If you’ve never gotten a happy ending massage before, they can seem a little mysterious. We’ve put together a guide so you can know what to expect with a happy ending massage. You’ll be aching to get one by the end.

What is a happy ending massage?

Happy ending massages are massages that end with an orgasm. The massages are sensual and sexy, given by beautiful women. They’re professional massages but are very erotic and turn you on. Your genitals will be massaged and caressed just as much as the rest of your body. An explosive finish will have you ready to come back again and again.

Why should I get a happy ending massage?

You should get a happy ending massage because they feel great. Also, it’s a wonderful way to experience your own sexuality and sexual freedom. Having a breath taking woman massage and tend to you from head to toe is something to try at least once. Happy ending massages are great because your whole body is given attention, not just your torso or legs. Every bit of you is taken care of and you get to enjoy an amazing orgasm at t the end.

Who can get a happy ending?

The great thing is that any adult of legal age can get a happy ending. Our masseuses have worked with all body types, abilities, limitations, and anything that you might feel shy about. Men and women can get happy ending massages! Happy ending massages are great for everyone who is curious about them.

Isn’t it sex?

No, happy ending massages do not involve any intercourse. They are focused on massage and masturbation. It’s not sex so don’t expect that. While happy ending massages are sexual and are about having an orgasm, it isn’t the same as having sex. Your masseuse will not engage in any intercourse with you.

Is that all the masseuse will focus on?

Happy ending massages are just that – massages. You’ll get a full body massage and have your body rubbed from head to toe. Our masseuses are professionals and know how to take care of you just right. You’ll be getting the best full body massage in London that ends in an incredible orgasm. Your masseuse won’t rush a single thing and won’t force you to get to the finish line quickly. This is all about pleasure and feeling sexy, not pressured.

Combine with other massages

Happy ending massages can be combined with so many other kinds of massages. Full body massages are a great option to have first. Your masseuse uses her whole body to slide over and massage your body. The inherent eroticism will have you ready for that happy ending. You can also combine tantric massage which will have you focusing on your body and breathing. Everything is a little more sensitive with some tantric focus. Happy endings are a great way to end other kinds of massage.

Is it improper to get a happy ending?

It’s not improper at all to get a happy ending. Happy ending massages are legal in the UK. Now, some people may consider them taboo or risqué but there is nothing wrong with hiring a sexy masseuse to take care of you. As long as you’re an adult of consenting age, happy ending massages are a great thing to do to take care of yourself.

What if I don’t “finish”?

Even with a happy ending massage, sometimes we get nervous or shy and that mind blowing orgasm just isn’t reachable. That’s perfectly okay and nothing to worry about! Your masseuse has worked with plenty of clients who may have trouble orgasming or just don’t sometimes. She won’t say a cross word about it and instead focus on other kinds of pleasure she can give you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not orgasming during a happy ending massage.

Enjoy every single moment

Happy ending massages are all about you and your enjoyment. You should be having a fun and pleasurable time. Indulge in the relaxation and sensual atmosphere. Lay back and relax, focus on the sensations of your masseuse’s hands and body. This is all about you. You should enjoy yourself from beginning to end.

What are the benefits?

There are quite a few benefits of happy ending massages. Massages themselves already come with many benefits – lower blood pressure, elimination of stress, and better sleep just to name a few. Happy ending massages can also help out your libido and sexual stamina. You’ll be seeing the results in no time after your first happy ending. And the benefits can last for several days, if not a week or more afterwards. You’ll want to be incorporating happy ending massages into your regular routine.

Are there any downsides?

The wonderful news is that there are no downsides to getting a happy ending massage. You might have some sore muscles from the massage but this is normal. And, at worst, you’ll want to come back again and again to enjoy yourself. Happy ending massages are all about making you feel good and improving your health.

Focus on the stress relief

If you have a stressful life, happy ending massages are an amazing way to reduce some of that stress. You get to lay back and focus on just feeling pleasured and taken care of for a full hour by a beautiful woman. Let the stress just melt away and feel rejuvenated. Orgasms are an awesome way to let go of even more stress. You’ll be feeling like a new person at the end of it all.

Improving your libido

Believe it or not, happy ending massages can improve your libido. As your masseuse works on you, you’ll feel that eroticism and sexuality pulsing in the air. You’ll practice self-control as you wait for your masseuse to begin the happy ending and slowly improve your libido responsiveness. And, on top of it all, a gorgeous sexy woman is touching you all over. You’ll be ready to take on the bedroom at home in no time flat.

