Naturism is having a real resurgence in the UK, with more and more Brits getting comfy being in the buff for all sorts of activities. But if you’re not ready to join a local naturist club, start small with something less public, and start with a Naturist Massage! Not sure what to expect during a naturist massage? Never fear; we have all the answers! 

Once known as nudists, naturists are out there living their best lives naked! Have you ever considered naked activities outside of your home or bedroom? It can be very liberating to peel down and experience new things unfettered by clothing. A Naturist Massage is a good starting point because being nude for a massage is fairly normal. But in a Naturist Massage, everything is performed in the nude. The recipient of the massage and the masseuse are both undressed for the duration of the massage. You certainly don’t have to live as a naturist to enjoy a Naturist Massage.  Even if you are the sort of person who is always dressed and modestly covered, a new door Naturist Massage can still be exciting and liberating. Naturism is about personal comfort and autonomy, so it’s important to do what feels best to you. 

Is a Naturist Massage above board and legal?

The exact legality around naturism depends entirely on local and federal legislation. The UK has a fairly flexible approach to naturism and nudity. Per Wikipedia:

In general, nudity is not an explicit offence, but there are various offences that may apply to nudity in unsuitable circumstances. What constitutes unsuitable circumstances varies according to the jurisdiction, but nudity is legal in a much wider range of circumstances than many people assume.”

What is Naturism like in the UK? 

A quick look at Wikipedia tells us the following:

“Naturism is a lifestyle of practising non-sexual social nudity in private and in public; the word also refers to the cultural movement that advocates and defends that lifestyle. Both may alternatively be called nudism.”

The group British Naturism (previously known as the Central Council for British Naturism) gives this similar, but more nuanced, definition: 

“Naturism is used to describe the activities of persons who espouse nudity as part of their lifestyle. Whilst many naturists will restrict their activities to specially designated areas and places where there is a tradition of naked activity, such as nudist beaches, others may wish to enjoy nudity more widely.”

What is a Naturist Massage like?

For an erotic Naturist Massage, you will receive a nude massage from a nude masseuse who will focus on titillating and arousing you, as well as making contact with your genitals and your body in a sexual way. Suppose you go for a non-erotic Naturist Massage. In that case, you can expect a nude massage with a nude masseuse that is provocative but does not necessarily aim to arouse or stimulate you sexually. The point of naturism is spending time in the buff, with other naked people, and normalising nudity. As for preparation, do your best to be well hydrated but use the loo well in advance. If you are interested in prostate massage as part of your Naturist Massage, be sure that you have fully evacuated your bowels at least 2-3 hours before your session begins. 

It’s intimate, yet transactional, and that’s a good thing

Indulging in a Naturist Massage means enjoying the nudity of your masseuse while being naked with someone in a no-strings-attached way. A nude massage is an intimate activity, but because it’s professional, it remains transactional. Enjoying nudity and being nude in a professional setting makes it easier to get comfortable being naked with other people in more truly intimate situations. This can help you develop closer bonds with partners and help heal issues surrounding body image or body dysmorphia. It can be hard to push ourselves to experience something new, or we’re a little less and challenge our preconceptions about our bodies, how they fit into the world, and how it feels to go “all-natural”. Many people are as uncomfortable with being naked as they are with another person.  It’s no wonder we have such issues with how we see our naked bodies and value naked experiences.

It can inspire personal growth and improvements

There is tremendous self-knowledge to be gained from doing something new or scary and working through it. Likewise, having a naked and sexual experience in the context of a massage can feel very liberating. Our goal is to have you leave feeling better than when you arrived. Your physical ability and presentation only matter regarding your health and safety. If you have an injury or a condition that could make your massage more complicated, just let your masseuse know.  Your masseuse herself may be nearly perfect, but we don’t expect perfection from you.

Submit to pleasure, it’s good for you

A certain kind of excitement and joy comes from handing yourself over to a professional. Our clients know that they are in good hands when they walk through the door of our masseuses’ luxury apartments. Many people still find erotic massage taboo or distasteful. Some folks battle shame at purchasing time with an erotic masseuse. 

Doing things because they feel good is a natural human impulse. Doing things because they’re good for us can be a bit more challenging. Luckily erotic massage combines these two concepts perfectly. It’s good for you, and it feels good!  Research long ago confirmed that arousal and climax are healthy, if not essential, parts of life.  This is true both physically and mentally. A relaxing Naturist Massage will lift your mood after just a single session, but the mental effects, like mental focus, mental acuity and creativity, can linger for days.

Book your Naturist Massage now! 

Don’t deny yourself the exceptional pleasure and mind-expanding experience of a Naturist Massage any longer. Just a quick call and you can be set up for a sexy session with a stunningly beautiful masseuse who will guide you through the massage process and leave you feeling completely refreshed. 

What are you waiting for?

Our masseuses are there for you, to guide you through the Naturist Massage process and provide you with an energetic and enthusiastic experience. So, the question isn’t why you should choose a Naturist Massage; it’s why you wouldn’t. Give us a ring and set up your appointment today! Give us a ring at Secret Tantric VIP London! We will set you up for the next available spot with the masseuses of your dreams!

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