Are you curious about what to expect from a body on body massage? Here at Secret Tantric we provide body on body massage as one of our most popular massages. Body on body is a client favourite and is always popular for fairly obvious reasons. Defined as erotic massage that uses the whole body, not just the hands, body on body is a truly sexy and seductive experience. So who better to ask about this massage phenomenon than two of our gorgeous masseuses? Read on to hear all about what to expect from a body on body massage from the experts themselves.

When a new client calls in for the first time they always have a lot of questions. The world of adult massage is a wide one, leaving many people feeling unsure of the terminology and what to expect. No one wants to show up to an appointment unsure about what is going to happen or what is expected of them. We also get a lot of questions about etiquette and how to interact with our masseuses. For the answers, we’ve gone straight to the masseuse’s mouth, so to speak. The two masseuses we interviewed have asked to have their names withheld so that they can be more candid with their responses. For the purposes of this article we will refer to them as Jen and Sam. 

Welcome ladies and thanks for being here. To start off,  tell us a little about yourselves. 

Jen: I’m Jen and I have worked in erotic massage for 3 years  and I love body on body massage!

Sam: And I’m Sam, I have been a masseuse for just under a year and  I’ve only recently started doing body on body massages.

And how do you define body on body massage and how it differs from other kinds of erotic massage?

J: Essentially, body on body is just that: if you’re only using your hands it’s not body on body.

S: I agree,  and as someone who just started doing body on body massages with clients it is very different from some of the more basic massage styles.

What makes it less basic?

S:  It’s a lot more physically demanding than some other massages.

J:  Yes, it takes being on top to a whole new level! <laughter>

S: Absolutely!  It definitely requires stretching before and after. <more laughter>

What makes a body on body massage special and exceptional?

J:  Body on body is definitely one of the more intimate forms of massage. I would say it’s intimacy level is up there with yoni massage and lingam massage. 

That’s pretty intimate.  Is that a bonus or a drawback as a professional?

S: The intimacy of a body on body massage isn’t a problem. When you first start doing them you become very aware of how much your body is on display for the client. But that is a big part of what they’re there for, so it always makes them happy.

J:  A lot of clients are looking for an intimate experience that exists in isolation. That’s the perfect storm for a great massage:  when the client wants to go deep but without things getting weird.

How do things sometimes ‘get weird’?

J:  It doesn’t happen very often but some clients get very caught up in the moment and get too comfortable.  Even though a body on body massage is completely nude and our bodies are literally touching, does not mean that we are going to change our minds about how far we go.  As the masseuse, our boundaries need to be respected as much as the clients’.

Walk us through what a body on body massage is like. 

S: Jen, you take this one, you’re the expert. 

J: Ha! Gladly. Body on body starts just like any other massage. The client arrives, we go through the quick consultation conversation to break the ice and make sure that their needs and desires are articulated and we both express where our boundaries are.  Then they pay and have a shower.  Then the massage begins. 

What is something that you learned the hard way about body on body massage?

S: I learned that there’s no such thing as too much massage oil! I was with a client recently for a body on body massage and he must have had just really dry, thirsty skin, because the oil just kept disappearing into him.  It took longer than usual to get a good rhythm going with the massage itself because our skin kept sticking together. 

That sounds awkward and also a little funny. How was he about it?

S:  He was very patient and seemed to find it quite funny. Oftentimes clients are a little bit nervous or inhibited so laughter can really help.  It wasn’t the sexiest moment, but we ended up having a good chuckle and it made the rest of the massage more comfortable for both of us I think.

It sounds like a lot of the skill  of body on body massage is in the social skills,  is that a fair statement?

J: I agree with that. How you and the client relate to each other has as much to do with the quality of the massage as the actual physical part. 

S: Creating atmosphere and engaging their minds along with their bodies is all part of it.  We help them feel relaxed and comfortable. Many men have a  hard time relaxing on their own. 

Do you think that is something to do with why erotic massage keeps increasing in popularity?

J: Absolutely. Everyone’s lives are getting busier and more stressful. There is so much unknown right now that people need to find comfort wherever they can. 

What do each of you enjoy about performing body on body massage?

S: I like doing body on body massage, I was really excited to start, because it’s such a client favourite. 

J:  I’m just an exhibitionist. <laughter>

S: That’s true, she is! 

Is that a big part of it? The performance aspect?

J:  It is.  With body on body the touch and tactile elements are obviously very desirable,  but it’s also very visual for the client.  They find it quite mesmerizing to watch a woman move over and across their body that way.

S:  I think part of what makes it so hypnotic is that we move with very little inhibition. We are accustomed to  the vulnerability of being semi/nude with clients so it doesn’t really show.