If this is your first happy ending…

Don’t worry about a thing. Our masseuses have worked with all kinds of people from first-time clients to seasoned clients. Happy ending massages are a great kind of erotic massage to explore. You might be nervous about getting nude in front of a unfamiliar woman but don’t worry. Your masseuse has seen it all and won’t judge you about anything. Let your masseuse know you’re nervous and she’ll take extra special care to relax you and help you ease into the best happy ending massage in London.

Are the happy endings any good?

Our happy endings are the best ones in London. You won’t get a better happy ending massage anywhere else. Our masseuses won’t be giving you a lazy, disinterested hand job for a few minutes. They’ll be attentive, focus on your reactions, and pay attention to your pleasure every single second. You won’t feel ignored or like you’re an inconvenience. Our masseuses want to make you feel as good as possible and are going to spend the time and effort doing just that.

Enjoy genital specific massages

If you want to explore more than just a standard happy ending, you can try out a lingam or yoni massage. Lingam massages focus on the penis and yoni focuses on the labia and vagina. Each of these massages are based in tantric philosophy and combine breathing and focusing techniques. Your attention will be drawn to every sensation your masseuse gives you with her warm hands. The massage will help you feel aroused and attentive, ending in the best happy ending.

Feel good about our premium massage oils

We only use the finest massage oils on our clients. These oils are carefully warmed to feel as soothing as possible without any risk of burning your skin. All of our oils are great for happy endings and will not irritate any part of your body. Your skin will feel nourished and soft afterwards, not greasy or oily.

Indulge in beautiful women

Happy ending massages are all about your pleasure, including visual. Our sexy masseuses are absolutely breathtaking. Many of them are models! Your masseuse will wear gorgeous lingerie highlighting their sexy bodies or even be nude. This is your time to admire and look at a beautiful woman without any consequences. Enjoy yourself and soak in the sexiness our masseuses bring to your massage.

You deserve the very best

If you’re going to get a happy ending massage, you should be getting the best of the best. Secret Tantric is proud to offer the best happy ending massages in London. With our breathtaking masseuses, discreet flats, and professional materials, you’ll be in heaven. Your massage will be a real massage. And your happy ending will be attentive and pleasurable. You deserve to get the very best happy ending massage.

A professional massage with intimate atmosphere

All of our masseuses are professional masseuses with real training. This isn’t a low class massage that ends with being jerked off. This is a luxurious real massage that will have you feeling nothing but pleasure and bliss. You’ll be taken care of from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Our masseuse’s private flats are decorated to five star standards. Everything is all about building that intimate sexy atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed.

We’re discreet and private

Our masseuses prefer to work out of their own private flats. This means that you get the most amount of discretion and privacy that we can provide. No one needs to know that you’re getting an erotic massage. It’s simply not their business. We believe that while there’s nothing wrong with getting a happy ending massage, it’s also not something everyone wants broadcasted. Our private flats make it look like you’re simply visiting a friend. No signage, no nosy hotel clerks, just discretion and privacy.

An hour of pleasure

All of our massage appointments are an hour long. This gives you and your masseuse plenty of time to get to know each other before your indulgent massage. When you arrive, you’ll chat with your masseuse about concerns or limitations you may have. Then you’ll pay before your massage begins. A quick shower to rinse away the day then off to the massage table. Your hour is carefully guarded so you get the maximum amount of pleasure.

Located conveniently for you

Secret Tantric masseuses are located all over London. No matter where you live or travel to, there’s a Secret Tantric masseuse available for you. Many of our masseuse’s flats are conveniently located near tube stations so you don’t have to travel far. We keep it simple and easy to get the best happy ending massage in London.

Book your happy ending massage today

It’s easy and stress free to book an appointment with Secret Tantric. Browse our online catalogue of beautiful masseuses and decide who you’d love to work with. Then just give us a ring and we’ll help you set up an appointment for the best happy ending massage in London. Don’t hesitate, we can book fast! Give us a ring and you won’t regret it.

What Are You Waiting For?

Secret Tantric has dozens of girls available to take you on a sensual and erotic journey that you’re unlikely to forget.

The world we live in is very stressful. So why not treat yourself to some much-needed self-care and spend some quality time with a beautiful and talented woman? Being touched sensually feels good. A massage feels good. Climaxing feels good. And you deserve to feel good. We have the most beautiful women in London waiting to make you feel fantastic. We’re confident that once you give us a try, you’ll be back again. Come see why we have so many repeat clients.

Browse the profiles of our talented masseuses or call Secret Tantric at +447 856 666 686 and tell us what you’re in the mood for. We will find the right girl for you. Each of our masseuses is fully trained in various tantric techniques and ready to show you a whole new world of sensual and erotic pleasure. 

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