Naturism is nothing new, but the term may be one you are not fully familiar with. Known more broadly as “nudism”, it has gotten a lot of airplay in the last decade and become more commonly understood. So how exactly do experiences like sensual and erotic massage intersect with naturism? This article explains the definitions and context that define Naturist Massage and its many benefits. Read on to learn more about this exciting area of the massage industry. 

What is Naturism?

A quick look at Wikipedia tells us the following:

“Naturism is a lifestyle of practising non-sexual social nudity in private and in public; the word also refers to the cultural movement that advocates and defends that lifestyle. Both may alternatively be called nudism.”

The group British Naturism (previously known as the Central Council for British Naturism) gives this similar, but more nuanced, definition: 

“Naturism is used to describe the activities of persons who espouse nudity as part of their lifestyle. Whilst many naturists will restrict their activities to specially designated areas and places where there is a tradition of naked activity, such as nudist beaches, others may wish to enjoy nudity more widely.”

Naturist Massage

A Naturist Massage is a massage that is performed in the nude. The recipient of the massage and the masseuse are both undressed for the duration of the massage.

Is a Naturist Massage always erotic?

Naturism is not a specific sexual expression or a sexual lifestyle. People who partake in naturism can also participate in sexual activities, but naturism is not defined in sexual terms. For a naturist who is most comfortable when nude and around other comfortable nude people, receiving a massage, even a non-sexual one, from a clothed person may not be ideal.  A Naturist Massage, therefore, doesn’t need to be erotic but certainly can be. At Secret Tantric, we provide sensual and erotic massage, and we include Naturist Massages in that definition.

The point of naturism is spending time in the buff.  As explained above, naturism is not inherently sexual at all. However, naturism and sexuality can certainly intersect. Depending on the context and the recipient’s needs, a Naturist Massage may or may not be sexual and may or may not include a happy ending. Much like a sensual massage, Naturist Massage focuses on the goal of muscle relaxation and therapy for sore and aching bodies. The erotic massage focuses on eroticism and arousal. Not all Naturist Massages are erotic, but many are. 

Is Naturism legal?

The exact legality around naturism depends entirely on local and federal legislation. The UK has a fairly flexible approach to naturism and nudity. Per Wikipedia:

In public, nudity is not an explicit offence, but there are various offences that may apply to nudity in unsuitable circumstances. What constitutes unsuitable circumstances varies according to the jurisdiction, but nudity is legal in a much wider range of circumstances than many people assume.”

What is a Naturist Massage like?

If you go for a non-erotic Naturist Massage, you can expect a nude massage with a nude masseuse that is essential and provocative but does not necessarily aim to arouse or stimulate you sexually.

If you go the erotic route for a Naturist Massage, you will receive a nude massage from a new masseuse who will focus on titillating and arousing you, as well as making contact with your genitals and your body in a sexual way. 

Why choose a Naturist Massage?

If you are a naturist, choosing a Naturist Massage style makes sense. But what if you’re not a naturist? Are there any specific reasons to choose nude massage? The answer to that question depends on your point of view, but there are many great reasons to indulge in Naturist  Massage. 

Get outside of your comfort zone

Nudity is not something that most are comfortable with. This may be because of how we were raised, what we believe, and how we see ourselves.  Many people are as uncomfortable with being naked as they are with another person.  It’s no wonder we have such issues with how we see our naked bodies and value naked experiences. Popular culture and media profit from our discomfort!  It can be hard to push ourselves to experience something new, or we’re a little less and challenge our preconceptions about our bodies, how they fit into the world, and how it feels to go “all-natural”.

Experience nudity in a new way

If you opt for a Naturist Massage that is not erotic, you still have the opportunity to enjoy the nudity of your masseuse and being naked with someone in a no-strings-attached way. 

Being naked with a partner can be beautiful, but it also comes with a certain degree of emotional effort. If you or your partner struggle with your self-esteem when nude, you will inevitably carry some weight of those feelings when you’re naked with your partner. A nude massage or Naturist Massage,  while incredibly intimate,  is still transactional. It’s not a personal experience that when you’re finished, you’ll say goodbye, and that’s it.  Keeping nudity transactional makes it easier to get comfortable with being naked with other people. 

It’s good for voyeurs and exhibitionists

Let’s be honest:  we all like to watch. Regarding sex and sexy things,  women and men are visual creatures.  Our masseuses are stunning, so you will never be disappointed by the view.  A massage feels great, sure, but it’s just as delicious to watch a stunningly beautiful woman, nude, as she touches your body from head to toe.  The art of seduction and titillation is a primary part of Naturist Massage because we eat with our eyes first, much like with food.

Exhibitionism is not as common as voyeurism, but the desire to be seen in a sensual or sexual context is very common. As mentioned above, a transactional sexual encounter like a Naturist Massage is a low-pressure, no-strings-attached way to experience being seen naked. We would never suggest or condone criminal voyeurism or exhibitionism. Why be a peeping Tom or a flasher if you could lay back and enjoy an incredible and sensual Naturist Massage?