Does that vulnerability ever go away?

S:  again, I defer to Jen’s expertise

J: <laughs> Thank you. For me, the vulnerability definitely went away, and fairly quickly.  I enjoy what I do, I’m not ashamed of what I do, and in many ways I feel empowered by what I do. Because I have so much ownership over how I feel about the work that I do I don’t feel vulnerable with clients; I feel like an expert. They are there because I know what I’m doing and I know how to make them feel the way that they want to feel. 

How, if at all, has working an erotic massage change to affected how you see your own body?

S: When I was younger I had a lot of issues with my own body and I wasn’t comfortable or very confident about it. As I started to grow out of that I began to see how far a little bit of confidence could get me, so I began investing in myself in ways that helped me grow my confidence. I started going to the gym, I started having better standards with who I dated, I went vegan, all sorts of things that made me feel more sure of who I am regardless of the type of work that I do. And now, I haven’t even been doing massage for a year and I definitely feel the most beautiful and sexy I’ve ever felt.

The million-dollar question:  does a body on body massage end “happily”?

J: That depends on the client and that depends on the masseuse.  Some masseuses don’t do Happy Endings or any other additional extras.  For those who do, happy endings are a very common request.

S:  Basically, if you’re a masseuse who is willing to do Happy Endings, you will do a lot of Happy Endings. <mutual laughter>

Most of your clients are men. What is something that you wish all men knew before their first erotic massage appointment?

J:  I think that everyone involved would be  better off if  the clients we’re aware of appropriate etiquette for massage sessions.  It’s very rare that we get anyone who is problematic because all our clients are so well screened when they first call in.  Most etiquette infractions are just run-of-the-mill bad manners or  nervous anxiety. Both are forgivable but neither one goes unchecked. Like I said we don’t get many bad eggs but it would be nice if more new clients considered how they communicate. 

S: I second what Jen has said there but I would also add something from the other end of the spectrum. I wish that more men knew that it was okay to be vulnerable or just loosen up with us. Sometimes you’ll get a client who’s there under unusual circumstances. Perhaps they’ve just lost their wife, or their job, or they’re trying to bounce back from a really bad breakup, all things that are human and vulnerable. Sometimes they just need someone to listen, and that’s okay. Also: performance is not being graded. There are all kinds of reasons that a man’s body might not respond how he wants it to but we’ve seen it all and it’s not a problem. It’s not shameful.

A small percentage of your clients are women so what would you say to a perspective female client who was considering erotic massage?

J:  I would say, ‘Get it girl!’ It doesn’t have to be a boy’s club, you know? Not every masseuse does women’s appointments, and that’s okay, those of us who do really enjoy them. Whether we are bisexual or whatever, or not.  Women are just so easy to work with. There’s never any stress or drama and they always communicate really well.

S:  Yeah, sessions with a woman client are kind of like a bonus.  It’s just a totally different vibe than with male clients. It’s not better or worse, it’s just different.  I think if a woman is at all interested in erotic massage, she should totally try it. 

What is your number one tip for clients who are interested in trying body on body massage?

J:  Try your very best to leave your inhibitions at the door. Just put yourself in our capable hands and let us do our jobs.  Everyone has fun that way.

S:  I second that and I would also say don’t be nervous. We won’t bite. Well, maybe if you ask nicely. <laughter>

Last question: Tell us about your favourite client interaction with body on body massage

J: I have done many body on body massages in the last few years but one always stands out in my memory. He was an older gentleman who had recently lost a leg from the knee down from surgical  complications. He was a widower and had not been intimate with a woman in several years but he was feeling  tragically depressed and lonely so he opted for a massage.  Everything was going fine but to be honest I wasn’t exactly sure how to be with his recently altered limb. So I decided to ask him quite plainly, but politely, what he was comfortable with and the poor man burst into tears. He told me about feeling so inhuman because of his disability and so invisible to women, which was hard for him because even though he had been married many years he had always had a lot of attention from women. I could see that this would be true. He was quite handsome.  It just stands out in my memory because I didn’t do much, I just treated him with respect. And that was really impactful for him. In turn it was really impactful for me.

S: I think that I will always remember the first body on body massage that I did with a client. Mostly because I was terribly awkward and a little bit nervous.  It was kind of his fault because he was so good-looking! But really, I will always remember it because he was very kind and was not irritated by my fumbling. In fact he came back and saw me again so I must have been doing something right! 

Thank you both so much for sharing so  many of your experiences with body on body massage. Hopefully this will help new clients know what to expect from a body on body massage at Secret Tantric.

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