Everything involved in Tantric Massage

People often ask questions related to this subject, but the most frequently asked question about this form of massage is, what is tantric massage and what’s involved in it?. Having worked within the sensual massage practice, I will answer these queries and hopefully uncover some of the truths with first-hand knowledge gained working in this industry.

So, mainly these articles aim to answer ones queries regarding erotic massage. I will let you know what you should expect from the tantric yoni massage, tantric lingam massage, and I will briefly cover queries surrounding Nuru massage, aqua massage, and body to body massage. So, read this article if you want to understand more about this type of  massage.

What Is Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage aims to connect two souls and enlighten the people interacting in the sensual massage. The erotic massage practice was derived from the ancient tantra teachings. People today have a large interest in getting sensual massages like Nuru massage, aqua massage, and body to body massage as people are more open to sexuality. The tantric massage focuses on the idea of a “receiver” and a “giver”. The “giver” focuses on giving pleasure and does not expect anything in return. This form of massage harness sexual energy in the body.

Authentic Vs. Modern Tantric Massage

Traditionally, authentic tantric focused on practicing techniques such as breath cycle control and eye contact. People focused on building relationships with a more spiritual aspect. The focus is less towards the erotic side of a sensual massage and more towards the connection of two souls.

Today, people have varied ideas on the ways you can achieve pleasure and satisfaction. The reason is the freedom obtained by the tantric masseuses to have their style and work according to their own experiences. Also, a wide variety of modern tantric massage services are available that include aqua massage, yoni massage, lingam massage, Nuru massage, body to body massage and various other sexual massages. Each of these is promoted with the same tag of “tantric massage”.

Due to irregularities in the definition of tantric massage worldwide, you might receive a mixture of modern and ancient tantra. Chances of getting two different experiences through two different massagers are high due to different experiences and techniques used.

What can you expect from a Tantric massage?

From tantric massage, you can expect “waves of pleasure”. Any professional modern tantric massage in London incorporates varied sensual massage techniques. It depends on the massager where the journey of seduction leads you. Mostly, it will heighten your sexual desires. You should expect yourself to reach orgasm at the end of the massage through the body to body massage, lingam massage or a yoni massage.

Step by step expectations and their descriptions for any tantric massage session follows:

The setting of the environment:

The massagers make sure that the environment of the ambience is calming and relaxing. You can see scented candles lit in the room, slow and soft music background, and other things that provide relaxation. You might see a bed arranged for you or a solid massage table placed in the room. The choice might depend on the skills and comfort of your massager.

Oiling and Lubrication:

The market is full of a wide variety of massage oils and creams. You can choose them yourselves or let the choice in the hands of your service providers. Make sure to use high-quality massage oil that is hypoallergenic. Warming oil before applying can further enhance the pleasure experiences.

Talking and consultation:

A quick consultation is good for any tantric massage, be it Nuru massage, aqua massage or body 2 body massage. It will help you understand what to expect in the whole massage session so that you do not have misunderstandings at any point in time. It is a good time to know each other and settle the payments.

Preparation for massage:

To make sure you get the best from the tantric massage, you might be asked to clean up and have a shower. You can go to the washroom at this time. After cleaning, you would be asked to lay down in the massage area and the massager will commence the sensual massage.


The massage proceeds with foreplay and a body to body massage, you might see your massager fully naked. It helps in providing more eroticism. After enough foreplay, your massager will proceed with various techniques and pressures to provide you with orgasms. Your massager shouldn’t let you climax early. Expect to receive a series of waves of orgasms that will make you love the massage a bit more and enhance the pleasurable experience.

Ending the session:

Once you have achieved the orgasms multiple times and reached climax ejaculation, you will feel extremely relaxed and in a very sensitive state. Your massager should leave you to rest for a while, and might remover lubricants and oils by rubbing your body with towels. You might even end the session in a different way by having sex with the massager if you both feel a great connection and both parties are willing.

What are the benefits of Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage provides a wealth of benefits to those who engage themselves in it. You can harness sexual energies through tantric massage and feel confident, and relaxed, both emotionally, and sexually. It aims to promote the well being and healing in all areas of life by providing orgasm and pleasure. Below are some of the benefits of erotic massage.
Rectify sexual problems like infertility and erectile dysfunction
Raises confidence in the person receiving the massage
Release you from stress, anxiety, sexual, and mental weaknesses.
It makes you self aware by letting you explore yourself


As you can see, we have uncovered the answer to what is tantric massage and what’s involved in it, along with many of the questions that are asked frequently by many people. If you want to experience a professional massage by a professional, you can always book therapy with one of our beautiful tantra therapists.


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