages?

Danielle: It’s fun seeing a client’s confidence grow.

Carrie:  It’s a great work out. On days that I have a few exotic appointments I skip the gym.

Has working in exotic massage changed your self-perception?

Danielle: I have never felt sexier. I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m successful and I’ve secured my financial future. The world is my oyster. 

Carrie: I second all of that. It’s one of the best career moves I could imagine. I was going to be a nurse and as much as I respect them, I am so glad to be in this line of work instead. 

Listen up, fellas

What is something that you wish men knew before their first erotic massage appointment?

Danielle:  Not all clients are aware of appropriate etiquette for massage sessions.  It’s very rare that we get anyone who is actually problematic because all our clients are so well screened.  Most issues are bad manners or nervous awkwardness. 

Carrie: I agree with what Danielle said. Personally, I wish that more men knew that it was okay to be vulnerable or just loosen up with us. Sometimes they just need someone to listen, and that’s okay. 

Danielle: Also, your performance is not being graded. There are all kinds of reasons that a man’s body might not respond how he wants it to but we’ve seen it all and it’s not a problem for us at all. 

What would you say to a perspective female client who was considering erotic massage?

Carrie:  I would say good for you. I love having female clients. Women are just so easy to work with. There’s never any stress or drama and they always communicate really well. There’s a natural trust with women, a kinship that makes it easy and comfortable. 

Danielle:  Sessions with a woman client are always a bright spot in my week.  It’s just a totally different vibe than with male clients. It’s not better or worse, it’s just different.  I think if a woman is at all interested in erotic massage, she should totally try it. 

#1 Takeaway Point

What is your number one tip for clients who are interested in trying exotic massage?

Carrie:  Just put yourself in our capable hands and let us do our jobs.  Everyone has fun that way. There’s nothing to stress about! 

Danielle:  Don’t be nervous. We won’t bite unless you ask very nicely. <laughter> But honestly, we love our jobs and we know you’ll love how well we do them. 

Okay, last question – Every reader is dying to know if an exotic massage ends “happily”?

Carrie: I don’t always do Happy Endings or extras. But happy endings are a very common request! 

Danielle:  Basically, if you’re a masseuse who is willing to do Happy Endings, and personally I am,  you will do a lot of Happy Endings. And I do. <laughter>

Thank you both so much for sharing so  many of your experiences with exotic massage. Hopefully this will help new clients know what to expect from an exotic massage at Secret Tantric.

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