They say, ‘ A change is as good as a rest.’

Sometimes, you need to break free of what is normal in your life. We live in very uncertain times, and we are all challenged socially and emotionally by the current state of the world.  An activity like a professional Naturist Massage is a great way to kick back and let go of reality and responsibility for at least an hour.  Doing something new, stretching your boundaries, and having a new and thrilling experience can be revitalising in its own right. Not to mention the physical benefits of having a massage which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go back out into this mad, mad world.

Everybody needs self care

It may be one of the biggest buzzwords this century, but self-care is an important part of a balanced lifestyle. It’s more than just green tea and face masks; self-care includes attention to your mind and body needs. For many of us, that is relaxation, escapism, and a short reprieve from the everyday. Sensual and erotic massage, including Naturist Massage, is the perfect way to experience that needed reprieve. It also comes with the added benefits of being stimulating to the libido and comes with many sexual benefits as well. 

Change how you see your body

Not many men like to talk about how body dysmorphic issues affect them. These are mainly conversations for and by women concerning the beauty standards they struggle with. Sadly, not many people want to face that men also have self-esteem issues directly related to how they think their bodies look.  Let me have it easy in many ways, but as a human being, hating your body hurts, regardless of gender or sex. Men are discouraged from talking about such things and aren’t taken seriously when they do.  We live in an increasingly aesthetic world that scrutinises beauty and fitness more than ever. A professional Naturist Massage is an opportunity to test your comfort and work on your confidence.

Our masseuses have seen it all

If you dream of experiencing a Naturist Massage but how you see yourself is holding you back, it’s time to stop thinking that way. Not only have our masseuses seen it all, but they also have an extensive first-hand understanding of how challenging beauty standards can be.  They do not expect that you will show up looking like Brad Pitt. You don’t need to have a six-pack or bulging lats and pecs to enjoy a Naturist Massage.  Beyond aesthetics, our masseuses are equipped and open-minded when working with differently-abled clients.  Your physical ability and presentation only matter regarding your health and safety. If you have an injury or a condition that could make your massage more complicated, just let your masseuse know.  Your masseuse herself may be nearly perfect, but we don’t expect perfection from you.

Is there preparation for a Naturist Massage?

To get the most out of your Naturist Massage, there are a few factors to consider. Not only will these tips help you be more comfortable, but they will also help you be more relaxed, therefore more present and more engaged in the experience.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

The human body responds best to massage when it is well hydrated. This is because your body can most relax after drinking enough water. Hydration levels can affect your mental Outlook, anxiety, and blood pressure, preventing the distraction of thirst. But don’t drink too much immediately before your session, you will inevitably be distracted if your bladder is full, and you won’t want to stop the action to dash to the loo. 

Don’t go hungry

Just like you don’t want to be thirsty, you don’t want to be hungry during your massage. Have a light meal an hour or two before your session, and you should be fine. Remember, if any part of your massage session will include prostate massage, be sure that you have evacuated your bowels at least an hour before your massage is due to begin. 

Put your best foot forward

At Secret Tantric, all our sessions begin with a brief consultation between the client and the masseuse to discuss the appointment plan. Then the client takes a brief but thorough requisite shower, even if you show up freshly showered. There’s no dress code required, and you don’t need to put on your Sunday Best, but if you’re nervous or not feeling confident about your session, we recommend cleaning up a bit and putting your best foot forward. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show up looking good to meet your masseuse. If that will help you relax and enjoy the experience, do what you’ve got to do!

Naturist Massages are not just for naturists

You certainly don’t have to live your life as a naturist to enjoy a Naturist Massage.  We have clients who are naturists and enjoy living in the freedom of their nudity as much as possible and when appropriate. Even if nudism isn’t your thing, a nude or Naturist Massage can be exciting and liberating!

Likewise, if you are considering entering the naturist Community or looking to increase your general comfort with nudity, especially around strangers, a Naturist Massage can be a great first step towards those goals. Naturism is about personal comfort and autonomy, so it’s important to do what feels best to you. 

Book your Naturist Massage with Secret Tantric today

Whether you’re looking for a nude massage with a gloriously happy ending, or you want some naked time with a beautiful woman who can help you relax and unwind, a Naturist Massage may be for you!  If it’s something you’ve never tried, we encourage you to take the leap and stretch past your comfort zone and try a Naturist Massage.  You have nothing to lose, especially with a well-established agency like Secret Tantric. Because we cater to high-end clientele, we understand that privacy and discretion are essential. Your secrets are always safe with Secret Tantric,  so drop by and see one of our gorgeous masseuses today.

What are you waiting for?

Our masseuses are there for you, to guide you through the Naturist Massage process and provide you with an energetic and enthusiastic experience. So, the question isn’t why you should choose a Naturist Massage; it’s why you wouldn’t. Give us a ring and set up your appointment today! Give us a ring at Secret Tantric VIP London! We will set you up for the next available spot with the masseuses of your dreams!

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