If you’re confused about tantric massage terminology, you aren’t alone! The adult massage industry has lots of terms and phrases that are specific to it.  In this particular article we tackle the concept of Tantric Aqua Massage, a super sexy wet massage style that is extremely erotic. What is Tantric Aqua Massage? Keep reading and find out! 

Imagine, if you will,  standing under  the caress of a warm shower, feeling the rivulets of water and streams of soap bubbles gliding down your body.  Now imagine that a stunningly beautiful woman steps into the shower with you. She is fit and toned, with dangerously seductive curves. She is a vision of nude perfection as she joins you under the water. Watch as the shower cascades over both of you and she begins to touch you from head to toe, making all of your muscles melt, making all of your tension dissipate. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Remember,  this is only the first half of your erotic massage. When the shower is complete, there’s still more erotic touch to be had. Follow her as she takes your hand and leads you to the massage bed for more …

Removing the mystery from Tantric Aqua Massage

Of all the questions and emails that we get about blog posts, the most common theme is tackling definitions.  There are many industry standard terms out there, but every agency has their own way of describing their services. This is why it’s so important to read through the website carefully so you know what you’re booking an appointment for and you know what to expect.  But in order to understand what to expect, you have to be able to understand the terms. For this post we are reviewing all of the details about our Tantric Aqua Massage and why it is one of our most popular massage options. Not only is it common as a first-time service, our regular repeat customers love it as well.

What exactly is Tantric Aqua Massage? 

Each massage agency defines Tantric Aqua Massage its own way.  We can only speak for ourselves and the quality of our Tantric Aqua Massage. Our Tantric Aqua Massages begin in the bath or shower. so that they are more varied and more exciting than simply two soapy bodies against each other. Our masseuses are well trained in the tantric arts so they know how to seduce and excite through tantric touch. This incredible form of intimate touch is only magnified by warm water, water pressure, the slipperiness of soap, and all the other benefits of an erotic bath or shower.

Is Tantric Aqua Massage the same as Soapy Massage? 

Here at Secret Tantric, we call our wet massage Tantric Aqua Massage, because that’s what it is:  a tantric body on body massage with an aquatic component.  Many other agencies, especially ones that do not specialize in tantric massage, call this soapy massage. Technically they’re not the same, but they do have a lot of similarities.  Both involve the masseuse and the client being wet with water  in the bathroom shower during a full body massage. Neither one is better or worse than the other, but soapy massage  tends to be simpler and less intense, more of a novelty massage.  We keep the focus on the tantric elements of the massage and use the Aquatic portion to magnify the tantric experience.  The water is never the star, the client is!

The best of both worlds

It may be a silly analogy, but our Tantric Aqua Massage is kind of like ordering a ‘surf and turf’ meal  at a restaurant.  You know of a kind:  a steak that comes with prawns, representing the best of both land and sea? Our Tantric Aqua Massage is known as ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ because it is a massage that occurs in two parts, using the bath or shower to increase the intensity and pleasure of an erotic body on body massage. 

Beware of impostors

There are countless massage agencies all over the world, even here in London, that claim to be tantric massage hubs when their masseuses have no tantric training, whatsoever. When you see the word ‘tantric’ associated with a massage, you should be able to expect a certain degree of intensity and intimacy befitting tantric practice. If you opt for an agency that sells Aqua Massage or wet massage without the tantric descriptor, you can usually expect a simple  full body massage that involves water or water and soap.  A soapy, full body massage is nothing to scoff at, but if you are expecting a tantric body on body Aqua Massage experience, you may be disappointed.  Make sure that you know before you go. This is why we shamelessly self-promote because at Secret Tantric we know the difference between a mediocre Aqua Massage and an incredible and revitalizing Tantric Aqua Massage. 

What to expect

At Secret Tantric the vast majority of our massages are in-call. This means that you travel to your masseuse instead of her travelling to you. When you call to set up your appointment we will answer all of your questions, as well as asking a few. Once everything is organized you will be given the name and location of the masseuse of your choice. Upon arrival, she will conduct a brief consultation with you to clarify your needs and desires, as well as any limits that either one of you has. Our appointments begin with a requisite shower before your session. With Aqua Massage, your masseuse will  join you in the shower for the first half of your massage.  The second half brings you out of the bathroom and onto the bed or massage table. Then, your masseuse will lead you through the massage to a stunning and unforgettable climax! 

