Erotic or sensual massage is the best way to relax and provides relief from daily pressure and disappointment. It’s a proven scientific fact that after a long day of work it can provide stress relief and help you to become calm. In modern times erotic massage explores your deepest desires and helps remove inhibitions. The focus is on receiving pleasure as opposed to providing it.

Most types of erotic massage use oil and ointments to make your treatment pleasurable. You can enjoy a one on one sensual massage in which you are the recipient, and the masseuse is the giver. The ultimate goal is to relieve your body of stress and to enhance your physical and mental well-being by releasing tension. It does not always have to end with ejaculation and has many other health benefits.

Different types of erotic massage

To understand what is the best erotic massage you must first understand the different types. Erotic massage increases blood circulation and is also used to relax muscles and relieve the body from stress.

Four hands massage

Four hands or duo massage consists of two tantric goddesses providing erotic massage. As with most types of erotic massage the givers first rub oil on their bodies and then the body of the recipient. The four hands tantric massage will start with a face down back massage and end with a full body massage. Many people think Four Hands is the best erotic massage.

Aqua massage

Aqua massage takes place in a bath or shower but can only take place with all participants are naked. The tantric masseuse rubs soap on the recipient body, and the goal of this massage is to clean the recipient for the erotic massage.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage originates from India and includes sex therapy and yoga. Breathing and touching helps achieve enlightenment. This erotic massage uses physical touch to enhance sexual energy in the human body and has strong healing powers. It’s also called a body 2 body massage or a full body massage.

Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage is a direct stimulation of the Lingam (penis) and the main objective is ejaculation. A happy ending is also known as a handjob and the timeframe can vary from person to person. It can take place at the end of any massage.

Yoni or lesbian massage

Vagina or yoni massage is all about respecting the vagina and stimulating through massage. When receiving a Yoni massage you should remain fully relaxed. The benefit of being fully relaxed is that you can feel and accept the heightened pleasure.

Prostate massage

The main purpose of this massage is to tease and stimulate the prostate gland of a man. It’s commonly known as the sacred spot and provides an emotional experience for a man. Stimulation of the prostate gland releases physical and psychological pressure. Prostate massage is sometimes followed by Lingam massage for extra pleasure.

Lingam or penis massage

Lingam or penis massage consists of a masseuse who stimulates the penis through massage. The objective is to reach orgasms through genital massage. You don’t have to worry about ejaculation and when it happens your masseuse won’t mind.

The best benefits of erotic massage

To understand what is the best erotic massage you must learn the benefits. Erotic massage is very beneficial for the human body as it helps to release pain in joints and other body parts. These massages are also used to explore the deepest and most sensual erotic desires of a human.

Improves the immune system

It is scientifically proven that having regular erotic or sensual massages helps to boost the generation of white blood cells. White blood cells play a vital role in preventing dangerous viruses and help to combat disease. A regular session of erotic massage therapy will help you stay healthy and will improve your immune system.

An easy form of exercise

It is a known fact that massage is a form of exercise as studies show it can burn many calories. Why bother with exercise when a hot masseuse can do the work for you 🙂

Helps reduces the risk of heart attack

Frequent massage are good for the heart and can increase your testosterone and oestrogen significantly. When these hormones decrease it can cause several problems in the human body and won’t help your sex-life.

Massage is a great healer

The generous touch of a gorgeous masseuse can help reduce pain in the human body and increase blood flow. Massage increases blood flow and helps more more oxygen flow through the body. Increased oxygen circulation helps to eliminate backache, headache and many ailments.

Best for enhancing sex life

Practice makes a man perfect and with regular massage therapy sessions you can have the stamina of a horse. A sensual massage helps you to know you to learn more about what you want during intimate moments.

Reduces stress and tension

The main reason for having a massage is stress relief but can also be used for sensual purposes. Massage strokes help to break down muscle knots and will make your body feel much better. An erotic massage is a proven way to help depression and relieve your body from stress.

Booking the best erotic massage in London

Hopefully you now know what is the best erotic massage and can make the best choice for you. If you want to find a place to book the best erotic massage in London then give us call on +447 856 666 686 and gain a new experience where you can learn about your deepest desire. We provide massage therapy Monday to Sunday.


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