Why we do in-call massage

Each of the Secret Tantric girls works from their five-star luxury London flat.  Not only are they stylish and comfortable, they are well-appointed with all of the necessary amenities. In the case of Tantric Aqua Massage that includes a spacious bath or shower. In-call massage is ideal for both the masseuse and the client for a couple of reasons:

  •  it reduces down time between appointments so your masseuse is always ready when you arrive
  •  privacy and discretion are easier to manage

Out-call massage is available only to repeat clients who are part of our VIP program. 

You deserve to relax

Tantric massage is a sure-fire way to achieve deep relaxation and its restorative properties. In fact, body on body massage is one of the most curative forms of massage available! This is because intentional and energetic human touch is necessary for our well-being.  A Tantric Aqua Massage may not be as acute as the kind of massage you’d get from a doctor or physiotherapist, but like all body on body massage, it has many benefits. Generally speaking, tantric massage sessions end “ happily”  with a climax after nearly an hour of teasing. As your masseuse brings you to that final edge and pushes you over, your mind and body will be primed for the state of deep relaxation that comes next. As she attends to your pleasure, you will feel the restorative power of erotic touch. Your entire body and mind will become more calm, more focused, and more at ease. 

A favourite of exhibitionists and voyeurs, alike

Most connoisseurs of erotic massage will tell you that the visual elements have a lot to do with pleasure.  Historically, it was thought that men were sexually more visual than women. Some sources claimed that a stimulating visual component was necessary for male sexual gratification. We now know that this is not true and that both men and women enjoy looking at sensual and sexual imagery when aroused. Our Tantric Aqua Massage is popular with voyeurs for this very reason. If you like to watch,  Tantric Aqua Massage may be right up your alley because there’s so much to see. Not only do you have the sensations of your masseuse’s hands all over your body, you also have the warm water and soap, and you get to watch it running over her flawless form.  Likewise, if you enjoy being seen, her eyes will be all over you. 

Two girls, one massage

We know you are seeking an erotic massage experience that will truly be unforgettable. If so, try combining our Tantric Aqua Massage with Four Hands massage. What is a Four Hands massage, you ask? Four Hands massage is exactly what it sounds like: an erotic massage that involves two of our gorgeous masseuses and all four of their hands. Not every masseuse on our roster does Aqua or Four Hands massage but hose who do always put on an incredible show and deliver the best erotic massage that London has to offer. If you are a particularly visual person, or you have a thing for girl-on-girl action, this combination of wet and wild is the ultimate indulgence! 

Don’t be shy,  tell us what you want

When you visit a Secret Tantric masseuse,  she wants to know what you want.  There’s no reason to be shy or squeamish, because we have literally heard and seen it all.  Simply put,  your masseuse is there for you,  to guide you through the process and provide you with an energetic and enthusiastic erotic massage experience.  There are as many reasons for visiting an erotic masseuse as there are clients.  the more you can communicate with your masseuse during your session, the more you will get out of it. not every masseuse on our roster provides Tantric Aqua Massage, but the ones who do, truly enjoy it. It is a fun and sexy experience for them as well, and they will have an even better time if they know what it is you are there for. 

Tantric Aqua Massage is for everyone

Sometimes when people hear the word tantric they assume that it refers to something athletic, or flexible. This misconception has come about because of the conflation between tantric sex and tantric yoga. While these two disciplines do have some crossover, they are not mutually exclusive, nor should Tantra exclude People based on physical ability. If you’ve ever found through the Kama Sutra you will know what we mean:  everything looks like a gymnastic or a acrobatic feet of balance and precision. If you are a person who has Mobility limitations oh, just know that  Tantric Aqua Massage may be an excellent choice.  The Heat and supports of a bath can be helpful, or if you have concerns about slipping in the shower, do let your masseuse know. In almost all cases, these limitations can be overcome and you will still enjoy an incredible erotic massage.

It’s the sexiest kind of Massage

Let’s be real, all erotic massage is good massage. Adding a sexy, erotic element to full body or body on body massage is a guaranteed good time. But Tantric Aqua Massage takes the cake! If you have never experienced a Tantric Aqua Massage, be prepared for your mind to be blown. Tantric Aqua Massage brings together all of the best elements of the sexiest kinds of Massage. It is wet, slick, restorative, and Incredibly enjoyable.  the only other form of massage that can even compare in terms of sexiness, is Japanese Nuru Massage.  if you are interested in this form of ultra-slick body on body  massage, we offer it as well. Why not book yourself in for one of each? That way you can compare and contrast the experiences and decide which one tickles your fancy more. 

What are you waiting for?

Whether you seek deep tissue relaxation or a slippery sexy happy ending massage, Secret Tantric in Mayfair has what you need. And we know how to give it to you!  Call us today to set up your appointment. You will not regret it!


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